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POPULAR Today’s Item Shop 05-30-19

New Mari Skin: Takara

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POPULAR How are you liking Season 9 so far???

For me I'm starting to enjoy it I'm still pissed off that they took out the pump.. but I've gotten used to the combat shotgun
But it's ight

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POPULAR Things your doing wrong in Fortnite

I would like to go over 4 things your most likely doing wrong which is preventing you from getting any better at the game.

These mistakes are probably things your not even noticing your doing wrong such as blaming RNG, allowing yourself to get tilted, practicing inefficiently, and not learning from your mistakes.

Let's start with blaming RNG. Ok I know you can't control what you get from chest spawns or floor loot spawns. But you take that risk of not finding a weapon or loot based off the location you choose. The smaller loot pool the higher the risk. You've got to learn how to be consistent even with the worst loot. Look at the pros such as mongraal and Mr Savage m they have qualified in the world cup and stayed consistent even with the worst loot.

Now we'll talk about being tilted. If you dont know what that means it's which a player adopts a less than optimal strategy, usually resulting in the player becoming over-aggressive in their gameplay. This can cause you to lose focus and not play at your highest skill level. The best way I have found to avoid this is to take a break every once in a while once you get frustrated. Try to stay calm and collective.

Practicing inefficiently is more of a simple one to solve. You can't expect to get better by messing around in squads with friends all day. You've got to put in the effort to get better. Try doing edit courses and aim training maps for 30 mins at a time. You can also get better quickly by playing scrims or practicing in arena. You'll get better twice as fast doing this I promise. Practice doesn't make perfecrt, perfect practice makes perfect.

Not learning from your mistakes. Ok how can you possibly get better if you don't know what kind of mistakes you are making. Have someone better than you watch some clips to see what you could've done different or ask for some feedback. It always help to ask someone what you could've done different.

I got these tips from itsjerian if you want it to be explained better go watch his video.

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Hope You Guys Enjoy!!!
If you would like to use these for a thumbnail DM me.

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POPULAR 😂 so uh what did you do today?

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POPULAR Epic Renegade Raider Pictures! (sorry alpha)

1) Flying In
2) Baller
3) Get Boogie!
5) Dance Off
6) Cold Drink on a Hot Summer Day

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POPULAR 15 Kills Boom Bow 💥


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POPULAR Fortbyte 74 Location Guide

Fortbyte #74 Location: Found In A Filing Cabinet In An Assassin's Basement On The Desert Coast
Fortnite is all about ads these days, and it looks like its creeping into our Fortbytes as well. The John Wick LTM may have come and gone, but the house is still standing in the desert biome, outside of Paradise Palms. Players noticed this one shortly after Season 9 launched and correctly predicted that it indicated an official John Wick crossover, which dropped just a week later. That house is the focus of Fortybte #74, but you’ll have to know where to find it. Read on to find a map, guide and location for Fortnite’s Fortbyte 74: Found in a filing cabinet in an assassin’s basement on the desert coast. Which is a bit of a mouthful.

To start with, we’re clearly going to the desert coast. The house is just east of Paradise Palms, and it’s hard to miss as one of the large buildings in the area. Here’s where you want to drop:
Once you’re there, the basement actually isn’t all that easy to find. It doesn’t cover the length of the house, and so you’re likely going to come up empty by just whacking at the floor. The easiest way is to just go through the front door and hang a left. There’s a door at the end of that hallway that will lead down some stairs into the basement: there are also three treasure chests down there, for good measure.

The Fortbyte itself is contained within the filing cabinet on the far wall. You can get it just by searching the cabinet itself, or you can see the Fortbyte in all its glory if you destroy the cabinet. Here’s what it looks like on the ground:
Not the hardest one, but a little out of the way, particularly if you don’t know which Assassin is being referred to here. But if you drop alone you should have no trouble looting up in this house, so that’s no problem.

It seems like John Wick is far from the last ad we’re seeing this season; not only did Air Jordan get in on the action with Downtown Drop, but at this point, it seems likely that Epic is going to follow things up with Godzilla cracking its way out of Polar Peak.

Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/davidthier/2019/05/29/fortnite-fortbyte-74-location-found-in-a-filing-cabinet-in-an-assassins-basement-on-the-desert-coast/amp/

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POPULAR V9.10 Patch Notes from this morning for Battle Royale

RIP to the suppressed SMG . You’ll be missed 😞

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POPULAR The Drum Gun is garbage

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POPULAR My best shot..ever??

The reaction..priceless,haha <3

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POPULAR My top 5 least favorite skin

Everything on the list is my opinion
1. Merry maraunder
2. Crackabella
3. Luxe
4. Beastmode
5. beef boss

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POPULAR Backbling idea

Do you think a smoothie peely backbling is a good idea

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POPULAR Fortnite News - Polar Peak Monster 5/28/19

Recently, the ice has melted to the point an eye has now appeared in the ice. The eye follows the closest player and it is very large. It has been confirmed this monster is not a cyclops because it is labeled "left eye" in the files. It is still uncertain what this monster is. What do your think?

Image credit to Happy Power YT

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POPULAR Season 9 Zone Wars

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POPULAR Perfect Prickly Patroller Setup 🌵

This skin setup was requested by Cactus Is Best (great name). Hope you like it!
Perfect Prickly Patroller Setup
- Prickly Patroller Skin (800 Vbucks)
- Rainbow Clover Backbling (1,500 Vbucks)
- Angular Axe Pickaxe (500 Vbucks)
- Globetrotter Glider (500 Vbucks)
- Vines Contrail (Season 8 Overtime Challenges)
- Prickly Pose Emote (200 Vbucks)
- Lucky Wrap (300 Vbucks)
Total Cost: 3,800 Vbucks

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POPULAR Reaction Gif Contest #24

Over 1,000 coins in prizes!
React to this post with your best reaction gifs:
"Dinosaurs Are in Polar Peak"
"Originally, we thought dragons were in polar peak, but more and more evidence points towards dinosaurs to contrast with the futuristic theme. On the map, we have the dinosaur park next to paradise. At polar peak, these bones are visible, and a leaked image of the egg is also shown. In addition, the fortnite world has had a dinosaur footprint that has never been explained. All of this evidence leads us to believe dinosaurs are among us. "
Let me know what you think about this with your best reaction gifs below! Winners will be revealed next week, good luck!
Full post here:
Congratulations to the winners of last week's contest! anonymous took home first place with an amazing gif! ObliviousRex and Banana ツ both secured runners-up honors! Also a special shout out to KnightRyanYT for being the creator of this week's featured post!
(PRIZES: Creator 500 coins, 1st place 500 coins, Runners-up 100 coins each)

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POPULAR “hi welcome to Burger King .... IM A PUUUGG!”

😂😂😂 I just made this up, and now I want the skin because of the joke I just created 😂

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POPULAR Trolling a default

I'm sorry Mr. Default
You don't see defaults? they hide in team rumble.
I have sent him a friend request but he didn't accepted. I don't know why :(

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POPULAR The bunker prelude

A/N: I originally made this story over on amino and decided to share it with you guys. This story got inspired by the new (now old and trashy) game fallout 76. Also the bunker looks like the wailing woods bunker except were the teleporters are there are rooms. Now without further ado I present the bunker

Summary: have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a bunker. In this story takes place during season three where the bunker does exist and me and my cousin (grill Sargent) are preparing for the meteor who rusty suspects is carrying chemicals that could be harmful to the island life. This is just minutes before the meteor strikes. Also there is no maze around the bunker and there’s a stair way going down to the main part

(Wailing woods bunker)

Rust lord: slurp juice

Grill Sargent: check

Rust: sheilds and minis

Grill: check

Rust: food.

Grill: check

The duo team checked off their supply’s in the bunker. Their was enough food in there to last them a long while. Rusty had suspected the meteors would collide sometime soon. He has been suspicious for a while. So he and his cousin have been posting flyers all around the island about the bunker. From dusty depot to tilted towers. And now he was certain that it was coming soon. So they were going over all they had before it happened.

Grill: *looks down sorta sad*

Rusty: you ok dude. You seem down

Grill: yeah it’s just. What if we don’t make it. What if the bunker air filters fail or we run out of power or we won’t have enough supply’s or...

Rusty: don’t worry dude we’ll be fine.

But deep down inside rusty was more scared then grill could ever be. Then the radar went off.

