POPULAR When I die VS when I die to a robot

If you didn't get the joke I rage the same


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POPULAR Season 5, 6, 7. Were My Best Seasons...Season X Will Be As Well ✨💪

Season 5:

Season 6:

Season 7:

Season X: (So Far)

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POPULAR Would you rather have the ghoul trooper or recon expert??🤔

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POPULAR New peely skin leeked!!!on Google images 🤫

Not sure if it will be in the game or not but it would be cool

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What Guns Do you guys use to Trickshot with most of the time Like in the Final Circle Or A Setup Creative trickshot

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POPULAR BotBoi Highlights #4 😅🤖✨

More bot plays, enjoy. 😅🤖✨

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POPULAR Drawing competition? 🤔🖍

Is anyone up for a friendly/fun drawing competition? You pick a skin from the following list:
1. Wonder Skin
2. Ghoul
3. Maki Master
4. Dark Bomber
5. Wild
The drawing must be posted a week from today, 8/20/19. You must draw the skin that you picked and add a background. You have to follow me and tag me in the drawing once it’s posted. I will be competing but there isn’t a prize, just a friendly drawing battle lol hope you guys enjoy and have fun! Lets begin :D

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POPULAR Season X is...pretty good...?

Today is the first day that I've played Season X and to be honest,I did not know what to expect from it. All I knew about it was that it had time travelling and the new B.R.U.T.E.S. Let's start of with them. While using them can be really fun,I don't think they fit to battle royale, because they are just too OP. I don't just say that because I suck at beating them,no, I played with one and defeated enemy after enemy without even trying much, which also doesn't feel as accomplishing as,Idk... Jumping down from your base to shoot someone with the pump mid-air and killing him. While not being so great in battle royale,they could be great for Ltm's. Something like a B.R.U.T.E.S. Vs. B.R.U.T.E.S. mode, or they could be put in creative and people could make awesome Boss battle maps. As soon as I saw the mech(to make it short), I thought of building the final boss from SA2 where two players take the control of Shadow and Sonic and the third player would be the Biolizard. Sonic and Shadow could fly and use the sword and the Biolizard would use the mech and would have Rocket-bots assisting him.
Now to the map. Tilted town:
I like the asthetic but taking away what separates this game from other Battle royale (except for its weapons and originality)was kind of a weird move,which doesn't mean I don't like it. I love to kill someone who always relied on being able to build a base in 1second to defend himself while I kill him with the old jump n shoot.
Dusty depot: I like that they included the old dusty,even though I liked the other one a bit more,but it having gotten the time travel treatment could mean,that some other places could be brought back through time travel. I also love standing on the floating rocks near the meteor and sniping people from there.
Loot lake:They added low gravity and the ball is literally just a rift. It's fine
Creative: I was disappointed to see that the mechs aren't in creative, because of what I mentioned earlier,but I like the new islands and the better storm control.
I'm not going to review the battle pass because I barely looked at it.
I actually enjoyed this season so far,but there's much more potential for this season,I mean they have time travelling for god's sake,do something more with it. I'll give this season a 6/10

Welp, that's all,thanks for reading and for not skipping through this entire thing*cough**cough*also this is entirely my own opinion(・∀・)

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POPULAR How epic should NERF the mech

Turn it into a farmer robot make it have 300 hp stomp only destroys buildings not players and no rockets it keeps it in the game and adds a nice way to get mats

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POPULAR 1v2 clutch

was a 1v4 but can’t upload a video that long it seems

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POPULAR Confirmed Full locker Support to STW!!! Almost everything you own will be able to be used in both!

We will be able to use every emote/toy/ pickaxe/skin from BR and all pickaxes/emotes from STW are transferable as well. Stonewood- Twine pickaxes will be used in BR! I’m so hyped!!! Sorry this was a very long post

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POPULAR *happiness noise*

So I somehow managed too get my second solo win and first win of season 10! Any one else get a dub so far¿ (sorry for the bad quality in the photos :>)

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POPULAR What Is Your Favorite Season X Battle Pass Emote ✨




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POPULAR What if...?

What if we fell asleep in the same B.R.U.T.E mech? 🤪

Haha, just kidding 🤭

...unless? 😏


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POPULAR Progress on New Edits. (Day 3)

70 Ping By The Way

how am I doing so far?

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POPULAR Y'all need a med kit?

I'm always the one that carries them, they're the only thing I can carry 🤠😂

#fortnite #memes

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Creative Mode

POPULAR Finally i did it 😩

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POPULAR Which Bomber is your favorite? 🤔✨❗

Brite Bomber 🌈✨ (thx to xFury)
Dark Bomber 👿💔✨ (thx to QueenMari)
Beach Bomber ⛱️❤️✨
Bubble Bomber 🦄✨

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POPULAR Anyone want a Fortnite PFP or banner ?

Comment whether you want a PFP or a banner
And your favorite skin 💜✨

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POPULAR Welcome to fornite season 10. If you can't beat the mechs join them

The mech meta

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POPULAR Next #SkinShowcase? 🤔

Vote below to chose the next showcase I post. ✨
Facet 💕
Rio Grande 🐴🌟
World Warrior & World Cup FishStick Duo 🏆✨❗

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I didn't took the photos, I just edited them. ✨
Enjoy those Fortnite profile pics and feel free to use them anywhere!
I'll make other profile pics for the next saturday!
Bye everyone! ✨


POPULAR one shot highlights

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POPULAR Singularity Drift style combo :)

Singularity (Drift Style Fortbyte 100)
Catalyst BB
Flawless Pickaxe (Season 8 teir 100 pickaxe)
Sky serpents (season 8 teir 15)
Bullets contrail (Season 8 teir 85)
EQ Wrap

One of my favorite combos to rock
I really don't have that much to work with in terms of skins, pickaxes, and contrails,
But you gotta work with what you got :)

Tell me what you think?
How could you make this decent combo a god combo?

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POPULAR Flossers...

*Avengers: Endgame music plays*

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POPULAR Junkyard Juke XP farm?!

So I was playing with AJZehIdk (go and follow her thank you) and we decided to play this Gamemode. Now at the time I didn't know it gave XP like actual game so I didn't care until after 2 rounds I found out that if you get a high amount of points in a round you can roughly get 1,250 XP per round. That is a great XP farm for the level-headed challenges and just get tires as well so I suggest getting a lot of friends with the battle pass and grind this Gamemode it might give you a boost in its fun without the XP anyway 😋. Currently at level 39 and tier 31 is anyone was wondering. So take advantage while you have the Gamemode.

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POPULAR Vendetta's Secret Style?!? 😱

I unlocked Vendetta's secret Wingman style! Isn't it beautiful? 😂

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