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POPULAR Progress on New Edits. (Day 3)

70 Ping By The Way

how am I doing so far?

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POPULAR Y'all need a med kit?

I'm always the one that carries them, they're the only thing I can carry 🤠😂

#fortnite #memes

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Creative Mode

POPULAR Finally i did it 😩

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POPULAR Which Bomber is your favorite? 🤔✨❗

Brite Bomber 🌈✨ (thx to xFury)
Dark Bomber 👿💔✨ (thx to QueenMari)
Beach Bomber ⛱️❤️✨
Bubble Bomber 🦄✨

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POPULAR Anyone want a Fortnite PFP or banner ?

Comment whether you want a PFP or a banner
And your favorite skin 💜✨

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POPULAR Welcome to fornite season 10. If you can't beat the mechs join them

The mech meta

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POPULAR Next #SkinShowcase? 🤔

Vote below to chose the next showcase I post. ✨
Facet 💕
Rio Grande 🐴🌟
World Warrior & World Cup FishStick Duo 🏆✨❗

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I didn't took the photos, I just edited them. ✨
Enjoy those Fortnite profile pics and feel free to use them anywhere!
I'll make other profile pics for the next saturday!
Bye everyone! ✨

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POPULAR one shot highlights

LV.22 Carry Me
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POPULAR Singularity Drift style combo :)

Singularity (Drift Style Fortbyte 100)
Catalyst BB
Flawless Pickaxe (Season 8 teir 100 pickaxe)
Sky serpents (season 8 teir 15)
Bullets contrail (Season 8 teir 85)
EQ Wrap

One of my favorite combos to rock
I really don't have that much to work with in terms of skins, pickaxes, and contrails,
But you gotta work with what you got :)

Tell me what you think?
How could you make this decent combo a god combo?

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POPULAR Flossers...

*Avengers: Endgame music plays*

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POPULAR Junkyard Juke XP farm?!

So I was playing with AJZehIdk (go and follow her thank you) and we decided to play this Gamemode. Now at the time I didn't know it gave XP like actual game so I didn't care until after 2 rounds I found out that if you get a high amount of points in a round you can roughly get 1,250 XP per round. That is a great XP farm for the level-headed challenges and just get tires as well so I suggest getting a lot of friends with the battle pass and grind this Gamemode it might give you a boost in its fun without the XP anyway 😋. Currently at level 39 and tier 31 is anyone was wondering. So take advantage while you have the Gamemode. http://moot.us/@AJZehIdk

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POPULAR Vendetta's Secret Style?!? 😱

I unlocked Vendetta's secret Wingman style! Isn't it beautiful? 😂

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The shot was pretty lucky

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POPULAR How to deal with a Brute

There are 3 ways to deal with a brute. I will list them below:
1. If the Brute is coming to you go into a box and leave the match
2. If you see a Brute run the hell away
3. If a Brute kills you be Ninja: Rage and report the player in the Brute for stream sniping

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POPULAR Just noticed this

Look where I circled, it’s the Beastmode skin, I wonder what they have to do with these new skins?

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POPULAR Spray & Pray Gas Station Location Challenge Guides

Gas Station Locations (Spray & Pray)
Check Out Gas Station Locations and complete the "Spray 3 different Gas Stations" for Fortnite Season 10 Week 2 Spray & Pray missions and objectives with this guide!

Spray 3 different Gas Stations

Challenge Summary
Find the gas stations across the Season X map and spray 3 different locations and you'll complete this challenge.

How to Spray
Spray works the same way as emotes. You can access them through your emote wheel, but you'll need to have added them there first through your locker.

Gas Station Locations

7 Gas Stations As Of Week 2
We found 7 gas stations as of week 2! Note that map may change as time goes by! You can check gas station appearances in the following sections!

1.Pleasant Park
2.South Of Pleasant Park
3.Salty Springs
4.West Of Tilted Town
5.North Of Lucky Landing
6.South East Of Fatal Fields
7.Paradise Palms
Source: www.gamewith.net

#DoubleM #MM #ChallengeGuides

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POPULAR Season X Week 2 Challenge Map Cheat Sheet

Here is the Regular Challenge Cheat Sheet:
Here is the Prestige Challenge Cheat Sheet:
These were provided by SquatingDog
#ChallengeGuides #DoubleM #MM

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POPULAR Where Is Matt?: Cop or Drop? 🤔

I think it's a pretty nice traversal emote. Thoughts?

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POPULAR World cup trio

LV.5 Supersonic
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I understand that new seasons brings new players, but heard this kid in one of my random sqaud games ask..."oh how did you get that x-lord?!? :o"?
Hearing that triggered me so hard that I left the game I ended up in. The disrespect man...
Season 10 defaulties..has any one else dealt with this yet?!

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I just played two hard fought solo games and got to late game both times, only to be killed by a Mechs rockets both times where I'm in my builds but I have no chance because you can't out build the rockets. If Epic is going to keep Mechs in the game, then please nerf health, rockets, and mobility, PLEASE. PLEASE, THEY DON'T BELONG IN THE GAME. Also please like this post if you agree.

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POPULAR Most V-Bucks At One Time? 💰


A question that I’ve been wondering for awhile now! The banana king asks all of you, what’s the most amount of V-Bucks you’ve accumulated at one time!

My most amount is 8 thousand V-Bucks! For me that’s a lot because I barely buy V-Bucks, so... what’s yours?

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POPULAR Fav Skin Combo #44 ⚡💕✨

Here's a little setup I've been rocking with Rose Team Leader, let me know what you think. ✨

🔹Rose Team Leader (STW Founder's Rewards)
🔹Atmosphere (Catalyst Challenges Reward)
🔹Rift Edge (Drift Challenges Rewards)
🔹Rose Rider (STW Founder's Rewards)
🔹Rift Lightning (Catalyst Challenges Rewards)
🔹Kitsune (500 v-bucks)

***In Game Showcase***

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POPULAR How to build in Tilted Town!

Credit: unknown

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POPULAR Any one do gift for gift I need howl but can’t put money on my card because it’s Sunday 🤦🏾‍♂️

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POPULAR Top 5 skins you’d hate to get killed by

Fish stick .5

peely .4

I Sentinel .3

l a real default .2

l Donald trump .1

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