Rusty: The meteor... sound the alarm it’s happening

So grill ran off and sounded the alarm and then he got his pump out and went out to escort people in. Almost every season 3 skin came running into the bunker (emphasis on the almost)

Grill: now now take your time take your time. Rust lord will explain everything once inside. Just make your self at home.

Once all in grill sealed (or in this case edited) the metal door shut.

Once everyone was down there and calm rusty gave the following speech

Rusty: ok now now everyone. I know this is scary but...

A loud boom was heard outside.

O.O Was everyone’s facial expression

Rust lord: ok now that was terrifying but we are safe now. And as long as we’re down here we’ll be safe.

Raptor: *raises hand*

Rust lord: yes yellow Deadpool

Raptor: one it’s raptor and two how long till we can come out again.

Rust lord: after about 1 season I will send someone out there (more then likely grill Sargent) to see how the world is holding up and if it’s safe then we’ll let you emerge. Ok so have a seat make your self at home, the rooms are over there and cheers to a new future. So y’all guys can chat, pop open a slurp, eat an apple, oh and also beef boss and tomato head have decided to put aside their differences and provide food for us. So make sure to go to the dinner/cafeteria/food court for a pizza or burger. If you need me I’ll be in my office waiting for this thug to blow over. Thank you very much

thanks so much for reading this and I am working on the next chapter as of now so it’ll get more interesting then this. Hope you in joyed. Also I’m putting skin battle on hiatus until I know how to write fight scenes better. again thanks for reading this and see you next time

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POPULAR 35 kill team rumble

I just got a 35 kill team rumble dub. What’s the most kills you got in one game normal or team rumble this is the most I’ve gotten before.

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POPULAR Silhouette Looks Amazing, Here's The Screenshots I Took While Silhouette Mode

Neo Tilted
Volcano (Pressure Plant)
Floating Balloon Things
Inside The Wind
Polar Peak
Reboot Van
Window At Polar Peak
Loot Lake
How I Did It
Comment Your Favorite Screenshot

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POPULAR UnPlanned Synchronization



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POPULAR Fury & Hxnter?

What would you do if you saw us come at you KNOWING it was us.

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POPULAR Fortnite News - Dinosaurs Are in Polar Peak 5/26/19

Originally, we thought dragons were in polar peak, but more and more evidence points towards dinosaurs to contrast with the futuristic theme. I have numerous photos that I'll be describing. First, we have the new save the world dinosaur skin along with Rex being in the item shop a little bit ago. In addition, we have dinosaur related banners. On the map, we have the dinosaur park next to paradise. At polar peak, these bones are visible, and a leaked image of the egg is also shown. The story is that it has hatched and has been growing in the years between season 8 and 9. In addition, the fortnite world has had a dinosaur footprint that has never been explained. All of this evidence leads us to believe dinosaurs are among us.

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POPULAR 20 Bomb with Hxnter in Duo-Squad Classic Mode

xFury: 11 Kills)

Hxnter: 9 Kills)

We were in PC Lobbies, because Hxnter is a “Controller On PC” player

On East Coast, so I had averaging 120+ Ping

BlakeyYT You said you could clap us??? I don’t think so buddy haha


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POPULAR 2 of my favorite Cuddle Team Leader concept skins 🐻

When Halloween came around and I heard that there was going to be a Spooky Team Leader that would drop , this is the image I always saw and I fell in love with it
I was actually slightly disappointed when it wasn’t this Spooky that was released. The more I look at it now, the more I wish that this was the skin that they were going to drop
This honestly, has to be one of the best Bear concepts ever .. it’s so basic and not overwhelming with colors.

Welp , onto the second and the last bear concept

A Christmas cuddle team leader 😭😭✨
I’m actually surprised that they didn’t drop a bear for Christmas.
This one is from the fireworks team leader, but turned into a more jolly style of the bear. It’s adorable with the little hat. I wish they could’ve made this into a real skin in all honesty.
#QueenDeku #PositivityClub

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POPULAR Jerold’s Tricky Trick Shot Collection 🔫

Hello and welcome! 👋

For 2+ hours now I’ve been working on my trick shots

I’ve been using Ninja’s and FazeKay’s trick shot courses, and they’ve trained me well!

Here are the shots👇

- #J64

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POPULAR The logics of this game 😂😂😂

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