POPULARLet's discuss the future of Save the World.

I'm sure everyone has heard the new by now but if you haven't, Fortnite is going to leave early access and become completely free to play late 2019, a date that has been delayed from early 2018. Obviously they missed the early 2018 a while ago, and everyone thought it was going to be season 5, then season 6, then season 7, and so on.
Why is Save the World not going to become free when Epic Games promised it to? Well for starters, the campaign isn't near finished. They haven't even released half of the story in the third zone. The third zone out of the four. And there are so many bugs with Save the World going on right now that most people thought that Epic Games just abandoned the gamemode
altogether. It wan't making them $50,000,000 a day, why should they put resources into it. But from the recent developer update for Save the World, you can tell that they are finally focusing on the mode they should have been from the beginning.
Them pushing the release date back a year means that they will most likely be working nonstop to make the game what they intended it to be. They already are putting so much polish into it, with UI changes and loads of bug fixes. They are thinking of ways to the grind more fun, and right now they are implementing a system of deranking a hero for some of those resources back.
There are so many things that should be implemented into Save the World that would make the gamemode much more enjoyable. More modes rather than defend an objective. Maybe an escort mode. Escorting survivors would be cool. Clans would be awesome. A full on trading system would practically save the game.
Does anyone else think the Epic Games are doing the right thing? What other changes should be added to make the game in a whole more fun? Would you like to see one patch when there is nothing changed to Battle Royale? Would you like Save the World to go on the top of the patch notes for once?
I am excited to see Fortnite as a whole evolve. I want to see Save the World as THE pve game, and Battle Royale to be a fun clusterfuck of a battle royale. Comment your thoughts.

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POPULARFortnite: Battle Royale Retail Bundle With Skin, V-Bucks, And More Coming Soon


The wildly popular Fortnite is coming back to retail stores next month, separate from the previously announced Fortnite Switch bundle. A special bundle being produced in partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive has been revealed and will be released in just a few weeks. The Fortnite: Deep Freeze Bundle will hit the US on November 13 for $30 and the UK on November 16 for £25. It will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, and a digital equivalent of the bundle will also be available through the in-game store for those who don't care about having a box to put on their shelf.

The bundle includes the free-to-play game Fortnite: Battle Royale--which presumably means it excludes the Save the World mode--along with the Frostbite outfit/skin, Cold Front glider, Chill-Axe pickaxe, Freezing Point back bling, and 1,000 V-Bucks to buy yourself some other snazzy new gear of your choice or a Battle Pass. The box on store shelves will contain a voucher code for the content, instead of a disc.

This is one of the cheaper retail options for Fortnite, though if you're in the market for a console as well, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One have options as well. Those include some special skins and V-Bucks for good measure. If you just want a particularly good deal on V-Bucks themselves, you can grab the Ace Bundle for a better price than usual.

If you've already gotten your hands on the Season 6 Battle Pass and need some help grinding out its many rewards, check out our challenge guide. Meanwhile we're waiting for some updates that have been leaked in one way or another--a new rocket launcher and some spooky Halloween merriment, to be exact.

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POPULARFortnite has Ruined Video Gaming for Everyone

There’s nothing wrong with Fortnite itself. Fortnite is the biggest game in the world and Epic Games has every right to manage it however they want. Are there things that are annoying about Fortnite? Sure, anybody that plays the game will tell you that. People want double pump back, people want cheaper skins, they want Save the World to be free already like it was promised to be. But this isn’t about any of that. This is about the way that Fortnite has spread like an infectious plague that saps the life out of everything it touches.
I’m tired guys. Tired of being bombarded with microtransactions, tired of every game starting their own “battle passes” and honestly, I’m starting to get tired of battle royales as a whole. Why? Because I’m tired of the fact that every single game keeps trying to be just like Fortnite. Epic Games landed on something special and everyone knows it, but nobody seems to want to acknowledge what got them there.
We can argue forever about how much influence Fortnite took from PUBG, but the fact of the matter is that Fortnite is ingenious - it’s something that we as gamers have never seen before. It’s the pinnacle of the battle royale genre as it perfectly embodies Bushnell’s law of being easy to pick up but hard to master. Not only that, but it introduced an entirely new concept to the shooting genre with the ability to build your own defenses in heat-of-the-moment combat. I know it sounds like I’m giving a lot of praise to Fortnite (and I am), but my long time followers know that I was originally hardcore on the PUBG hype train and wouldn’t touch Fortnite with a ten foot pole until PUBG was so buggy I couldn’t play it anymore. Anyways, my point is that Fortnite is the best game in battle royale genre and it offers something truly unique.
Back to the point at hand. If Fortnite is a once in a generation game, then why does every developer think they can just do what Fortnite’s done? Why do Rocket League and Overwatch (both games which have an up-front retail cost to play) think that they can make their own “battle passes”? Fortnite revenue system works and is accepted by the community because Fortnite is free to play. The fact that other companies are jumping aboard this ship really concerns me that we’re going to see a wave of EA-like companies that want to drain every last penny out of their gamers. And the worst part? This always comes at a lack of quality content.
When developers are focused on cosmetic-based revenue streams like battle passes, this means that they inevitably spend their time and resources on creating cosmetics rather than improving the game. It’s like universities that have major football or basketball teams that bring in a ton of revenue. The university and coaches make bank while the teachers, students and athletes get shafted. It's we the players who suffer.
Call of Duty doesn’t need a battle royale mode. Rocket League doesn’t need a rocket pass. Nobody needs to make another Fortnite because Fortnite already exists. It’s about time for developers to stop being lazy and start being creative. We don’t need a new Fortnite. What we need is a fresh, unique game that takes the world by storm like Fortnite did. Devs gotta step their game up, and we as the community need to make our voices heard before Fortnite ruins video gaming for generations to come.

