Ninja explains what kind of game could take him away from Fortnite

Ninja is the most popular streamer in the world playing the most popular game in the world, but it might not be that way forever.

While streaming, Ninja explained what kind of game could take him away from Fortnite, implying it would have to be a popular shooter.

"It would have to be smart, I’m not going to leave Fortnite for, like an MMO,” said Ninja.

The former Halo pro discussed his reasoning for choosing the games he plays, saying that his fan base expects him to play shooters.


"For example, when I switched from Halo, I switched to H1Z1, a shooter...A game that my audience can relate to… Then from H1Z1 to another Battle Royale shooter, PUBG. Then from PUBG to Fortnite."

The fall season will bring massive new shooters like Black Ops 4 and Battlefield V, both of which feature battle royale modes and would fit Ninja's criteria. Also set for release soon is Red Dead Redemption 2 from developer Rockstar Games, which could meet Ninja's popularity requirements.

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However, Ninja left open the possibility of playing a new genre of game, saying “I don’t know, when the time comes where I might want to switch up genres, or stream a game full time that isn’t a shooter, I might do that.

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Fortnite: Where To Find Week 2 Secret Battle Banner's Location (Season 6 Hunting Party Challenge)


Here's where you can find a free banner.
Season 6 of Fortnite rolls on. Another set of weekly challenges are now available to complete for Week 2, and as usual, if you manage to finish all of the ones from a given week, you'll in turn complete a Hunting Party challenge--this season's equivalent of the Road Trip challenges from Season 5.

The reward for completing a Hunting Party challenge is a special loading screen, which hides a very subtle hint to the location of a free item hidden around the island. Typically, the item in question is a free Battle Star, which levels your Battle Pass up by one tier once collected, but toward the end of Season 5, Epic began hiding banners in their place.

Oddly, it appears a banner is the reward for completing the Week 2 Hunting Party challenge. If you've kept up-to-date with all of Season 6's weekly missions thus far, you'll unlock the following loading screen, which depicts a character standing in the middle of a dark forest while werewolves lurk among the trees. Peer closely enough at the image and you'll spot the silhouette of a banner and a carriage engraved in one of the trees on the right side of the screen.

The carriage in question can be found moldering in the desert just to the north of Paradise Palms. Glide to that location at the beginning of a match, find the carriage, and the banner will appear above it. Collect it as you would any other item and you'll be able to use it as a profile icon.

If you need more helping finding the secret banner, we've marked its location on the map below. You can also watch the video we put together at the top of this story showing you exactly where you need to go to collect the banner. However, as has been the case with previous Hunting Party and Road Trip challenges, the banner will only appear once you've completed the requisite number of challenges and unlocked the aforementioned loading screen.

Week 2's challenges arrived shortly after Fortnite's 6.01 update, and they task players with visiting corrupted areas and using the newly reenabled Shadow Stones during matches, among other missions. Completing these will help level up your Battle Pass, which in turn will unlock cosmetics and other rewards, such as the new Pets. You can see everything up for grabs this season in our Season 6 rewards gallery. For help completing challenges, be sure to check out our Season 6 challenge roundup.

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POPULARBloom Needs To Go

We’ve all had those moments where someone is right in front of us and your cursor or marker is RIGHT on their head and your going full auto and every single bullet is just outlining their head and they just destroy you with multiple head or body shots or one pump you. Cause they got lucky with bloom instead of you. And I think we can all agree that a recoil system is far superior to a bloom system. Not because it’s inherently better, but because it requires superior skill. So why do they keep it in? Do you know? Cause I don’t. And I wanna know why they keep it even though pro players and players like me and probably even some noobs complain about it all the time. Bloom turns a skill based game, into a game of chance. So why hasn’t Epic changed it?

