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POPULAR My stats as of right now...😅🤖✨

Commence the bullying in the comments. 😂❗
#MysticMafia #BotBois

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POPULAR Skully!!!

Took these cute pics of skully❤😍 I love pink!❤

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POPULAR Bunny not scary.

Bunny friend.

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POPULAR so..here's what's wrong, Fortnite.

okay first off, whAt is this skin?! 😔👍

this looks extremely creepy, if i do say so myself. i've also heard others say so too.

this looks like a nightmare ajshdhskjska

i thought bunnies were meant to be adorable :< and i also thought Fortnite was meant to be a kid-friendly game..i mean, look at its players! well, rip to the kids who'll be getting nightmares from this.
i also don't like this skin. :]
i just don't like it.
nope nope nope nope nope nope NOPE
okay, that concludes my little random rant about this skin. sorry bout that.
why, Fortnite..? why?!

p.s. please leave your opinions on this skin down below! i know maybe some of you may love it haha 🤔 would you cop or drop?

"hOPpiNG stRAiGhT oUt oF YoUR niGhTmAReS"

#FortniteBattleRoyale #FortniteSkin #FortniteItemShop #skin #rant #FortniteRant #FortniteSkin #discussion #news #FortniteNews

just one more pic for good measure 😅:

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POPULAR Which would u buy? Pick one.


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POPULAR Why Fortnite... WHY !!!

This skin is something I never thought epic would bring to the game .. especially since the majority of Fortnite’s fanbase is very young kids .. Nighthare even creeps me out .. nope just nope 😂

#Queen64 #MysticMafia

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POPULAR Today’s Item Shop

Hello And Welcome. It’s Been A While Since I Stopped Doing My “Thought’s On The Item Shop” posts. The Reason I Stopped Was Just To Let Leo Be The Item Shop Guy. Now The Reason I Am Back Is Because Leo Asked Me To Take Over The Item Shop Posts For Him While He Is Gone.

So First Up We Have The Shop Here👇

Here Are The New Items👇

Here Is Where You Can Rate The Shop👇

In My Opinion, This Shop Is 4 Stars ⭐️. New Skins Is Pretty Cool But I Wouldn’t Buy It. That’s My Opinion, Now Let Me Know Yours In The Poll And In The Comments! 🤔

- #J64

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POPULAR Do people even use titles

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POPULAR LEAKED NITEHARE SKIN *LEAKED SKIN* Hopping Straight Out Of Your Nightmares

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POPULAR Just found out about this creepy smile face lol

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"would you rather get a llama right at drop in the middle of nowhere or land on a chest"
Guys remember when getting the llama you only get mats so you gotta run somewhere and find a gun and hopefully nobody spots you and landing a on a chest could get you a bad gun start with no mats so which would you go with?🤔⬇️⬇️

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POPULAR The rune has reached Shifty Shafts.

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POPULAR Favourite Event

Guys what are your favourite events? Mine is Marshmello event.

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POPULAR Completed Fastball

Not perfect but I tried.
Not bad for my first fortnite drawing though. 😊
What do y'all think?

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POPULAR [READ ME] Account selling/trading, scams, staying secure and protecting your personal data.

This your new warning post. Below the warnings are some tips to protect your account.
1. Anyone asking to "borrow" your account for ANY reason is most likely scamming you.
2. Anyone asking to "trade" accounts with you for ANY reason is most likely scamming you.
3. Anyone claiming that they have an account for sale, or wish to buy an account is most likely scamming you. If they are doing this through another app, or website, they are scamming you.
4. Anyone who asks you for your phone number, or asks you to text them is most likely scamming you.
5. Anyone who asks you for ANY of your other personal information, whether it be your email, passwords, Paypal, or any other form of sensitive information is scamming you.
6. Anyone who claims that they can place "hacked vbucks" in your account is scamming you.
7. Anyone who claims you will be rewarded for following their social media/Twitch/etc. is literally farming you for a click and don't give a single damn about you, and likely want to scam you too.
8. Anyone who claims "they're not a scammer" is most likely a scammer.
9. Anyone who claims they can put vbucks into your account, and/or claims their site/service/app/etc. will give you vbucks by "logging into" your Fortnite account through them is scamming you.
10. If someone changes the email of/activates 2FA on your account after they've gotten ahold of your data, it's their account now.
If you participate in these sorts of posts, whether it be via here on Moot, Twitch, Discord, or anywhere else with someone you meet over any other platform and you lose your data, you only have yourself to blame. By giving away your personal information and allowing these scammers to gain the upper hand in obtaining your data, you yourself are entirely at fault.
The best ways you can protect your account are as follows:
1. Don't give out your personal information, to anyone. Epic, Moot, and ANY other platform would NEVER ask ANY of its users for their passwords.
2. Set up 2FA yourself for your Epic account using this link:
3. Do not, under any circumstances, trust any third-party sites that endorse/"sell" skins, accounts, wins, etc. - only purchase vbucks directly from the version of Fortnite you play on; i.e. PS Store, Microsoft/Xbox Store, Nintendo eShop, iOS in-app purchase, Android in-app purchase, and through Fortnite via PC.
4. Don't use the same passwords you do for other accounts - make each password you use unique, and use combinations of capital letters, numbers, and symbols.
5. Be vigilant and don't fall into temptation!
Epic cannot ban them for stealing your data; you gave it to them.
Moot cannot ban users for stealing your data; you gave it to them.
No other platform will ban users for stealing your data; you gave it to them.
You can combat the scams here on Moot by simply downvoting the scam posts, and reporting them directly to our Admin team. You can report a post using the button circled in the image below:
If you want to go the extra mile, call them out on it - warn other users it's a scam.
We get it, Fortnite is awesome. Don't ruin Fortnite for everyone else.

