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Fortnite: Battle for the Badlands!

Hey there, Commanders!   So, we’ve all braved the storm at this point. We’ve delved deep into the dungeons full of darkness and fought every husk that’s coming drooling and hissing out of the storm’s violet clouds. Now, it’s time for us to brave the new ‘ventures, filled with rage, determination and a deep hunger for loot! Rotating every few months for a total of five Venture seasons per year, this new mode will feature a Diablo 3-style reset at the beginning of every new Venture theme. Your progress will also only matter specifically while within the Venture map, which is the Blasted Badlands this time around! We’ll get to explaining that in a second. What this unique way of powering yourself up means is that only Venture-specific activities will contribute to only Venture-specific content and your Survivors or other gear won’t need to be worried about! You can get rolling right off the bat with the new content, whether you’re a rugged veteran of the storm or a fresh commander still wet behind the ears.  

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  If you’d like a little boost, drag some friends into the badlands! For every other commander you bring along, your power grows, and having more eyes to spot resources or vending machines for progression is always fun. This spin gives Save the World a little more of a survival spin, which is a welcome spice to the game mode!   Venture modes will also come with specific modifiers to how you, the great Commander, perform in combat. As mentioned earlier, the specific mechanic this time around is called the “Rage Meter”. The fires of rage require constant fuel and this new mechanic is no different. Draining your energy at a consistent, never-ending rate, your best bet to gain back your resources to survive is to let that rage become fuel for your combat! Every bullet that finds a Husk’s skull and every melee swing that breaks bones will regenerate your energy, as well as the passive naturally making your abilities cool down faster than before! It’s a risk-vs-reward playstyle and is extremely satisfying to just unleash an ability fueled frenzy on the twisted hordes.  

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  Now that you’ve got your abilities, rage and your squad all set up, you’re going to need some weapons, badlander! Despite most of these post-apocalyptic themes revolving around the skill of being able to kitbash together scraps and resources, strangely Fortnite’s Venture mode does not feature the system from the rest of the game, while still retaining the need for resources. Instead of crafting a weapon with the items, you’ll be “purchasing” it from the conveniently placed Vending machines that I mentioned above. If your weapon is seeing constant use and you’d rather not lose that legendary Auto-rifle you spent all your resources to get, there’s repair stations also conveniently placed around the map where you can buff the scratches or pound out the dents in your weapon.   Once you’re finally ready to go hunting for that loot, you’ve got to be aware of what it is you’re hunting, badlander! Knowledge is power, of course, and with my help, you’ll know a lot. If you’ve missed event weaponry from your collections book, you can find vouchers as a reward from your FORT levels, as well as tokens to re-perk your weapon schematics and Superchargers, items that will allow you to kick heroes, survivors and schematics up to level 60!   There’s plenty of other juicy details in the newest Save the World update and don’t you worry, badlanders, I’ll be diving into each of them, including the new Imposter Quest, featuring the juiciest, beefiest playable character the Home Base has seen yet!  

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  So, tell me, Commanders… you ready to venture into a land of lawlessness and rage?

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