POPULARPlanes Need To Be Removed Immediately, Heres Why - My Thoughts

This is probably a small chunk of what will be in my season 7 review but I have a very deep passionate hate for this new vehicle and I'd like to express why.

So, sorry, am I playing Battlefield 4 or Fortnite?

Planes have got to be one THE WORST addition in this game even after the turret by far. Someone explain to me what Epic was thinking when adding this overpowered vehicle?

First thing, nobody actually uses them for their intended purpose, 70% of the time. ive only seen a handful of dog fights while literally everyone else tries to 9/11 the whole map. It's just gotta be the most annoying thing ever. The fact the you can ruin someones build fight so easily with planes, is just absolutely horid, and theres no counter if it gets that close to you.

Next, we have the fact that it's just another mobility device. Epic literally, should have stopped at the Golf Cart and Shopping Cart. There's are way too many ways to get around and it's just annoying. This is just another thing that takes the skill out of building and strategy of staying away from the storm.

I'd also like to speak about the controls that done make any sense either. Battlefield 1's flight mechanics are way better and if these cancerous planes are to be left in the game, they should at least fix them to make them like that. Never have I seen a game where to accelerate, and turn with the same stick.

The guns themselves are also way too overpowered if they hit a player but the one good thing I will say is that they don't hit you that often because of that reticle they give you. They are however, also overpowered for building,so even if they aren't boosting through your stuff, they can
just shoot it down with the power of a turret.

So, What are your opinions on planes? Leave a comment down below! If you liked, leave a like, if you disliked, leave a dislike. Also feel free to DM me about anything post or gaming related, I'd be happy to interact with my followers. Thanks for reading guy, and until next post, PEACE 💜

Battle Royale Discussion


Battle Royale Discussion

POPULAR🤔Why Do We Still Act Surprised?

First things first, we need to start blaming our selves for believing that the “OG” skins were really only for those who first bought it, in reality the Christmas skins and skull trooper and the red night were never released then said it won’t be released again (Except for the scythe Pickaxe cause it said “Limited Time” literally in the description, which I understand why people outraged cause I would of been upset my self if I bought something that said it was out for a limited time then came out again next year)
Whenever an “OG” skin is released people act surprised like if they don’t see what’s happening, ever since the skull trooper came back on the store I’ve lost hope in some rare skins when it comes to this game but then it hit me..

What if epic is trying to have less rare skins cause they feel like there are too many, yet again I wouldn’t really mind the idea of that cause in reality I’ve told my self that there were a lot of “Rare” skins and many that people that don’t point out as much for example like the red nose skin (red nose reindeer) I swear on my mother, I’ve seen the red nose skin once and it was recently and I went crazy thinking it was in the store but come to find out it was from last year, that inspired me to write this post.

Look up “top 10 rare skins from fortnite” on YouTube and you’ll see how people don’t even get into how rare other skins are and it’s just the overhyped selected few skins that they put in the top 10 and it’s these people telling ya what’s rare and not that ya go for most of the times, everyone’s like “renegade raider this, ghoul trooper that, nog ops this” , the renegade raider and aerial assault trooper are the rarest skins in the game and guess what? It was only available for the season it was offered on (kind of like the battle pass skins), every other skin I promise you one day will come out.

Someone in the comments will tell me how the ghoul trooper didn’t come out so it is “really rare” well guess what again cause I got something for you, I promise you they said “we made a lot of money this year with the skull trooper alone and it made people come back onto the game, let’s save the ghoul trooper for next year just in case we lose population so people can go crazy for fortnite again” just saying.. think about it 💪🏼❤️

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POPULAR3 Simple ways to get V-bucks. (Last one is completely free)

This is for you Battle Royale users.

Ever since gifting, then the is release of season 7, I'm seeing a terrible amount of "plz buy me psn/Xbox card"

Here's a few things you can do to earn V bucks.

1] Buy them.

2] Buy Save The World, I bought it for $20 when it was 50% off, it has done amazing things for me, I've bought the battle pass, season 5 6 and 7. I've also bought multiple legendary skins, and a few emotes.

(There are daily quests that give v bucks)
(There are some maps that change every 6 hours, some of those have v bucks)
(There are also much more quests that provide v bucks.)
(Daily log in's rewards v bucks occasionally, yesterday I logged in and got 800 v bucks just for my daily rewards)

3] [The best free way to get v bucks for you Battle Royale players]
Battle Royale gives you free ones for some tiers, yeah, it'll take a lot of time and work.... BUT.. when you do save up, and finally get the season pass, you'll see, you make enough v-bucks for the next battle pass just for getting all the tiers, and tiers are even easier with a battle pass because you get more challenges, so, more XP rewards, plus boots of friends. Once you have the battle pass, as long as you keep getting all your tiers finished, you'll have enough to buy the next pass (and some left over, you just need to SAVE them.)

About 200 v bucks per free battle pass.

If you have the battle pass already, you make about 1500 per season.

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POPULAR😒All I’m saying.. is give it a rest.

Not to be rude, not to come off as a bother but we honestly need to stop talking about old fortnite like if it’s really coming back, Epic Games is a company and at the end of the day if it makes them money then their going with it, there for.. changes are a good thing for them and maybe it is for us, there was a time where people got caught by the storm before they could even fight anyone and now we have vehicles
and honestly it’s not even that bad cause it’s helped me out plenty of times, planes are a new thing in the game and again it’s not OP and it’s not even much of a bother cause people can’t even seem to fly them right and their just crashing into builds of people and buildings, so what? Build up again and beam them with your AR, we need to start adapting and stop focusing on the past.