Edit: It seems a lot of people are confused about making it so guns are basically just laser guns. So allow me to explain to anyone confused. I am not saying guns shouldn’t have any accuracy penalties for going full auto. I don’t want every gun to turn into a laser. Recoil is when you fire a gun, and the gun kicks back knocking you off of your target and you have to re-adjust your aim to get back on target. In other words when firing instead of your barrel not moving but the hit box getting bigger instead the entire cursor moves somewhere else not too far off of target. Which turns luck from a bloom system into a skill based system on who can best control where their barrel is aiming. This is what Call of Duty does but it also includes a bloom system. PUBG uses a recoil system specifically. and THIS is what I want in Fortnite INSTEAD of bloom exclusively.

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POPULAR9 Upcoming New Fortnite Halloween Skins

Skins are the lifeblood of Fortnite which is probably why Epic Games comes out with so many of them so fast. Fortnite is a free-to-play game that still manages to make a ton of money based on its item shop alone.

Fortnite: Battle Royale recently celebrated it’s one year anniversary of being on the market which means its drawing closer to Halloween.

If players remember when Fortnite debuted they’ll probably remember the pumpkin rocket launcher, the seemingly never-ending event and the overabundance of Skull Trooper and Ghoul Trooper skins.

Those skins have perhaps become some of the rarest in the game since Fortnite has exploded in popularity since the release of those skins. Perhaps they are even returning for this Halloween season?

What we can say is there are several more spooking skins coming to the world of Fortnite according to numerous leaks and datamines. We saw the release of the Dark Bomber into the game yesterday night but we will be receiving a lot more than that in the future.

Here’s the list of all the datamined Halloween skins for Fortnite, according to FNBRLeaks, an account known for leaking information regarding the game. We will also update this list once more skins and cosmetics are revealed.

These skins were teased by Epic Games themselves already so we should be too surprised they are coming into the game. Not only do they have the Halloween theme but they also have an overall Fall theme, if you just don’t look all that closely at their eyes.


These two items will be back blings that seem like they will come bundled with the two skins above. However, the description makes it sound like that won’t be the case as the Hay Nest is a male bling while the Birdhovel has no gender description. We’ll just have to wait and see.


We’re a bit late on this one since the Dark Bomber came out yesterday but here’s a look at the Halloween themed gliders coming to the game this year. The Dark Bomber is an alternate take on the Brite Bomber costume in that it’s a polar opposite of everything that skin represents.


This emote is more than certainly releasing just for players to fully assume the role of a scarecrow. The leaker has confirmed the emote is an infinite emote meaning you hit it once and your player will remain in that stance until you perform another action.


Fortnite: Battle Royale is out now on Xbox One, PS4, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch and PC via the Epic Games Launcher. For more Fortnite: Battle Royale coverage, content and guides stay with us here at Heavy. Make sure you check out the rest of our gaming coverage too.

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Smgs, Building, Season 5 & 6, and Double Pumping

First of all I just want to state that I'm fine with the silenced smg but hollllllly shit the p90, reg smg, and that damn drum gun are very very annoying guns to deal with I mean c'mon they removed double pumping and now the community have replaced that 2nd shotgun slot with a more annoying and op way of killing your opponents. The smgs have made fortnite boring to me bc they are just too damn annoying plus with that huge ass nerf to the hp to structures it just makes it tuff to get out of a situation when your opponents spamming you to death and then you run out of mats. Double pumping was something I can try and master but smgs I mean where's the skill? All it is is just spraying and not aiming. One time I was in medium range and fighting a dude that had a p90, I had a gold scar and he somehow won even though I shot him so many times but the smg still did 20 from medium range.

Another thing I want to talk about is blume. (For those of you that don't know what blume is. it's basically just the accuracy or when you shoot your gun and it starts going all over the place around the target.) This really pisses me off bc it makes no since and it really does make it hard to hit an enemy.

Back to building and smgs. If building structures were back to the way they were with the hp they originally had, I'm pretty sure the spamming would be easier to deal with.

Season 5 & 6 letdown. Alright so season 5 was literally the worst season yet with double pump being needed and replaced with the smg meta and nerf to building, also the storyline was boring and stupid af. Season 6 is already being another season 5 letdown. I'm pretty sure everyone was hoping for double pumping to be a thing again and building too, but it's not and sadly I don't think it ever will be as long as the smgs are around and as op as they are.

