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Part 2: A rundown on Fortnite Season 4’s New Abilities

Last week, we focused more on the less used Fortnite mythic abilities, including the Bramble shield by Groot and Thor’s Mjolnir Strike. However, given certain situations, they can be used at a much better level. Now, we had more into more useful abilities that season 4 has in store.

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The first one is Black Panther’s Kinetic Armor. It is the sort of jack-of-all-trades ability and does not really do anything exceptionally notable. Its most notable feature is when it starts glowing purple, reminiscent of the power infinity stone in the Marvel Universe. When activated, it deals damage to its surrounding opponents and structure. For example, if you stand by a gas station and activate the armor, it will destroy about half of the structure. It also deals damage to opponents, but only a light attack. Further, it can resist damage, but it is not noticeable enough that you should be fawning over the armor’s ability.

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The second one is She Hulk’s Fists. It is one of the rare abilities in the game to get since it was added only recently t the game. However, it is not really helpful when it comes to gameplay. Despite that, pick it up when you can and treat it as a novelty. In terms of how you can use it, it really is a close melee attack. You can jab at opponents for a finish, and even leap in the air and come down reigning havoc. The fists also provide a “Hulk Smash” option, where you smack your fists to the ground to cause nearby damage. Essentially, you can be the She-Hulk and use her full capabilities as a Marvel Hero for the time the mythic is activated.   The third one is Doctor Doom’s mystical Bomb. Essentially, you are able to use Doctor Doom’s abilities and create some sort of magical sphere and throw it to opponents to cause damage. It is not super accurate, but it does not need to be. The bomb that grows is gigantic, so even if you miss slightly, it won’t really make a difference. It is especially useful when in a build battle. At the high ground, you can essentially drop the bomb and cause the player beneath you to drop. Of course, this works better if you can save yourself from fall damage. It even works well in the low ground, where you can essentially springboard and collapse height advantages left and right.   Finally, we have Storm’s Whirlwind Blast. It is one of the more powerful and useful abilities in the game. It can knock players out of height advantages and deal damage. Further, it can reflect projectiles and counter almost any other superpower in the game. In fact, it can deflect Thor’s Mjolnir Strike and essentially deem it useless. It can also deflect the mythic bomb from Doom. essentially, with practically any projectile, the Whirlwind Blast can deflect it. The blast can also deal damage to nearby players. This multi-dimensional ability makes her blast one of the best abilities in the game.

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