In my opinion all I miss from the old fortnite is that everyone was just learning and people were having a bunch of fun, now a days people take the game way too serious and will really call you a bot for being even DECENT at the game.. those are just toxic don’t even listen to them 🌝, we need to start looking forward to even bigger changes cause from what I see I wouldn’t be surprised if one day we have Monster trucks added, TANKS 🤦🏻‍♂️ and much worse.

All we can do is adapt people and we got this.. instead of complaining about how many sweaty people play fortnite, become a sweaty and practice even harder cause those “tryhard” and “sweaty” people are doing better cause they grind, if you can’t beat them join them my guy, people use those words for anyone who’s nice in the game and that’s not right cause it’s not their fault you can’t perform at their level.. I love you all but we freaking got this man, too many people are looking back and not forward... we get it, now let’s move on 💪🏼❤️ there’s literally nothing else we can do unless we beg EPIC to give us an “OG fortnite LTM” 🤷🏻‍♂️ won’t be a bad idea.

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POPULARWho did this


POPULARFortnite will never be the same again

If someone went back 1 year then showed me a picture of this
and told me this is Fortnite I'd say it's a nice photoshop. Reality aside, I'm having a hard time accepting these drastic changes. Fortnite went from person to person fighting to speedy bulldozers, unlimited bullet turrets, and attack planes. There are some other changes but the ones mentioned are the biggest shift in the game.
I think of Fortnite like the brain teaser of replacing parts of a bigger thing. Say a car or a boat, if every month you change and replace 1 part till everything has been replaced or changed is it still the same? EG has undoubtedly done that to their creation and some are okay with it. I'm not part of that camp sadly for me, probably not alone in this either. The only thing that would surprise me now is EG bringing Fortnite back to the classics.
Which had me thinking about how throwbacks are a thing, remastering games, making vanilla version of games kinda like World of Warcraft classic. It's a big thing to wish for but if EG ever made a classic version of Fortnite would you play that over the always changing Fortnite? To make it clear I'm talking about there being 2 Fortnite battle royale games playable at the same time. 1 is the regular one that adds/changes/replaces all the things that made Fortnite. The other is everything about Fortnite before season 4. This reminds me of how Super Smash Melee is against brawl and wii u versions. The community hated the clearly non-competitive gimmicks in the later versions and largely stuck with melee to show who was the best. I'll say Fortnite has entered the "brawl" stage, too bad we can't pick to play on an older patch of the game.
Time to wish really hard during new years that classic becomes a thing.

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An insane amount of map changes occurred within the v7.0 update, many of which you'll be able to find below. Some changes include just a visual update, adding snow to the natural environment, while others involve new additions/destruction of parts of the environment. Given that this update was a major one, and that there may be a couple smaller changes missing, this post will likely be updated at a later date.

Frosty Flights

The v7.0 update introduced a new vehicle into Fortnite called the X-4 Stormwing Plane, and Frosty Flights is the hangar which homes quite a few of them.

Happy Hamlet

This new subtle & quaint town is located directly next to where Flush Factory once was.

Polar Peak

Polar Peak can be found at the tip of the iceberg that has infiltrated the island. Although it may look relatively small, this new location houses numerous chest and loot spawns.

Greasy Grove

Greasy Grove appears to have been flooded by the waterfall flowing from the Viking Village & frozen over upon entrance of the Iceberg.

Viking Village

The lake & waterfall of Viking Village that was once flowing has completely frozen over.

Retail Row

The Durrr Burger truck has set up shop in Retail Row. Could this be the revival of the Durrr Burger restaurant that was shut down in Greasy Grove prior to the flooding?

Tilted Towers

The twice-destroyed building in Tilted Towers is undergoing construction yet again.

Flush Factory & Nearby Factories

Flush Factory is now buried in snow, with the only visible thing being the top of the main building & the chimney that still holds A.I.M.'s parachute. A tip of the Iceberg also knocked out one of the nearby factories' buildings, leaving only three factories remaining in this mini-POI.

Corrupted Areas

Grass has regrown around the Corrupted Areas and the land is beginning to reconstruct itself once again, leaving hardly a sign of any Season 5/Season 6 events.

"A.I.M. Bases"

We're not too sure as to what we should call these additions at the moment, but you can find these small bases at the top of many mountains and scattered around the map. They typically house a wide string of ziplines to use as well.

Snowy Settings

Some POIs experienced a new snowy ambiance added to their environments. Two, for example, being Shifty Shafts & Snobby Shores.


Here's a few other noticeable changes following the v7.0 update that we didn't see the need to include within their own section.

Risky Houses #1 (Updated)
Risky Houses #2 (Updated)
Risky Houses #2 (Updated)
Animal Structure: Turtle [Wailing Woods] (New)
Animal Structure: Duck [North of Wailing Woods] (New)
Misc. Houses (Updated)
Structure: Sled (Updated)

Again, with v7.0 just releasing, there may be a couple more noticeable changes that haven't been added to this article yet. With that being the case, we'll be sure to update this article & add things that were missed regularly.


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