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POPULAR A Guide To Using The Correct Board

Hey fellow battle bus enthusiasts,

The Fortnite Lounge is the fastest growing lounge here on Moot.
Countless posts come in every minute and that‘s why everyone needs to understand the importance of posting on the correct board.

Y’all are awesome and the content you create is amazing! It’s astonishing to witness how much time and effort every single one of you puts into posting here on Moot. Every post is appreciated and deserves all the love, likes and comments it gets.
However to ensure a pleasant experience for every user we have to maintain order as well.


When you create a post there‘s that window on the top left that leads you to the board selection.

Here‘s the list for all our existing boards in the fortnite lounge. Simply tap on the board you want to post in. Explainations for what content should be posted on what board will be below.

If you‘re looking for teammates press 'Select Board' then tab on 'Looking for Group'. You‘ll find a form, similar to the one in the picture above, simply fill it out and you‘re good to go!


The boards in the order they appear in the Fortnite lounge are:


This is our board where the best, most entertaining, most interesting, most informing posts are being showcased! You aren‘t able to post on this board but either mods can feature your content by hand-picking it or it will be auto-featured which happens when your post is so awesome that it gets many likes and comments
Be sure to check out the Featured board everyday to stay up-to-date and enjoy top-quality content!


This is your board to find new players, duo mates, clanmembers, squads and so on.
Please make sure to always use this board when looking for fellow players.
We have a lot of teamfinding features you can benefit from, however those only work when you post your LFG posts on this board!


This is where the majority of all content goes, except for the content adressed in other boards.
Please make sure to check whether your post doesn’t belong on another board before posting on the BR discussion board.


This is our general discussion board for Fortnite‘s StW gamemode. Keep it StW-related and you‘re good to go!


Want to share your creations? Did you build something so crazy that the entirety of the Moot Fortnite community has to know about it?
The Creative Mode board is your place to do exactly that!


This board is for memes. Pretty straightforward! Make somebody‘s day and post a funny meme.


This is your board to show-off your skills! Got that Victory Royale? That 360-no-scope-kill? Show us your clips on the Highlights board!
Clips posted on the highlights board should always be non-promotional just for the fun.
Please if you were to promote your channel use the Promotions board!


This board is for self-promotion of Youtube, Twitch, Mixer and so on! Make sure to post your advertisement on the Promotions board!

In the past I’ve heard many people arguing:

"My post had nothing to do with BR discussion but I still posted it in 'Battle Royale Discussion' because it would get more attention there."

This indeed is true. The BR discussion board is our #1 high-traffic board so of course more people will see it.
HOWEVER the attention you will get will mostly be negative or users might ignore your post.

Posting on the correct board will ensure that the attention you’ll get will only be positive!

I implore every user to abide by these posting guidelines.
Let’s all help together to ensure and maintain a friendly environment within this lounge.

Finally should you have any questions simply ask!
Next to the 'Most active users' section there‘s a 'Moderators' section that shows all the Fortnite moderators. Don‘t hesitate and hit them up when ever you feel the urge to! They will always be there to help!
You may also ask below in the comments if you have any questions concerning the boards!

Stay awesome and Happy Mooting!

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POPULAR Reaction Gif Contest #18

Over 1,000 coins in prizes!
React to this post with your best reaction gifs:
"Is Fortnite running out of ideas?"
Is Fortnite running out of ideas? Did they even have ideas to begin with? Resident wizard McSmigglesworth looks deep into Fortnite's magic.
- "The original fortnite has SO many mechanics stolen straight from pubg with little to no innovation. From the drop in, to the kill zone storm, the guns, items, equipment."
- "the revive buses, that is straight out of Apex Legends. Added Only to compete with that feature instead of innovating and doing something unique."
- "The explosive bow is from a call of duty characters ultimate ability."
- "The most innovative thing I’ve noticed was their cosmetic game"
- "In order to keep fortnite at the top for a little longer, they need to stick with a story with their evolving map like they were doing. Capture curiosity with that and Easter eggs."
- "innovate innovate innovate. Get creative with the weapon adds and equipment."
Do you agree with the Wizard or is he wrong? Is Fortnite's only real innovation their top-tier cosmetics? Have they run out of fresh ideas to keep the game interesting? Let me know what you think about this post with your best reaction gifs below! Winners will be revealed next week, good luck!
Full post here:
Congratulations to the winners of last week's contest! The Wing King took home first place with an amazing gif! PineappleTJ and The Pandagasm both secured runners-up honors! Also a special shout out to McSmigglesworth for being the creator of this week's featured post!
(PRIZES: Creator 500 coins, 1st place 500 coins, Runners-up 100 coins each)