Anyways if you read this I would like to thank you and this is only my opinion. So goodbye and I hope you agree with me, if you disagree that's fine too.

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How important is talent?

Let's be honest: video games aren't that much different from school or basketball or anything else. There's people who have to study hard or shoot 100 free throws a day just to be average, and then there's straight-A students who don't even attend class and people who can drain 3's with their eyes closed. Talent exists, it's just a fact of life. Video games are no exception.
I'm gonna be real with you. I don't think everybody can be Ninja. Not everybody can be Shroud. These guys are insanely talented. Shroud is probably a better example than Ninja. His ability to pick up virtually any shooter and play it at the highest level is unparalleled. He's insane at PUBG, he's insane at Rainbow 6, he's insane at CoD and Fortnite. He's just insane.
You've probably heard the saying "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard." Not only does it sound good, but I think it's pretty true too. Yes people like Shroud are talented, but they also put in a ton of work to get to where they are now. He was a pro Counter Strike player and he no doubt devoted countless hours into honing his mechanics. Now that he's already done all that work, picking up new games is easy for him.
So what does it take to get to that level? What does it take to be at the top of the leaderboards? What does it take to go pro?
In other words, can anybody do it if they work hard enough? Or is talent really that big of a deal; the make-or-break between being one of the best and merely being very good?
Let me know what you think.

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POPULARSeason 6 Sucks... Here's Why - My Thoughts

*DISCLAIMER* this article is based purely on opinion, and if you don't agree that's all fine, and I'd like you to debate with me, that's fine too, but please refrain from sending me comments that are purely useless and immature. If you have an arguement, back it up, don't just say I'm wrong and call me a dickhead 🤷🏼‍♂️

Well well well, I'm back. I did this for season 5 and it is time for another one, for season 6.

One of the first things in going to say as to why I dislike Season 6 is the story line. Holy shit. When the cube melted in the lake, I immediately knew, this story line was going to be (and honestly, kinda already was) shit. They had so much potential with that cube, but no, they just uprooted loot lake. I used to really like loot lake battles, mainly in 50 v 50 but I still always found them fun, now I feel like this completely messed that up along with the fact that it's not really that exciting. The just picked up loot lake and now there's a hole-ish thing there. It's just boring, unoriginal, and incomplete.

The next thing, are the areas that look like a disease for grass just happened. Why? It's so boring. Bland. Pointless. POINTLESS. It takes the colorful aspect of the game that pulls people in and killed it in those areas. Along with these areas, came shadow stones. Now I'd love to speak to the dev you came up with THAT idea because those have got to be worse than the addition of hop rocks and rifts. Rifts were a less rare, free jump pad that took any skill of fighting out of the game if you were near one, hop rocks were extremely aids to deal with, (and I'll just mention that shodow stone are extremely similar to hop rocks which shows another sign of uncreativity) and shadow stones make you invisible, faster, and make you jump higher. I'll hand it to Epic for not making you be able to mine, build, shoot, etc. while using them but their still annoying. There the ultimate camping device for one thing because those last for a really long time, and all you have to do is eat one, hide from an attacking opponent, wait to see them, exit the showdown stone spell thing, and kill them. It is yet another thing that takes the vanilla-combat aspect of the game out.

