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all they added was glasses...I’m salty 🧂

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POPULAR Fortbyte 80 Location Guide

‘Fortnite’ Fortbyte #80 Location: Where To Smash The Rock At The Highest Point Of The Volcano Rim
Today marks the arrival of another Fortbyte in Fortnite, and this one is one of the most specific requests yet. Fortbyte #80 asks you to achieve a somewhat convoluted task, saying that the piece is accessible by using the Bunker Buster Pickaxe to smash the rock at the highest point of the volcano rim.

That’s such a long demand that I couldn’t even fit it in the headline. Some of these challenges have required specific skins, but this one now requires a specific pickaxe, namely the one that goes with Bunker Jonesy.
The Bunker Buster Pickaxe is actually at tier 38 on the free side of the Fortnite seasonal battle pass. We are now four weeks into the season, but if you have not had a ton of time to play, you might not be there yet. But you do have all season to get these Fortbytes, so you do have plenty of time still, and I wouldn’t worry about buying tiers just to do this today.
So, where is this rock you have to smash once you have the Bunker Buster in hand?
You are going to want to dive down to the north east part of the rim, far above the new Pressure Plant, as this has nothing to do with that zone. After the eruption, this spot is where the highest point of the rim sits, and once you get there, you will see an indestructible rock.
But the rock is destructible by your Bunker Buster, so you can hack away at it, and when you do, this is where the Fortbyte piece will be.
Here’s exactly where this on a map:
You may run into some trouble with a zillion other people landing in this spot. If someone else hacks through the rock first, I don’t believe that affects you, as each player has their own instance of rock, I think. I was able to get it without a problem. But after that, everyone starts trying to hack each other to death, because of course they are.

Ultimately, this was a pretty cool thing to find, and not all that hard so long as you’re at Tier 38 in the pass. After getting it, head on down to the Pressure Plant for some actual loot, and trying to make a real game out of it. See you out there.

Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2019/06/02/fortnite-fortbyte-80-location-where-to-smash-the-rock-at-the-highest-point-of-the-volcano-rim/amp/

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POPULAR Thank you guys for getting me to 10 followers on my second day on moot!

Special thanks to Ava Yao, Nuii^^, Mister_Mirage, And last but not least Hybrid for being kind and friends with me even though I had very low followers please follow them plus Static_SeeLies

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POPULAR Fortnite Theories - The Kraken is in Polar Peak 6/2/19

I have a new theory. First off, we know some sort of monster is in polar peak. If we compare it side by side to a dragon eye, we see that they are not even close. The eye in polar peak almost resembles a human eye. Last season, we all anticipated a kraken because of all the kraken symbols everywhere. What if the kraken has just decided to come out now. If we look at the origin of the giant ice block in season 7, it came from the south west which is where we thought we saw a kraken in season 6. What if the ice king froze land not knowing he had frozen the kraken and then built his castle on top. In the game files, we see only files for a head and eye, nothing about arms or feet, and what doesn't have arms or feet, a kraken. A lot of evidence points to a kraken. What do you think?

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Fortbyte 91 Location

Please go check out my post on this: https://moot.us/lounges/8/boards/39/posts/1319640

I leaked the location of this fortbyte so go check out the leak to find the location for todays fortbyte

Carry on, and happy hunting.

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POPULAR Durr Boxer Concept


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POPULAR Tell me this isn’t funny 😄

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POPULAR Don’t worry about fishyboi 😂 just let him go REEEEEE

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POPULAR Zeetaa Used MY Clip! 😱

My clip made it into Zeetaa's newest perfect timing compilation! I can't believe it!
My clip is at 3:48

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POPULAR Shhh...dont tell Queen... 🤫🤧


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POPULAR Add me on fortnite for giveaway

Send me your fortnite gamer tag and I’ll add you to my giveaway! Giveaway ends in 3 days. It will be for a green emote or a green wrap I’m not sure yet. The drawing is completely random and is not biased. My username is fgwavs make sure to accept

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POPULAR Playing with the gods themselves

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POPULAR Fortnite rarest skins

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POPULAR Rare emotes

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POPULAR Fortine News - Friday Fortnite Returns 5/30/19

Recently, Friday Fortnite sponsored by KEEMSTAR, FaZe Banks, and UMG Gaming returned and will take place on Friday, May 31 at 4:00 PM ET.

