POPULARThe Base Story of Fortnite

Hi there, I just enjoyed Fortnite, but I didn't know the whole storyline that went through the whole season. I wonder who the bus driver is, who the announcer is, and who controls Storm. I'm putting up the baseline I've been looking for. Again, this means a story line survey from season 1 to season 6, and I would like to know the basic concept one step above some known seasonal stories (such as season 4).
And here in this post I game with the interest of accumulating more on the history of your help. If you can help me find out more about the history of Fortune, I will appreciate it.
The story of Fortnite so far:
In the year somewhere around 2060-2070, a mutant storm came in and mutated everyone into husks. The ones who were immune were the only ones left. You are the commander, controlling soldiers because you can’t do it yourself and it also gives reason to respawning and the third person view.
Your mission is to try and save the world and remove the mutant storm. You send a satellite up into space and learn everything is taken up by this storm. You start by sending down an ATLAS which works as a shield temporarily but never works because husks can still travel the distance and destroy them. You receive messages from someone in Plankerton who has reasons to believe that Dr.Vinderman may still be alive and has a solution to the storm. After that, every soldier you have needs to be nannied and you can’t make any progress because something is always on fire and the story kinda tumbles away until there is nothing left.
and at that point it’s half an hour missions doing nothing but resource collecting and repeating the same missions hoping the story will progress, but it never will.

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POPULAR[READ ME] Account selling/trading, scams, staying secure and protecting your personal data.

This your new warning post. Below the warnings are some tips to protect your account.
1. Anyone asking to "borrow" your account for ANY reason is most likely scamming you.
2. Anyone asking to "trade" accounts with you for ANY reason is most likely scamming you.
3. Anyone claiming that they have an account for sale, or wish to buy an account is most likely scamming you. If they are doing this through another app, or website, they are scamming you.
4. Anyone who asks you for your phone number, or asks you to text them is most likely scamming you.
5. Anyone who asks you for ANY of your other personal information, whether it be your email, passwords, Paypal, or any other form of sensitive information is scamming you.
6. Anyone who claims that they can place "hacked vbucks" in your account is scamming you.
7. Anyone who claims you will be rewarded for following their social media/Twitch/etc. is literally farming you for a click and don't give a single damn about you, and likely want to scam you too.
8. Anyone who claims "they're not a scammer" is most likely a scammer.
9. Anyone who claims they can put vbucks into your account, and/or claims their site/service/app/etc. will give you vbucks by "logging into" your Fortnite account through them is scamming you.
10. If someone changes the email of/activates 2FA on your account after they've gotten ahold of your data, it's their account now.
If you participate in these sorts of posts, whether it be via here on Moot, Twitch, Discord, or anywhere else with someone you meet over any other platform and you lose your data, you only have yourself to blame. By giving away your personal information and allowing these scammers to gain the upper hand in obtaining your data, you yourself are entirely at fault.
The best ways you can protect your account are as follows:
1. Don't give out your personal information, to anyone. Epic, Moot, and ANY other platform would NEVER ask ANY of its users for their passwords.
2. Set up 2FA yourself for your Epic account using this link:
3. Do not, under any circumstances, trust any third-party sites that endorse/"sell" skins, accounts, wins, etc. - only purchase vbucks directly from the version of Fortnite you play on; i.e. PS Store, Microsoft/Xbox Store, Nintendo eShop, iOS in-app purchase, Android in-app purchase, and through Fortnite via PC.
4. Don't use the same passwords you do for other accounts - make each password you use unique, and use combinations of capital letters, numbers, and symbols.
5. Be vigilant and don't fall into temptation!
Epic cannot ban them for stealing your data; you gave it to them.
Moot cannot ban users for stealing your data; you gave it to them.
No other platform will ban users for stealing your data; you gave it to them.
You can combat the scams here on Moot by simply downvoting the scam posts, and reporting them directly to our Admin team. You can report a post using the button circled in the image below:
If you want to go the extra mile, call them out on it - warn other users it's a scam.
We get it, Fortnite is awesome. Don't ruin Fortnite for everyone else.