My next point, is the removal of the C4, bouncer pads, impulse grenades, and Suppressed Submachine guns. The only one I can kind of understand is the removal of the C4 because everyone hated it, I never had a problem with it, nor did I ever use it so it doesn't really bother me. What DOES bother me, however, it's the removal of the other three items. Nobody had a problem with impulse grenades, nobody had a problem with bouncers, and nobody had a problem with the suppressed SMGs. The Bouncers and impulses are probably the only things I would safely say, "yes, they added a fantastic mobility aspect to the game." Honestly, I never used impulses, but I know for damn sure nobody had a problem with them, and when I did use them, I actually had fun with them. Bouncer pads, do I even have to say anything? Bouncer pads made the best and coolest trickshot montages in all of fortnite. They helped you get out of the storm, and you were able to get very high up with them. The only bad thing I can say about these is that they were extremely annoying in the purple done things due to the fact you'd go 800ft in the air. And suppressed SMGs? Where did this come from? These were awesome, I got so many kills and hit so many clips with them. I thought they were very well balanced (though yes, I admit, the headshot damage was a bit much) and to me, there is zero reason to vaulted those of all things. I believe it's just another shitty excuse for Epic to add things in (that we probably won't like) to keep the game "fresh."

Next, I will touch on the battle pass. This battle pass is complete shit. I like two (maybe three) skins. I like the lady that looks like Frostbite from the DC universe, and Calamity. The last one... Well, I'll see when I get it but I'm skeptical. Granted, they are actually original compared to last season but they still all look stupid. The llama DJ? That's gotta be the dumbest thing I've ever saw aside from his clothes. That stupid head thing, well, I just kinda wanna punch it. The default skin with a llama? Extremely stupid, and I think that llama he's riding messes up emote animations, which make them look really stupid. Pets, well, to me that was just a pointless, unoriginal, unneeded idea. There's got to be a billion video games that have pets. There is one thing I applaud and want more of, sound tracks. I like the squeaky clean one, and the og one. Eerie, it's good but it's just weird. I want other sound tracks.

My final point, is the fact that they didn't add in anything anyone WANTED. They added one thing people wanted, the og music. The community, wanted double pump, they/we didn't get it. The community wanted drum guns back, they/we didn't get it. The community wanted 250 damage traps, they/we didn't get it. But what we did get? A default skin riding a llama.

To be clear, I understand, not EVERYONE wants those three things I stated, but a lot of people did, at at this point, I think it'd be a good thing If they did. It'd balance the game out between the SMG/drum gun meta and the double pump meta.

Wow? You read that whole article? That's awesome, and since you did, I'm here to let you know your the goat. Thank you for taking time out of your day to look at my hard work, I appreciate it a lot, even if you disliked it. Speaking of that, of you liked, leave a like, and if you disliked, leave a dislike. Feel free to comment/debate down below on your opinions of season 6. If you'd like, you can DM me as well! Thanks again for reading guys, I'll see you next post. Peace! 💜🙌🏼

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POPULARHere Are All The New Season 6 Battle Pass Skins In 'Fortnite: Battle Royale'

Good news: new skins are live alongside Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Season 6 battle pass, and they’re a whole lot better than the weird grab-bag we found ourselves with during Season 5. There’s a theme this time: Halloween. And that’s apparently just enough to focus the art team down to some excellent pieces with just a hint of spooky. This is, for my money, the best set of battle pass skins we’ve seen yet, so that’s exciting. So let’s dive in: here are all of the battle pass skins for Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Season 6.

Calamity: Here’s the cowgirl we remember from the teaser the other day. The obvious reference point here is Calamity Jane, a friend of Wild Bill Hickock and frontierswoman in the late 19th century. This is a progressive outfit akin to Drift from last season, turning from a straightforward tank top and jean shorts to a dramatic leather duster and cowboy hat. It’s a cool one, and a little less weird than Drift was.

DJ Yonder– Here’s the other Tier 1 skin: a funky DJ with a llama helmet on, which feels like a sort of a Daft Punk/Marshmello sort of reference. DJs, as we all know, like helmets. But we can see a little bit of the “party” theme that seems to run alongside Halloween in some of the other materials surrounding Season 6, and it feels like a natural fit. Not only are Halloween parties a thing, but it works for a game that’s made millions and millions selling dances.

Giddy-Up: It turns out this wasn’t a new item, but rather one of those horse-riding costumes. It’s a default skin with his legs stuck through an inflatable llama, little fake legs on top to make it look like he’s riding it. I do wonder about the hitbox on these things: skins don’t change hitboxes in Fortnite: Battle Royale, but the way the llama sticks out from the skin’s body could prove confusing to enemies in much the same way Tomatohead appears to present a larger target.

