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About Sweat Skins

Every sweat has their own "sweaty" skin combo they use, when they want to destroy the competition. Whether it be a skin that's known to be sweaty across the fortnite community, or something you whip up yourself using your owned cosmetics, it brings out the tryhard in our soul.

Comment what's your main custom tryhard skin that YOU came up with.

Do you make your own combo? Or do you use a well known popular one?

If you can, try to take a picture of YOUR skin, and post it in the comments. I'd love to see what the community has come up with.

Below are my personal sweat combos, use them if you'd like.

Trailblazer W/ Mouldering Cloak

Whiteout (No Helmet) W/ Dual Kama

(Personally, I'd like to see this combo get popular among the community)

Fastball W/ Mouldering Cloak

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Marvellous Mayhem

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So in a recent picture it shows a guy riding a glider on top rather than on bottom. What do you think.

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POPULAR 14 days of Summer Fortnite event confirmed

each day will feature:

• A weapon unvaulted for 24 hours only.
• A new LTM to play (check out the full selection of LTMs that will debuting below).
• A daily challenge and free reward.
• New outfits and more in the Item Shop.


• Heavy Metal Squads

In this mode, only the “Heavy” weapon variants can be found in loot boxes. Get your loadout and get in the fight!

Mode Details:

Only weapons with heavy in the name
Faster metal farming rates
Faster storm times

• Storm Chasers: Surfin’ (squads)

Ride the waves and try to stay afloat, who will be the best?

Mode Details:

Everyone deploys to a vehicle at the start of the game
Impulses will drip into your inventory during the match
Last man standing wins

• Splashdown Squads

Simple summer fun, try to eliminate opponents with the new Water Balloon Item.

Mode Details:

Respawns on
Will primarily be able to damage people with the new water balloon item
First to the goal score wins

• Power Up Solos

Become the most powerful player in the match. Consume as many shields as you can and fight to be the last one standing.

Mode Details:

Respawn on at the start, but turns off after a set time
Max shields increase every time you consume a shield
Shield drops in supply drops greatly increased
Shields will fill up to full when respawning is turned off

• Leave None Behind Duos

United you stand strong, but divided you fall. Leave none behind!

Mode Details:

Slurp effect always active while no teammates are down
If a teammate is downed, they become immune to damage
While a teammate is downed, all other teammates lose their slurp, and begin taking damage over time

• Use With Care Duos

Resources are scarce in this mode so make sure you place builds efficiently!

Mode Details:

Spawn in with an initial amount of building materials
Cannot get new resources throughout the match
Last one standing wins

• Headshots Duos

Take your time and be careful with your shots, and may whoever has the best aim win.

Mode Details:

Can only deal damage with headshots
All shotguns removed
• Tank Battle Squads

Simple twist on normal BR that greatly increases the health and shields players start with.

Mode Details:

Siphon turned on and increased to match increased health
Ammo increased
No healing items

• Builders Paradise Squads

A paradise for builders to flex their skills and build to their heart’s content.

Mode Details:

Structure health GREATLY increased
Resource gathering rates increased
Neutral editing turned on (anyone can edit any player-built wall)

• Wick’s Bounty Duos

Wick’s Bounty is back! Eliminate other players to collect other players’ coins to prove that you are the best in the business

Mode Details:

Spawn in with weapons and 3 lives
Hunt down and eliminate high value targets as they appear on the map
First to the goal score wins

• Arsenal (Solos)

Assert your dominance with a variety of different weapons. Whoever is the best, with the worst…is the best?!

Mode Details:

Start each game with some of the best weapons in the game
Eliminating other players makes your weapons worse
First to get an elimination with the final weapon wins

• Rumble Squads

A new take on the classic Team Rumble. This time the stakes are higher and you have fewer friends to rely on.