Originally taking place in 2018, Friday Fortnite allowed many popular streamers to showcase their skills. At the time, it was one of the only online Fortnite tournaments taking place. However, once it started to gain in popularity, Epic Games stepped in and set a strict set of guidelines for this kind of event. Included in these rules is that the limit for prize money is capped at $20,000.

The recent FaZe/Tfue drama presented the perfect opportunity for KEEMSTAR to revamp Friday Fortnite. Tfue will not be competing

Fortnite Fridays is back for the next three weeks with $20,000 each week

Interestingly, many top YouTubers have been reached out to compete including Mr. Beast and Rice gum.

The format for this event is double-elimination. Each round is determined by whichever team earns more combined eliminations in two games of regular Fortnite.

You can watch the event on the UMG Gaming Twitch channel or any of the participants’ Twitch or YouTube channels.

Here is the official Bracket

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POPULAR My top 10 favorite emote

This list is my opinion
Shout-out to spitfire.64 for letting do this idea
1. Crackbown
2. Floss
3. Dab
4. Default dance
5. Best mates
6. Boneless
7. Drop the bass
8. Drum major
9. Electric stuffle
10. Click

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POPULAR Fortbyte 91 Location Guide *Leak*

Fortbyte # 91 - Challenge Location & How To Get

Find out how to complete Fortbyte #91 in Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9! This includes condition, Fortbyte location, and more!
Fortbyte #91 - Challenge Overview

Fortbyte # 91 - Summary
Withdraw from this certain ATM and get a Fortbyte for your trouble. This Fortbyte can be found in Paradise Palms, wedged inside an ATM machine.

Fortbyte # 91 - ATM Location

Map Location
Paradise Palms is found in the Southeastern corner of the map. It is the only named location in desert / sandy biome. More specifically, it is East of Fatal Fields and South of Mega Mall.

Bird's Eye View
The Keyboard King can be found along the main road passing through Paradise Palms. It is next to the Big Shots Espresso shop, and right across the street from Hotel 23.

Close Up
The ATM with Fortbyte # 91 can be found right under the keyboard king sign. It is next to a bench and a Vending Machine. Approach it to find the hiding Fortbyte!

Fortbyte Challenges Location Map
A new Fortbyte Challenge is released every day throughout Season 9! Uncover the secrets of the island by collecting them all and solving the puzzle behind the Fortbytes.

Source: www.gamewith.net

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POPULAR Drop Your Favorite Skin Combos💪🏼💯

LV.20 Rootin Tootin

POPULAR Epic had never released these skins. Probably in the future?

Watch "Fortnite SKINS that were NEVER Released..!" on YouTube

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POPULAR _SpitFire’s List : Top Ten Emotes 🕺🏾📝‼️

Welcome to list #3 of my list series , here’s the previous list :
That list was for the Top Harvesting Tools IMO , Check It
Today’s Topic : Emotes
Here go my Top 3 favorites , I love everything about these emotes and I got all except Electro Swing sadly but soon get dat. The music matches these dances so well and I could watch/listen to them loop for hours. ‼️
These emotes I like more for their music , especially Shimmer. Fancy feet and Criss cross are pretty similar but have enough differences to hold 2 separate spots. Infinite Dab is a classic , I like how Epic added the distortion effect on the audio at the end of each cycle. Shimmer has a nice upbeat pop song kinda vibe that reminds me of a Ariana Grande song or something and I love Ariana Grande. 💜😂

These emotes I like mainly for the music too ; Twist has a simple modern techno type beat that makes it enjoyable to listen to , Slick has a very nice soundtrack as I can hear the passion in that saxophone or whatever it is Lmaoo , And Bombastic gives me bare Caribbean vibes so as a Jamaican I enjoy that. 👏🏾💯
What Are Your Favorite Emotes , Drop A Comment ‼️
[ These are my Opinions , if you disagree I don’t care ]

#64 #SpitFiresList #TopTenEmotes #List3

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POPULAR Today’s Item Shop 05-30-19

New Mari Skin: Takara

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POPULAR How are you liking Season 9 so far???

