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POPULAR My Squad: Animal Gang 🦒🐥🐢

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Alright without further ado let’s look at my Squad that I have made!

(For anyone in particular that likes my squad posts I’m sorry but I get lazy and these posts take a lot of work to put together)



[From Left To Right FlapJackie, Team P.A.N.D.A Leader, Chomp SR, Tender Defender]


Everyone in the Animal Gangs are savage and un-domesticated, well for the most part what do you except there animals but here’s the break dow, overall this squad is a good match for each other, You ever watch one of those videos were like different animals help each other out like mouses and lions help each other its kind of like that! The Leader of the group is P.A.N.D.A because mostly she’s a team leader 😂 but besides that she’s a greater team player and always makes the right decision.... that’s kind of ironic because she abilities are uncanny to others but she always dies while not making decisions or making choices
Well now we have FlapJackie which I’m guessing is a fan favorite, Where My FlapJackie Fans At if your a FlapJackie fan comment #FlapJackieGang
Her skills are superb and her shotgun skills are some say better than daequan the shotgun king himself but she fell into depression when the double pump was removed but besides that she’s levelheaded and ready to send anyone to the lobby, Chomp SR is the responsible adult in the squad, he’s a old man with children and a wife he has so much to loose and that’s what makes him so like-able he puts everything on the line for his squad and would even take a bullet for them but even though he’s old don’t let that fool you he’s a good with the sniper and is residing in the modern house by loot lake! Shouldn’t have told you his address, Lastly the crazy savage Tender Defender he’s a loose cannon and usually gets max mats then gets into a build fight and overbuilds but don’t let that fool you he will put up a fight when it comes to pretty much anything possible! He will give you a run for his money he also went into depression when Tfue called him shit......


My Bad For The Long Essay





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POPULAR Aim Assist.....


As a console player I completely support aim assist and how it helps level the playing field for us console players!

But I can understand why people may dislike the fact that us console players can wield it and PC players can!

Pro players like Tfue, Symfuhny, Mongraal, Ninja etc all think it’s unfair.... now don’t get me wrong Ninja clearly stated it was only because of the fact people who use it on PC servers and yes that may be annoying to some but it is mainly in the game too even the playing field and make the game fun

It’s harder aiming with only your thumb movements and seeing if no one could hit shots it would become annoying to some because they can’t hit three shots, And because PC players have the ability to use there wrists and full arm movements which makes it significantly easier to hit shots and edit!

Aim Assist

Aim assist is practically a auto lock feature that basically hones in on the player if your cross hair is a little off from the players hit box, Say your cross hair is a milli meter away from the head it will basically move your cross hair to the body so you can hit the shot, Aim Assist also helps when some is running a cross your screen it will slowly move your cross hair to his hit box so you can get just the right shot!


So Yes I personally think that the main reason of aim Assist to give a overall boost in the skill level of all the Console Players,

Now Auto Shoot For mobile is a different story 😂

That’s my explanation Of Aim Assist And I hope it will stop all these posts about how stupid aim Assist

Snorkel Ops Thinking How DuMbO You Are For Thinking Aim Assist Is Bad


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POPULAR Moot Hall of Fame - Fortnite Lounge Featured Board Legends : Most Comments ‼️🙏🏾🏆

Hello everyone Welcome to another walk through The
Unofficial Moot Hall of Fame ! Here’s the previous
showcase :

Today we will be observing the Top 10 post to ever hit the Fortnite Lounge’s Featured Board and is still around to this day! Now these posts have be accepted on the basis of the amount of comments accumulated so keep
that in mind. Let’s begin shall we ?

Top 10 Featured Post ( Sorted By Comments )*

⭐️ 1. In The Number One Spot we have User Carry offering his services to provide a free carried win , pulled in 702 comments. Amazing ! 🥇

⭐️ 2. Holding The Second Spot is FortniteWalkerz and his Recruitment post which gathered 497 comments. I’m sure his Twitch and Youtube channel has plenty of members now. 🥈

⭐️ 3. Third is The Banana King Himself and his successful attempt at becoming part of the Hall of Fame roster ! 373 comments for him ! ⛽️〽️🥉

⭐️4. Forth Spot belongs to TONGA_BOYZ who were searching for Clan members and gained 353 comments on their post. Nice 💯

⭐️ 5. In Fifth we have OPB_Silver1231 with a post regarding information about his Tournament. 294 comments , pretty solid. 🙏🏾

⭐️6. Sixth is Team Moot and Their #FortniteIRL Dance Moves Contest ! 284 comments were left on this post , I wonder who won ? 🤔

⭐️ 7. Repping #64 And #MootMafia we got My Affiliate Snow. with 271 comments on his post posing a good question! 💪🏾⛽️〽️

⭐️ 8. In Eighth we got PrinceBilly777 asking the Lounge what’s their Favorite Skin. He got 221 comments , love to see such an amount of participation!
⭐️ 9. Dgt PewPewPandaPower holding down The Ninth Spot with his Talk Show post asking what console people of the Lounge play on. 218 comments and mines was the 3rd. 😂

⭐️ 10. IRCrosshairs’ post about Fortnite Ending got him 181 comments and boy are they worth reading ! He sits at the Final Spot. 👍🏾


Honorable Mention ⛽️‼️

Prince_Kawthar and his argument on why Planes should be removed with it’s 173 comments. ✊🏾


This concludes Today’s showcase , be sure to tune in next time we take a look around the Moot Hall Of Fame! Thanks for reading. Big 64 appreciates you ! 😎⛽️🙏🏾

#MootHallOfFame #64 #FLMostCommented

* This Information is accurate as of February 13th , 2019
at 5:08am EST

LV.26 Mod