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Fortnite Facts and Stats: Summarized

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#Fortnite is a multiplayer, third-person shooter. It is known for its Battle Royale gameplay. In this game mode, the player(s) glide into a map. Upon landing, it's a non-stop combat with up to 99 other players on one map. The game also features a story-type mode: small team versus zombies.   The game began to gain popularity around September 2017. Fortnite boasts over 350 million registered users as of May 2020. Continue reading to discover more.   During the late months of 2017, Fortnite stepped out of the shadows. This was during a time when other battle-royale style games like #PUBG were trending. Epic Games chose to take a risk and capitalize. This was done by adding their Battle Royale mode.  

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Between August and December of 2017, Fortnite gained 30 million players. By June 2018, it crossed to 100-million-player threshold and doubled under a year later.   One of the most appealing features of the game is being free-to-play. This aspect draws a younger crowd. The game itself is rated for players 12 and older. Verto Analytics suggests, around 60% of players are in the 18-24 age bracket and nearly three-fourths of players are male. (The study did not take players under 18 into account).   At the time of writing this post, there were 6 million recorded players online. The largest group of players were from the United States at 27% of those playing. Germany came in last, only making up under 5% of the active participation. Overall, outside of the US, France boats 29% of the core gamers.   The preferred method of play is on PC or console, accounting for 78% of the player base. Both allow for in-game purchases on their micro-market. This market allows for cosmetic alterations inside of the game. Players spend an average of $85 on the game, with three-quarters having made at least one purchase.  

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Enjoy 10 random Fortnite facts for sticking around!   • The iOS version takes the least amount of space to download. • One-third of players admit to spending upwards of 10 hours on the game, per day. • "wsiim" is the player with the most time spent playing. In 2019, they had logged 448 days in-game. • Last year, Epic Games was worth over $15 billion. • Fortnite: Chapter 2 had 1.7 million concurrent viewers on Twitch. The players all gathered to watch the end of Season 1. • The game's revenue was around $1.8 billion in 2019. • $1 USD is worth 100 V-Bucks (VB). V-Bucks are the in-game currency. • In 2018, $1.23 million was earned in daily revenue. • There is a Fortnite World Cup. • Fornite hit 100 million downloads in 138 days on iOS.  

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Thank you for taking the time to read this summarization. I've been attempting to practice writing entertainment-style articles. They seem to have decent reactions across platforms.   If there are any corrections needed, please let me know. Apologies in advance, for any typos or grammar issues that were missed by checkers and myself.   Drop a follow and like, if you enjoyed this! Links in bio.   Sources: •,(42%25%20on%20mobile).   #news #gamingnews #hot #trending #popular #lfg #fortnite #amongus #gamer #gaming #streamer #stream #streaming #gamergirl #girl #kaceymon #kaceymonstreams #meme #memes #guide #guides

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