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The Advantages of Fortnite Mobile Gaming

Although Fortnite Mobile is a lot less popular than the PC or Console versions, it has still made a rich metagame that is distinct in form and, in some ways better than the PC and Console versions. Here are some of its advantages.

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Lack of prolonged build battles   As an often Fortnite mobile player myself, one of the things that I enjoy the most is the avoidance of any prolonged build battles. Every single time I go to one of the streams of another streamer, more than half the content is a build battle. Two players, when they see each other, would instinctively build off massive structures to out leverage the players in height to the point that they have reached taller combined structures than some of the in-game buildings or mountains.   More-Skill Based Strategy Truthfully, it is ridiculous, and at the same time amazing, to see how the strategy for players has changed. At the beginning of Fortnite, a lot of winning had to do with strategic thinking and shooting accuracy.   This is much like how Fortnite Mobile is. There is a lot more strategic thinking involved, and your accuracy of the shot matters. With a little screen to work with relative to a PC or a TV, build battles are hard to do. In my time as a gamer on the mobile platform, I have gotten myself in a ton of build battles. Sometimes, I would out-edit my opponent, trap them, or gain the height advantage much sooner. However, it would never amount to the number of materials used in one build battle at a Fortnite PC or Console game.

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The Ability to Hear and See Footsteps Another advantage in the game is the ability to hear well and see footsteps on the screen. In a map filled with 100 players, it is very much possible to be in contact with them at the initial drop. When I play console or PC, at the small times that I have done so, I am never able to hear footsteps unless I nearly maximize the volume. This is very hurtful for my personal user experience, but in the mobile version, this issue is answered by the footstep indicator on the screen. As the heavier the steps get, the more accentuated the signal is. Likewise, the lighter it gets, the less accentuated the signal gets.

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This signal and aid also come with things like treasures. Although you hear them, on the screen, with limited volume compared to a PC’s capacity, it is still hard to pinpoint where certain spots are. From being able to easily find more treasure to seeing near gunfire, all these aids make it easier to play Fortnite on Mobile. Although it is less popular, there was a lot of thought in aiding users with small screens, limited visibility, and volume capacity by their devices. This aiding, in turn, has turned to the very center of Fortnite’s Mobile gaming.   Fortnite Mobile is like the OG, classic Fortnite you love! Screw the build battles, forget using crazy items to try to mimic wild pro plays. Grab a gun, use strategic thinking, and be accurate. If you're an OG Fortnite player you should love Fortnite Mobile!  

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