Fable: This one was a layup. We’re pretty firmly in the territory of “sexy halloween costume” with this one, though I’m not sure how many people are wearing Little Red Riding Hood costumes in earnest here in 2018. Regardless this is a clean, straight-up Fortnite skin for those that don’t like to make a ton of changes to the default silhouette. All those lather straps do create an effect, however.

Dusk: This feels, in some ways, like the female, sinister version of the Love Ranger, introduced with Valentine’s Day a million years ago. Red Riding Hood may have had those leather straps, but this is going a lot more for a very specific dominatrix vibe, from the bustier to the thigh-high boots. Dusk is meant to pair with the Swarm glider and Dusk Wings back bling found elsewhere in the pass, and it’s one of the best skins in here.

Nightshade: When I first saw this is earlier materials I assumed that it was a pumpkin, but turns out it’s not: this is a Tomato, making this the much more stylish female pairing to the classic Tomatohead skin. Tomatoes are part of the nightshade family, along with peppers, eggplants, potatoes and, as you might guess, nightshades.

Dire: The big kahuna here, the Tier-100 unlockable. Starts as a guy and winds up a snarling, transformed, color-customizable Werewolf. This is one impressive piece, even if it’s not quite up there with the ferocious Ragnarok Skin from last season, in my opinion. Still, this is a worthy prize for finishing the battle pass, and I’d argue the coolest skin in the pack save Calamity.

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Fortnite season 6 challenges, pets and map changes, explained

The launch of Fortnite season 6 brings changes to the map with haunted new locations, a new strange Shadow Rock consumable and pets you can wear on your back. You can check out our initial impressions here, or dive deep into season 6 below. Epic Games also made several tweaks to weapon balance and other fixes, and -- just before the update -- announced enhancements to audio for better directional detection of other players and projectiles. And in another announcement before the update, Sony allowed players from different platforms to play Fortnite together with a cross-platform beta, a feature fans have been requesting for months.
Changes to the Fortnite map

There are a few new spots to land on the island with lots to explore. Loot Lake is no longer bouncy from the Fortnite Cube because, as we saw in the announcement trailer, the cube caused an island to rise up and become a floating island above the lake.

It's surrounded by a purple vortex that will draw you up to the island simply by walking into it, so you don't have to worry about building up to it. While we haven't exhaustively explored it yet, it's clear the floating island will make for some interesting endgame fun if the storm closes there during a match.
Another new place to drop in and gather loot has been added near Haunted Hills. Now, on the mountain behind the church is a giant spooky castle with plenty of rooms and towers to explore. Just beware that the castle (and other new areas) will definitely be crowded for a while as people drop in to get their first look. It's a great addition because it's been a neglected area of the map, and it will be fun to see how it changes over the course of the season.
The third new location isn't as obvious. You've probably known for a long time about the mysterious bunker with no entrance in Wailing Woods. Well, you still can't enter the bunker itself, but if you go to the fort at the center of the hedge maze, there's now a shaft you can drop down to go to a vast underground complex.
Other changes around the map include corn fields that have grown tall in Fatal Fields (great for providing cover) and tons of other changes Epic says we'll have to see for ourselves.

Shadow Stones are new creepy consumables

You might remember how the Fortnite Cube would occasionally print runes on the ground as it traveled around the map, leaving low gravity areas in its wake. Sadly, the low-grav areas are gone, but in their place are corrupted areas with strange rune-covered cubes called Shadow Stones. If you consume one, it turns you into a shadowy wraith-like ghost.

The Shadow Form state only lasts for a short time, but enables you to run faster, jump higher and lets you jump through walls. If you remain still, it also makes you invisible to other players. The only problem is, while in motion, you're visible and vulnerable if people try to shoot you, and -- while in the form -- you can't use your guns. The Shadow Form is going to be a game-changer when storm circles close on these areas, and it'll be exciting to see how players use it to their advantage in a match.