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Hello everyone!
Do you wanna be seen on the Featured Board?
Do you want your post to hit the front page of Moot, for thousands of users to see?
Look no further!
We are (always) looking for new great content to Feature; all you folks in the community need to do is produce some great content! So, what are you waiting for?
Anything from a hot topic, a lengthy discussion, to a great clip, a controversial opinion, and so on - as long as it's related to Fortnite - is perfect for our Featured Board!
Get out there, and get creating! Our Featured Board NEEDS new content, and it comes from you!

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NEWS: Fortnite v8.40.1 Patch Notes - Bug Fixes

Fortnite has released the patch notes for Fortnite v8.40.1 which includes stability fixes and bug fixes.

Battle Royale

Fixed the following issues:

Players were incorrectly being shown that they were being dropped to a lower Division in Arena.This was a visual-only issue, players were not actually being moved to a lower Division and the correct Division for each player is now displayed in-game.
Blackheart’s beard was growing uncontrollably in the Deep Fried Food Fight LTM and would cover most of a player’s screen. He has visited a barber and his beard is back to its previous glory.
Bushes were not appearing in any game modes after playing a match in the Air Royale LTM.
Nameplate and ally indicators were missing from the UI in the Deep Fried Food Fight LTM.
Extra buttons on mobile devices weren’t functioning properly when quickly alternating between clicking dedicated weapon select and building buttons.
Fixed the following issues:

Throwable items were not dealing damage if it was the last item consumed in a stack.
The countdown for the Item Shop was showing an incorrect time.

Source: https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/news/v8-40-1-resolved-issues

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POPULAR Some clips I put together a while back

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theory for season 9

as season 8 comes down to it's last few weeks obviously people are going to start suspecting and theorizing what the next theme of the season will be
with all the map updates with the bunkers in pleasant park and retail row and the addition of the vault in loot lake being uncovered by what many say the fortnite government (symbolized by the little yellow shape with a circle), i think the next season is going to take a big of a fallout turn
next seasons theme, to me, is going to be something with a wasteland and nuclear items and such
even in the battle pass there's hints (as there were last season, with banana sprays and the porthole window showing fish)
the last tier you can earn something in in the free battle pass is a spray with a poster that says "the end is nigh!"
in the upgraded battle pass there's a banner that's a cockroach, which can survive extreme radiation, past which humans can, without dying due to extreme levels of it
some say kevin the cube might come back, i say that our little purple cube is gone for good, but all of this is just theories so all I say can be wrong
other players (or I guess, youtubers) are saying there will be aliens thanks to the vault in loot lake starting to show strange symbols/runes in projected holograms
it's fortnite, anything is possible, but this is just what I think
feel free to share your theories in the comments!

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POPULAR sorry not sorry

it started with a prank and ended in a win~!

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POPULAR Burger w/ Side of Wings

Did anyone order a DurrBurger with a side of EXTRA LARGE WINGS!!!



Long story short:
I played Food Fight
My goal was to finish my Ruin Skin Challenges
This bug occurred
I ended up 1 car short of finishing the challenge
I ended up wasting all thhe mats and ammo I had
I tried to pickaxe someone and got myself killed
I sat spectating till we won lol

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POPULAR Gifting system 2.0

#memes #xflamegirlx #fortnite

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Here are some cinematic shots i took of the new week 8 ruin skin hope you enjoy❤😎

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POPULAR Please Stop...

Hello There All You Fortnite Gamers

I just needed to say something real quick.

Now I know this has been said SOO many times before, but please stop asking for gifts. No one is just going to give a random person they’ve never met a gift for no reason! For all of you that won’t stop (probably everyone reading this), please please please at least post these posts in the promotions board.

Thank you and have a wonderful day 👋👍

- #J64

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POPULAR Bodying in solos

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POPULAR Explain your Fortnite skills with ONE EMOJI.. 🤷🏾‍♂️

This should be fun 😂😂😂

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POPULAR Theory Thursday Episode 1

I have an awesome theory for us today for the first ever theory  thursday
Today's theory is titled "The return of Kevin part 17"

So we already know Kevin was sucked into loot lake after a butterfly blew it up but what really happened is starting to make itself known  I think Kevin was locked away in the vault by aim and was awakened by the cube monsters from last season and when the fire king made the volcano the vault was loosened and it mad Kevin angry so I think since we are hearing noises Kevin is making noises for his home planet or whoever he belongs to and is lonely and homesick but where does Kevin come from well I think he comes from the same place ruin does and since ruin is a name for a glyph which is also the name of a certain contrails from last season which resembles Kevin's glyphs I think Kevin is a demonic creature trapped inside of the cube and ruin is inside or not ruin but one of his kind

LV.21 Let’s play Fortnite!
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POPULAR What’s your favorite skin to use?

LV.6 Titan