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All you Need to Know about Stark Industries in Fortnite

Fortnite constantly surprises us with its constant updates and fun additions to the game that keep its users engaged. Recently, with its new Avengers-themed season, Fortnite has once again sparked and maintained its huge fan base. One of these changes comes with a new location, called Stark Industries, in honor of Iron Man.

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Stark Industries has recently become a huge point of interest for players. Although it is nothing like the intensity of Tilted Towers back in its day, it is a huge gathering for players, since there is a huge price at stake. Also, in terms of its inner buildings, Fortnite did a really good job of respecting other Marvel Characters, like the Black Panther House. It also sits on the southern corner of the map, with a circle enclosed within it. Once you get in, there are a ton of huge buildings and open spaces, including a parking lot.

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Stark Industries is also a huge holder of awesome loot. However, it is a high-risk POI that has come into the game. Once there, Iron Man will show up. If you beat him, however, you gain his Uni-Beam and Gauntlets. The Uni-Beam is an awesome attack option and the Gauntlets are what you need to open the Vault. He usually sits on the 2nd floor of the farthest building, acting as a gatekeeper from that position.   However, he is very hard to beat. Not only will you be fighting Iron Man, but every other player that is on there as well. This means that there will be tons of squad fights and gunfire focused in your direction. Most players usually around within the vicinity of Iron Man, but it is best to land as close as you remotely can to him. Get a gun in the building and start shooting. Further, like Agents, there are robots that keep guard. However, unlike the Agents, you can actually use them for your benefit and hack them to go into your side. For example, if you go in with your squad and hack 4 bots, you essentially double the team size. These bots pack awesome offensive attacks and you can never go wrong with them.   If you are lucky enough to face Iron Man, know that you have what it takes to take him down. It is best, however, to do this in squads or duos, and the more people you have on your side, including bots, the easier it gets to take him down. However, the best part about it is the UniBeam. It serves as an amazing offensive weapon with high destruction with little to no effort given.

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