Check out what consuming a Shadow Stone is like below:

Season 6's new Battle Pass

The Season 6 Battle Pass has now been unveiled and like always, there are a total of 100 tiers of loot to unlock if you fork over 950 VBucks (roughly $10). As we saw in season 5, weekly challenges include three free challenges and four for whose who have the Battle Pass, so even if you don't buy it, you'll still get some loot you can earn.

Flipping through the tiers, we didn't see as many dance moves as we have in the past, but it looks like back bling will get some upgrades with things like capes and wings. If you get all 100 tiers, you'll unlock an evolving skin that slowly turns you into a werewolf like the evolving costumes we saw in season 5.

If you want to earn those tiers, you're going to have to plow through challenges, so here are the week 1 challenges for season 6:

Of course, the more challenges you complete, the more experience you get toward your Battle Pass tiers and unlocking them is especially important because now you can earn...

Pets you can take with you

That's right, Pets have been added to the game in season 6 as a back bling (backpack) decoration. There are three different pets, including Bonesy the dog (unlocked at tier 12), Camo the chameleon (unlocked at tier 29) and Scales the dragon (unlocked at tier 43).

All three sit in your backpack and react to things you do in the game. For example, jumping from a tall height will show them hanging on for their lives as you drop. Shooting a gun makes them look angry because your pet has your back (literally). Obviously, more than any other item, they're a must-have.
With Fortnite players now able to play across all the major platforms, season 6 will likely have an intermixed Battle Royale playerbase like never before.

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Fortnite Challenge (Season 6, Week 1): Dance Under Streetlight Spotlights Locations Guide

Fortnite Season 6 has begun, which means it's time for a fresh start with a whole new Battle Pass. As with the previous season, we'll be here every week to give you a complete breakdown of all the newest challenges, the rewards you'll get for completing them, and guides for getting them done as quickly and easily as possible. For those new to this, here's a quick breakdown of how everything works: By completing weekly challenges you'll earn Battle Stars that level up your Battle Pass and unlock certain rewards. However, challenges are split into two tiers, with some only available to those that have spent 950 V-Bucks in-game on a paid Battle Pass.

For the first week of Season 6 there's a nice selection of challenges available in both the free and paid tier. In the former, you'll need to grab a Legendary Item in three different matches, use a Cozy Campfire to restore 150 points of health, and begin a multi-stage quest by searching three chests. Once those three have been searched, more stages will open up.

In the paid tier, meanwhile, you'll need to apply 500 points of shield, land at Junk Junction to kick off another multi-stage quest, dance under seven Streetlight Spotlights, and eliminate an opponent in five different named locations. If you manage to complete any four of these challenges you'll earn 5K XP.

Of all the challenges the one that'll require you to put in the most time is likely to be the one that asks you to dance under seven different Streetlight Spotlights. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to get this done, as you'll simply have to trek around the Island and keep your eyes open for the spotlights. Thankfully, there's visually distinct, so that should make things a bit easier. What you're looking for is a streetlight that has a speaker on them, which will be playing music. Once you've located one, stand directly beneath it and bust a move. Then it's off to find the next one.

Fortnite Season 6, Week 1 Challenges


Pickup a Legendary Item in different matches (3) -- 5 Battle Stars
Regain health from a Cozy Campfire (15) -- 5 Battle Stars
Stage 1: Seach Chests (3) -- 3 Battle Stars
Battle Pass

Apply Shields (500) -- 5 Battle Stars
Stage 1: Land at Junk Junction (1) -- 1 Battle Star
Dance under different Streetlight Spotlights (7) -- 10 Battle Stars
Eliminate opponents in different Named Locations (5) -- 10 Battle Stars
Alongside the start of Season 6, developer Epic Games has released Fortnite update 6.0, introducing Pets, throwing some items and weapons into the Vault, making tweaks to the map, and adding in new consumables. You can read all about the new additions and changes in the full Fortnite update 6.0 patch notes.

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