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POPULAR Fortnite Tips [Agression]

Hello, thank you for reading this post. If you missed the last Fortnite Tips post, be sure to check it out and other content from me and don't forget to upvote and leave a follow. Enjoy!
The aggressive playstyle is the most iconic way to play in Fortnite for high kill games and making you look cool in front of your friends and what better place to hot drop than tilted towers.
Unlike in the last post, you land and actually pick up a decent weapon. When you hot-drop you want to always be sure to wall off entrances as you loot up because there is nothing worse than having your run end because you were being superstitious. If you do this, you'll have plenty of time to prepare yourself for any opponent above or below you.
When you finish shielding or situating yourself, now is the time where you want to reposition. if you happen to land on the top portion of a building like Trump or Apartments it's best to jump down (only continue looting down the building if you're certain no one else is in the building with you). Jumping down the building is the best way to hinder anyone tracking your movements and will confuse your opponents.
If you have full shields, you should consider this as the best time to push your opponent, that way, your opponent may have no shield, and/or time to loot. When you kill your opponent always be sure to build around yourself especially if you're hot dropping. You want to be sure to prioritize your safety at all times. (There have been countless scenarios when I didn't do this and got railed because of it XD).
You want to play aggressively until given a reason to go on the defensive. Another good thing to know is to bait out shots by dipping in and out of sight and be unpredictable i.e. peaking around a corner with when you have the right-hand advantage. This may seem simple to you but what a lot of people don't do is charge in when they break their opponents shield making it so that the opponent has a breathing period and the ability to "gain area control" which is discussed in the last Fortnite Tips post.
Dominating hot drops isn't about building, it's Positioning, Calculated Aggression, and Aim.
Main Points you want to focus on are:
Landing Smartly and Choosing Good Spots
Protecting Yourself To Avoid Damage
Take Early Fights and Being Aggressive
Now I know what you're thinking, "Geneade I don't like landing in Tilted Towers and on top of buildings". That's okay because I'm running down another scenario.
Your 11 kill Tilted Towers run is now over thanks to a bot wrecking you with a plane so now we're dropping Pleasant where you land at a house with 2 players contesting the roof
Your refusal to land on top of buildings is a good thing here as landing at the front door gives you an advantage because you're looting quicker. Don't forget to use every second well and farm up materials and avoiding running back and forth the house.
Be Decisive and Take Advantage of Vulnerable Players
Find Players Before They Find You
Early on, players will usually not be ready so you want to take the above line^ in consideration.
With that being said, I'll update the post when I come up with anything that should be added. Also, I appreciate the time you took to read through. Comment below what Archetype I should cover next.
Good Luck

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POPULAR Why Vaulting the Grappler was the Best Move Epic Ever Made - My Thoughts

It's yeboi, NeverPostsAnymore69, back again with another My Thoughts

Ok, before I start this new addition to the My Thoughts series, I wanna shout out my boy Spit Fire for making his dope post that featured me. The unofficial Leaderboards of Moot. That was freaking awesome, and for that I say, go check him out for some dope content.

Now back to My Thoughts

Ok so, this isn't too recent anymore but I feel the desirable need to comment on this, and I can literally sum up this whole post in a few words if your not to fond on reading,


Now, a lot of people are gonna be salty that I say this but, I have a reasons why.

My first thing, is how much skill it took out of the game. This god-awful item, made it so even if your on builder pro for console, or a god builder on PC, you could still be outplayed because some virgin tweleve year probably with the name FortniteGamer69 used one or two shots of the grappler to go all the way up your build.

Basically, it took all skill of building out.

If you used the grappler, you didn't have to build or use materials to get extremely high within seconds. And what makes this even worse, is that there's no counter.

Look, I know I'm not a god, but I'm a pretty decent builder, like, above average. But no matter how fast I spun and built and staired and ramped and floored, through all of that, you can't come out on top of the grappler. here the thing, even after you grappler grapples back into the gun, you keep going up a little, which means they could either
A) connect a floor right next your build and starting building with you, or
B) would hop right into your little four by four when your spinning 360 degrees trying to build up, and you'd be spinning so fast you wouldn't even notice them next to you and they'd blast you In the face.

I will never ever understand how people don't think this is annoying, stupid, and extra as hell.