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POPULARLet’s Take A Break and Look Back 😱

Let’s take a break from all this gifting junk and look back at how much this game has improved itself and grown as a game. It have developed itself more than any other game and has attracted users from all over the world from Russia to China. Let’s look back when Fortnite was just a unseasoned game in season one. When the pumps were double and the building was scarce. Also having a skin was like being terminator.
No sweats, All fun, and just a plain good time. Season 2 now is cooking up with the introduction of the almighty battle pass and the “OG” skins now. Building was becoming more of a meta and the double pump was still in its prime with the start of Ninjas big growth along side ImTheMyth. Season 3 Double Pump is now the thing everyone does and the metas are becoming bigger and better with Ninja completely taking over the game. Season 4 Introducing the storyline of Fortnite and now Tfue is starting his takeover along side the ugly ALIA along with the man the myth the legend the cube our best friend. Season 5 The end of double pump and the start of the SMG ages with the later addition of my favorite the Drum gun and Alia was starting his reign of terror! Season 6 The days were people beg for gifts we OGs morn our Drum gun, Double Pump, and skull troopers and talk about the good old days and mock this new generation
Season 6 The world may never know :)
If anyone actually got this far I’m impressed that’s all Follow me for more (Yeah I didn’t add the removal of map spots because idc)

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POPULARNinja blames terrible parents for kids' Fortnite addiction, and I agree

Before I go onto talking about how I agree with Ninja's opinion that parents are to blame for children getting addicted to video games, here's a link to my other post on a similar issue. This post is about how Fortnite is causing issues in classrooms. Video games are blamed for everything except for the actual causes of systemic issues.
Alright...Alright...Alright, now for my actual post. So just recently, Ninja responded to a Tweet by Bloomberg that was talking about children and Fortnite addiction. Ninja's response to the Tweet was about how it's not an issue with Fortnite, but it's an issue with bad parenting and how parent's show take away games from their children.
I absolutely agree with Ninja because video games shouldn't be the only focus when it comes to talking about gaming addiction. In the case of children, why aren't their parents being talked about? When I was younger, my parents would regularly take my video games away if I was using said video games to avoid doing important things.
On a side note, there's nothing inherently wrong with playing video games as long as it doesn't get in the way of getting things done.
The one thing that I do have to say is that the US has a problem with wanting to not blame parents for their childrens' actions. We all like to sit around on our armchairs and blame everyone except for ourselves. Video games aren't inherently problematic. Now, someone with mental health issues + video games, now there's a combo that can cause issues. I've been there before when I was younger (I was in college) and was feeling depressed. I ended up avoiding important things in my life because I spent a lot of time just playing video games instead of getting help and spending time with my friends. Parents have to be there for their children and get them the help that they need.
Let's stop blaming video games for every single problem. The same applies to blaming music, TV shows, literature, and movies. It's time to grow up America.

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POPULARWish I Could Go Back






Hey Mooties,

Just wanted to dish out a friendly reminder for you to check where you’re posting before smashing that “done” button.
In-App, Boards can be found across the top of the Lounge you're in. You can slide the options across to reveal more.

When posting, the Board you‘re going to submit to will be at the top of your post. You can't submit a post until it has a Board!

On web, Boards can be found on the left.


This is the landing page of the Fortnite Lounge. Posts will make their way here depending on a few things:
- if the post has enough upvotes, and/or enough comment activity
- if the post is hand-picked by a mod or admin
You'll know the difference usually for each one, but if you see anything that shouldn't be featured, report it!
This one's pretty clear but I'll break it down for ya - you want teammates? This is where you find teammates. Posts looking for anything like squads, duos, any sort of partnering-up should be done in here.
You wanna talk about Fortnite's most popular game mode, Battle Royale? Yeeeeah you do. Do it here.
Let's say you want to talk about Fortnite's game mode Save the World. This is your place!
Got a sweet kill? Victory Royale? Did some ridiculous or inexplicable nonsense just happen in your game and you want to share? Bada-boom bada-bing we got a spot here right for ya.
Wanna promote your Fortnite related channel, content, and so on? Fret no longer! You can do it here.
Stay #1, folks!