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POPULARNew world record

Grats on the new world record for 61 total kills in a squad match. Won by Aussies too, Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi oi oi!
The skill in their play is mind blowing and based on other sites that have posted about this they were all using controllers. I only watched the Fqrbes perspective and the other player's views were posted too. Probably to make sure there was no cheating in claiming the new record.
What's weird in the video is this guy's aim is disgustingly good. So good I am starting to think he is using a keyboard and mouse emulation gear. I can list some spots in the game that's suspicious. The aim marker is almost following the enemy's movement.
1:30 - 1:34
3:09 - 3:13
11:05 - 11:13
16:33 - 16:48
It could be that I suck using a controller when Fqrbes found the right secret in his controller settings to grab so many kills. Is this possible with a controller, can someone confirm this? Better question, what are your settings to get near perfect aiming and do you remap any of the default buttons? Be nuts if this guy is using default controls with only changes to sensitivity. Then again, I have my doubts about him using a controller and wish there was like another camera view showing his hands and controller.
K&B or controller the new world record is legit since there was no cheating. I will say the details need to be changed from "all controllers" to something else if he is found to be using K&B.

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How Fortnite can be educational - How?

If you're thinking that I'm bullshitting you, well you're wrong because people have found a way to make the game Fortnite educational. Never would I have thought that a game could be educational and be fun at the same time. How is this possible you might be asking yourself? Well, apparently, a group of climate scientists were trying to figure out how to reach out to younger audiences in new ways. One of the scientists realized that a lot of people like to watch let plays of Fortnite, so they decided to form a squad that invites other scientists to play and talk about climate change issues.
This is honestly brilliant because a lot of the media that we consume are in a very quick and in a bite sized format. We love our Tweets, Snapchats, Instagram posts, YouTube videos, and so forth. So it was a no brainer when it came to reaching out to people via a popular video game.
I wish that this form of outreach existed when I was younger because that would've really caught my attention. when I was younger, I was all about just playing video games with my friends and not giving a shit about my classes. Educators really should embrace this new form of reaching out to younger audiences. The future is interactive digital media. The reality is that nobody has the time any more to sit down and watch long documentaries about issues.
Good on scientists for figuring out new ways of reaching out to people!!! On a side note, here's their YouTube page if you want to check them out:

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POPULARThe Theme Of 'Fortnite' Season 7 Already Seems Obvious Now

We are just one week into season 6 of Fortnite, so it seems a little too soon to start talking about season 7, yet it’s on my mind all the same. We are already seeing some sort of set up for future changes to the game and map, as Cube Island is floating around, activating runes that it planted last season for some sort of interdimensional ritual that will do…something, when all is said and done. At its current pace, it will probably be finished summoning about halfway through the season, and then…who knows what happens then.

And yet from what we’re seeing in season 6, a spooky theme tied to Halloween, I have to believe that an ice age is coming for season 7.

Even though Halloween falls in the middle of season 6, the entire season is themed around it with a new haunted castle, themed battle pass skins from werewolves to vampires, to store skins like the upcoming scarecrow duo we’ve seen leaked.

As such, I am guessing that we’re going to see a holiday/winter themed season 7 where the map, or at least big parts of the map, are covered in snow for the duration of the season. Season 7 will start in December, and last until sometime in February, still very much winter for at least the northern hemisphere, making a winter theme ideal for that seasonal window.

Fortnite didn’t do this last year over the holidays, and yet that was a time before the game was really making all that many significant changes to the map from season to season. Season 5, for instance, this past summer brought us a huge desert zone and a country club, dedicated summer-themed areas.

For winter, even if the entire map isn’t covered (a blizzard coating a desert doesn’t make a ton of sense), I’d guess at least the “northern” part of the map would be, possibly everything from Dusty Divot upward like winter is descending down from Beyond the Wall in Game of Thrones.

I don’t think that snow should impede movement as that would be a pain, but I can image several other map changes or items that could go with this theme. A snowball that could slow enemies. Frozen over rivers and lakes that you could glide across instead of running (we’re already about to get a freeze trap introduce some of those mechanics now). And of course there will be holiday themed skins, which would happen with or without this map snowstorm, and I’m sure there will be some sort of LTM having to do with winter festivities as well. Oh, and how cool would it be if the storm was now an ice blizzard that froze you solid if you couldn’t escape it?

Some of this is obvious, but I really do think we’re going to see a mostly snow covered map come season 7 after having so much greenery for the past year so far. Fortnite has evolved where they can (and want to ) do stuff like this to try to keep the game fresh, and so I’m guessing we’ll see snowstorms, ice castles, Santa’s freaking workshop, who knows?

But that’s nine weeks away, and we’re still in spooky mode for a while. But when winter comes, I’m gonna say I told you so.

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