The ONLY way I would even remotely want this back in the game, even though I don't, but IF it came back, I expect it to be Legendary rarity and have 3-5 shots. Preferably 3 but 5 should be the absolute max. And if it came back as Epic rarity with 7 shots again, it should be supply crate only. Even if they come back as either of those ways though, they should make a bigger delay in between shots so people who aren't unskilled 12 year olds can Outlast this cancerous item when building.

My second problem, is just the fact that it's another annoying mobility item.

Look, I'm a comeplete fan of golf carts and kinda sorta the four-wheelers, but it should've stopped there. There's too many things to get around the map at this point and this is one of them, but this isn't as severe a problem with the grappler, so I don't have a lot to say about it, but I do think it's kinda annoying that you can have a couple Ballons on and use the grappler to carry you away from the storm or danger so easily.

Hey guys thanks for reading. If you liked, leave a like, and if you disliked, leave a dislike. Also, feel free to debate with me or anyone else in the comments below, and make sure to leave your opion on the vaulting of grapplers below. And if your REALLY liking this post, go ahead and follow me for more :) thanks again guys, peace 💜

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POPULAR A Guide To Using The Correct Board

Hey fellow battle bus enthusiasts,

The Fortnite Lounge is the fastest growing lounge here on Moot.
Countless posts come in every minute and that‘s why everyone needs to understand the importance of posting on the correct board.

Y’all are awesome and the content you create is amazing! It’s astonishing to witness how much time and effort every single one of you puts into posting here on Moot. Every post is appreciated and deserves all the love, likes and comments it gets.
However to ensure a pleasant experience for every user we have to maintain order as well.


When you create a post there‘s that window on the top left that leads you to the board selection.

Here‘s the list for all our existing boards in the fortnite lounge. Simply tap on the board you want to post in. Explainations for what content should be posted on what board will be below.

If you‘re looking for teammates press 'Select Board' then tab on 'Looking for Group'. You‘ll find a form, similar to the one in the picture above, simply fill it out and you‘re good to go!


The boards in the order they appear in the Fortnite lounge are:


This is our board where the best, most entertaining, most interesting, most informing posts are being showcased! You aren‘t able to post on this board but either mods can feature your content by hand-picking it or it will be auto-featured which happens when your post is so awesome that it gets many likes and comments
Be sure to check out the Featured board everyday to stay up-to-date and enjoy top-quality content!


This is your board to find new players, duo mates, clanmembers, squads and so on.
Please make sure to always use this board when looking for fellow players.
We have a lot of teamfinding features you can benefit from, however those only work when you post your LFG posts on this board!


This board is for general discussion about BR!
BR discussion can be anything related to Fortnite.
Next to the Looking for Group board this is our second high-traffic board.
It’s up to the discretion of every user to use this board ONLY for Battle Royale discussion.
We love to feature posts that incites discussing and sharing personal opinions.


This is our general discussion board for Fortnite‘s StW gamemode. Keep it StW-related and you‘re good to go!


Want to share your creations? Did you build something so crazy that the entirety of the Moot Fortnite community has to know about it?
The Creative Mode board is your place to do exactly that!


This board is for memes. Pretty straightforward! Make somebody‘s day and post a funny meme.


This is your board to show-off your skills! Got that Victory Royale? That 360-no-scope-kill? Show us your clips on the Highlights board!
Clips posted on the highlights board should always be non-promotional just for the fun.
Please if you were to promote your channel use the Promotions board!


This board is for self-promotion of Youtube, Twitch, Mixer and so on! Make sure to post your advertisement on the Promotions board!

In the past I’ve heard many people arguing:

"My post had nothing to do with BR discussion but I still posted it in 'Battle Royale Discussion' because it would get more attention there."

This indeed is true. The BR discussion board is our #1 high-traffic board so of course more people will see it.
HOWEVER the attention you will get will mostly be negative or users might ignore your post.

Posting on the correct board will ensure that the attention you’ll get will only be positive!

I implore every user to abide by these posting guidelines.
Let’s all help together to ensure and maintain a friendly environment within this lounge.

Finally should you have any questions simply ask!
Next to the 'Most active users' section there‘s a 'Moderators' section that shows all the Fortnite moderators. Don‘t hesitate and hit them up when ever you feel the urge to! They will always be there to help!
You may also ask below in the comments if you have any questions concerning the boards!

Stay awesome and Happy Mooting!

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