For me I'm starting to enjoy it I'm still pissed off that they took out the pump.. but I've gotten used to the combat shotgun
But it's ight

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POPULAR Things your doing wrong in Fortnite

I would like to go over 4 things your most likely doing wrong which is preventing you from getting any better at the game.

These mistakes are probably things your not even noticing your doing wrong such as blaming RNG, allowing yourself to get tilted, practicing inefficiently, and not learning from your mistakes.

Let's start with blaming RNG. Ok I know you can't control what you get from chest spawns or floor loot spawns. But you take that risk of not finding a weapon or loot based off the location you choose. The smaller loot pool the higher the risk. You've got to learn how to be consistent even with the worst loot. Look at the pros such as mongraal and Mr Savage m they have qualified in the world cup and stayed consistent even with the worst loot.

Now we'll talk about being tilted. If you dont know what that means it's which a player adopts a less than optimal strategy, usually resulting in the player becoming over-aggressive in their gameplay. This can cause you to lose focus and not play at your highest skill level. The best way I have found to avoid this is to take a break every once in a while once you get frustrated. Try to stay calm and collective.

Practicing inefficiently is more of a simple one to solve. You can't expect to get better by messing around in squads with friends all day. You've got to put in the effort to get better. Try doing edit courses and aim training maps for 30 mins at a time. You can also get better quickly by playing scrims or practicing in arena. You'll get better twice as fast doing this I promise. Practice doesn't make perfecrt, perfect practice makes perfect.

Not learning from your mistakes. Ok how can you possibly get better if you don't know what kind of mistakes you are making. Have someone better than you watch some clips to see what you could've done different or ask for some feedback. It always help to ask someone what you could've done different.

I got these tips from itsjerian if you want it to be explained better go watch his video.

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Hope You Guys Enjoy!!!
If you would like to use these for a thumbnail DM me.

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POPULAR 😂 so uh what did you do today?

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POPULAR Epic Renegade Raider Pictures! (sorry alpha)

1) Flying In
2) Baller
3) Get Boogie!
5) Dance Off
6) Cold Drink on a Hot Summer Day

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POPULAR 15 Kills Boom Bow 💥


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POPULAR Fortbyte 74 Location Guide

Fortbyte #74 Location: Found In A Filing Cabinet In An Assassin's Basement On The Desert Coast
Fortnite is all about ads these days, and it looks like its creeping into our Fortbytes as well. The John Wick LTM may have come and gone, but the house is still standing in the desert biome, outside of Paradise Palms. Players noticed this one shortly after Season 9 launched and correctly predicted that it indicated an official John Wick crossover, which dropped just a week later. That house is the focus of Fortybte #74, but you’ll have to know where to find it. Read on to find a map, guide and location for Fortnite’s Fortbyte 74: Found in a filing cabinet in an assassin’s basement on the desert coast. Which is a bit of a mouthful.

To start with, we’re clearly going to the desert coast. The house is just east of Paradise Palms, and it’s hard to miss as one of the large buildings in the area. Here’s where you want to drop:
Once you’re there, the basement actually isn’t all that easy to find. It doesn’t cover the length of the house, and so you’re likely going to come up empty by just whacking at the floor. The easiest way is to just go through the front door and hang a left. There’s a door at the end of that hallway that will lead down some stairs into the basement: there are also three treasure chests down there, for good measure.

The Fortbyte itself is contained within the filing cabinet on the far wall. You can get it just by searching the cabinet itself, or you can see the Fortbyte in all its glory if you destroy the cabinet. Here’s what it looks like on the ground:
Not the hardest one, but a little out of the way, particularly if you don’t know which Assassin is being referred to here. But if you drop alone you should have no trouble looting up in this house, so that’s no problem.

It seems like John Wick is far from the last ad we’re seeing this season; not only did Air Jordan get in on the action with Downtown Drop, but at this point, it seems likely that Epic is going to follow things up with Godzilla cracking its way out of Polar Peak.

Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/davidthier/2019/05/29/fortnite-fortbyte-74-location-found-in-a-filing-cabinet-in-an-assassins-basement-on-the-desert-coast/amp/

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POPULAR V9.10 Patch Notes from this morning for Battle Royale

RIP to the suppressed SMG . You’ll be missed 😞

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POPULAR The Drum Gun is garbage

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