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POPULAR The Fortnite Teller 06 : A Song of Ice and Fire

Long ago, there were 5 different kingdoms, each master of an element. They lived in peace, but that changed when the Fire Kingdom attacked. The Fire Kingdom, under the command of his mighty king, ruled the various kingdoms and defeated them until the only kingdom was the kingdom of Ice. So began the great war, a battle of fire and ice.
Note that during this war, a barbaric outpost of the Ice Kingdom mysteriously disappeared. We know that this village was actually moved from the past to the present when the column connected the spacetime at the beginning of S5. This village contained the Viking skins as well as Valkyrie and Ragnarok.
In the past, the war raged on. The Fire Kingdom won, and the Ice King made a complete attack. They were able to capture the Fire King and hang him in the dungeons of the Polar Peak, but the Ice King knew he would run, so he sacrificed himself and his kingdom, covering everything in a freezer, leaving everyone in it forever freeze. This coldness was too strong for the Fire King and kept him trapped.
Fast forward to the present. The war has long been forgotten and is seen only as a myth. However, the place remained a frozen wasteland that allowed only the hardest to survive. One of these people is Sgt. Winter, a brilliant mechanic. He was able to invent the AIM robots and the biplanes. While exploring, he found the Infinity Blade, which he would use as another source of unlimited energy (he uses the sword in the S7 trailer). When the Kevin events take place on the main island, Sgt. Winter can feel it and realize its stronger energy that can help its people. With his technique, he literally breaks off part of his land and sails to BR Island. He then uses his biplanes and his army of Slushie soldiers to try and invade them. But as we know, the island of BR has seen a shit and they can fight back. Sgt. However, the army of winter is still able to build "expedition outposts".
Sgt. The move of winter had unexpected consequences. The move to a temperate island increased the ambient temperature of the polar peak and slowly reversed the frozen state caused by the ice king. Though not too drastic, the difference is enough to wake the fire king and use his powers to escape his icy prison. Therefore, the polar peak slowly thaws. The Ice King also wakes up and is surprised, because when he awakens from his frozen sleep, he knows that the Fire King is returning (hence the name of this week's secret loading screen and description).
To catch the Fire King, the Ice King uses a piece of Kevin to strengthen his powers and cover the island with snow. In this way he also creates the ice cube monsters (the leaked Ice King event). He does not want to invade the island, she was just caught in the middle. But it is too late, flees the fire king and fights against the ice king. After the battle, the Fire King finally prevails (the end of the Ice King event is likely to coincide with the beginning of Week 9, the official release of Snowfall Skin, and the complete thawing of the dungeon).
The fire king heats up too much. By melting all the ice in the snow areas around the Polar Peak, it generates a lot of additional water that floods large parts of the island. Season 8 is an underwater season, as shown by the multitude of items in the Battle Pass and the released skins underwater.

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Hacking to Victory - Wick Adventures - #4

- Hacking... Sometimes Wins -
Wick lay in bed, researching ways to hack things professionally. He found a way called the AK-1 method which was a professional way of hacking into top security systems and man built structures. He found the key,
the golden way to kill the bot and its controllers. It was right there in front of him, he just had to learn how to do the method and he'd be set. He sat up for the full night learning it, so he still hadn't got it. He gave up on learning it so he wrote it on a notepad for the journey. The method was very complex, this was Wick's only chance, and if he blew it, he'd doom the island forever. Wick then had to find a builders outfit, to pose as a builder constructing the robot. Wick searched the internet and concluded that he'd have to go on the dangerous website which is called Fortnet. It was notorious for scams but it was his only option to find a legit outfit. He found a secret page selling outfits. He bought it but in the process got a worm in his computer that showed his every location on the computer to Crackshot and the opposing crew. Crackshot saw this, and upped his security and his systems to max power. Wick didn't know this and went ahead with the plan.
- A few days later -
Wick got the suit in the mail. He put it on, got his notebook and started on his journey to the real bunker. It would be a challenge for him but he went ahead and did it. Once he arrived at the bunker, he got his notebook out. He read the notes and entered the code. The code was 8719, which he hacked to get. the bunker slowly opened, and he climbed the ladder to get in. The bunker shut behind him, he was in now, no going back. When he got to the bottom of the bunker he came up to his first obstacle, a huge never ending hole that he couldn't get passed. And the only other thing present was 4 buttons and a keypad. Wick inserted his USB into the keypad and it showed 'Access Denied'. He was stuck, not knowing what to do, he sat down. Later, he remembered the code for buttons, the secret code. The code was "Ate, Sicks, Foor and Too," the code translated to 8642, he entered the codes and pressed the buttons that number of times. A floor ascended. He walked through, and came to a room with lasers. He had to crawl through and be very careful. After he had done that, he stood up and accidentally hit a switch, which through him into a dungeon.
- In the dungeon -
The dungeon was dark, with titanium bars. It appeared there were other people in the cell, pale white and sleeping. Wick crawled up to one of the people and touched him, the person sprung up and put Wick into a headlock. Wick punched him and kicked him to the wall, all of a sudden, the walls started closing. If he didn't get out he'd be crushed. Wick looked through the bars, thinking of a plan. He saw a button, a small button. He pulled out his notebook and through it onto the button which he could not reach. The bars went away into the wall, Wick jumped out. Now he was in a bigger room, with windows and steps. Wick climbed up the steps. He looked through the windows and saw the robot, being worked on. Wick smashed the window, not scared. He ran behind the robot in his disguise and leaped onto it. He saw a button, and pressed it. Alarms went off, all Wick heard was the construction area raising from the ground onto the surface, the flight takeoff area was destroyed in the process. When it reached the surface, Wick saw 5 towers raising, 4 at the corners, 1 at the middle. The had orbs on the top. They were giving power to the middle. A clock was in the sky, Wick had 72 hours to live unless he stopped it. It was going down, slowly, but surely. Wick looked back down, a crowd of armed men were surrounding him with electrical pistols, he froze. But then remembered that he had the shockwave tool that he had hacked, but forgot about. Wick used it, killing every single one of them.
- After the great raise -
The robot was in clear site, it had a globe around it. The robot was now fully automatic, Wick left the orb and looked at the towers one last time before leaving to sleep, he knew he had to shut them down or the robot would strike. Wick took off his outfit and walked off into the distance.
Wick has to shut down the towers or he would inevitably destroy everyone. Find out in the 5th episode coming tomorrow called "72 hours till death" where wick examines and attempts to shut down the towers.
Thanks for all of the support!

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