Mizific LV.24 Champion
Aug 22, 2020, 01:11 AM 13 read

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thor_poi pack banana claws peely wolverine Galactus skin stark industries replaces authority captain marvel skin (teir 1) iron man repulsers and caps shield enter game as mythics challenges get you movie styles for super heros there will be comic book pages all around the map new sheild ship as a possible hot spot hakeye will have the grappler and a boom now with a round of atleast infinite hulk enters the battlefield Spiderman skin weapon charms coming to Fortnite (possibly) charged shotgun gets vaulted pump gets replaced again by a shotgun none use bear in the files groot as a skin also I know you've been waiting for this but there will finally be a detailed story that's all I currently know, I will update this post once I learn more #leaksbycrakle

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