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LV.5Let’s play OW!


Listen up you Fortnite Mooters.
FALL IN LINE YOU NO SKIN! Respect your wizard. 😤

Many of you are pumped for this new gifting system. Some may be over hyped. So let me “spell” you the facts.


🔮 when you go to the item shop and buy something, it will announce ✌🏼(2) options:
To buy for yourself OR to gift it to a friend.

IMPORTANT FINE PRINT (things no one reads at first and finds out the hard way): 🙄

🔮Your account must have “Multi-factor authentication” enabled.
Don’t know what that is? Typical muggle.
Click this link to find out.

2 days compadre. Dos. Not 47 hours. Not 38 minutes.
4ordy 8ight HOWERZ.

🔮The limit is 3 gifts within 48 hours!! I’m talking to you Santa clause 🎅🏿

🔮Gifts are NOT refundable. Doesn’t matter if you have a receipt Karen! Stop coming to my house before I call the LAW!

🔮you can only gift stuff in the current gift shop. Duh. Kinda obvious. But not to anyone named Jerry apparently. Freaking Jerry’s dude. Smh my head.

That’s only HALF A FORTNIGHT. Get it? No? Then go to history class or google. Degenerates.

It may come back after the week term. Depending on how much money they make here and how much fraud they deal with. Who knows. Most likely a bad muggle will ruin it for everyone. Or a Jerry. Freaking Jerry’s man.

Anyway. Have fun! Be nice. Spend some money for less fortunate peeps. And get some W’s in the name of MOOT!

Source: https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/news/gifting-coming-to-battle-royale

Wizard out 🧙🏼‍♂️✨

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POPULARFortnite is Coming to an End

It’s been a glorious run but the writing on the wall is clear: the end to Fortnite is coming.
Back in July when I predicted that the fall of Fortnite would come by the end of the year, people thought I was crazy (you can read that post here: https://moot.us/lounges/8/boards/39/posts/194785 ). Some of you may still disagree with me now, but I think that most of us can see that Fortnite is beginning its downward trend.
It’s not just one thing that’s killed Fortnite, it’s a series of things and they all stem from one major problem. Fortnite at its core has extremely linear gameplay. You do one thing, then you do it again the next game, and then you do it again every game after that. You drop, find a gun, and kill people ‘til you die. Every game. There’s nothing wrong with linear gameplay as long as the gameplay quality is exceptional. But this is where Fortnite has faltered.
Until now Fortnite has done a good job of overcoming its simple gameplay by understanding its audience and consistently delivering interesting updates. We’ve had food fights, golf courses, Kevin the Cube, and many other updates that help keep the game fresh. You’ll notice however that many of these updates aren’t related to the actual game at all. This is the problem: the updates don’t actually improve the gameplay - they’re just ways to keep you distracted from how basic the gameplay really is.
Fortnite has also thrived off its hype, there’s no doubt about that. Its dominance on Twitch and Youtube has helped keep Fortnite popular and appear interesting despite its linear gameplay. That’s in jeopardy now too. Ninja is by far the biggest streamer and he’s gotten more negative attention this past month than in his entire career, and many people seem to think he’s in the midst of a breakdown. Meanwhile other streamers and even pros have simply gotten bored with the game.
Of course, there’s a reason that many people are starting to get bored of Fortnite. It all comes back to its linear gameplay. There’s only so much to do in Fortnite and the skill cap is only so high. It’s not like League of Legends or even Rainbow 6 where there’s multiple characters to learn and master and always new things you can improve on. It’s not like Black Ops 4 either, where once you get bored of playing battle royale you can jump into a game of multiplayer or zombies. There's just not that much you can do in Fortnite.
Like I said earlier, linear gameplay is not a problem if the gameplay is super high quality, but the fact of the matter is Fortnite hasn’t managed to make the core gameplay good enough to overcome how basic it is. Rather than find a way to make the game more interesting, bring back old guns, balance the game, and make new mechanics, Fortnite brings us golf courses and food fights. It's no wonder people are leaving.

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You Xbox players are assssss