Mode Details:

Respawning is turned on
Green or better weapons
First to goal score wins

• Loadout Swap Squads

Show how quickly you can adapt to today’s rapidly changing world. On a set timer all players in the match will all be granted the same random loadout.

Mode Details:

New loadout granted on a timer
Respawn is on
First to goal score wins

• Strategic Structures Squads

Think before you place in this twist on normal building. Which material should you use?

Mode Details:

Metal and stone structure healths increased
Metal and stone resource farming increased
Metal and stone material caps lowered

Full source: https://fortniteinsider.com/14-days-of-fortnite-event-confirmed-challenges-rewards-item-shop-skins-and-new-ltms/

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POPULAR 360 degree view of the Fortnite map


Credit to this man on discord go check him out theses were all done by him and I think these look awesome.

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Fav Twitch Streamer

Vote or comment on your fav Twitch Streamer

LV.4 Lurker

POPULAR was that a person or a butterfly?

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New Revolver coming soon to Fortnite

The in-game newsfeed has been updated today. There's a new revolver coming soon.
The official description reads" Simple, reliable, powerful. Somethings never get old."
It was previously leaked by data miners in the v9.30 update and below you can see the full stats of the new legendary revolver.
It will be added with the v9.30 Content Update. The date and time of this update is yet to be announced.

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POPULAR Thoughts on this Setup (Pt15)

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POPULAR Ninja or tfue

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Carti & vSpinyy Just Chillin... 🕺🏾✨

Creative fun with vSpinyy. Go check him out, he's cool. ✨❗


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POPULAR 345 kills sniper only but everyone left :((

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POPULAR Demi Pics⚡

Just some pictures of Demi⚡

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Ikonik x Fate (Carti & Queen’s collab series) 💜🙏✨

This is a very small amount of photos , but they turned out amazingly 💕✨


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POPULAR When You Get Flexed On


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Creative Mode

POPULAR Da Queen Explains Why She Doesn’t Do 1v1’s In Creative

The number one reason on why I don’t do 1v1’s, is because I’m not a close combat player when it comes to Fortnite. I’m more of a medium ranged shooter or a sniper . Everyone I 1v1 smacks me, because of that reason.
The second reason is, I’m not competitive with this game whatsoever... I can play seriously, but I’ll never the full potential of being a “competitive player.” Most people who do 1v1’s are competitive, because they want to see who’s best and rub it in everyone’s face. I know I’m not good at the game, and I’m keeping it at that.
Last reason is , I’m not a high ground builder. Yes I can do ramp pushes, floor/wall/ramp, 90’s I’m not good at having so much high ground without falling. No matter how much I practice, I always end in the same way.

So yeah , don’t ask me to 1v1, don’t tell me it’ll help me get better, because everyone has their own play style, and the way I play has me doing perfectly fine.

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POPULAR 242m grenade launcher kill

Well that just happened...

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POPULAR Rust Lord vs Beach Ball

My brother made this....thought y’all would like to see this random vid

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POPULAR Bullseye Showcase

I've had these for while, thought I'd finally post them.

She's on Top of the World 🌎
Kickin' Ass 🔥
They Only See Stars 🌟
She Doesn't Follow the Rules 📒
Gather 'Round the Campfire 🍿
Wanna Go Shopping? 🛍
Cruisin' 🛵
Got Llama? 💜
Feelin' Rambunctious 🤪

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POPULAR Sick Pic Submissions 🙏🏾📸🔥

Shout Out To My Boy B64 , Hopefully One Of These Get Chosen.

[Hyperion & Cloaked Star Stand Before Almighty Kevin ]
( Featuring _iSprxyYew.64 ΞΔ´ As Cloaked Star )
[ Bandolier Prepares To Face Almighty Kevin All Alone ]
[Giddy-Up Gazes Over The Land From Atop MetaLlama]
[ Scout & Nog Ops Rush In Battle With Scar And SMG ]
( Featuring Lyd Da Squid As Nog Ops )
[ Hyperion Charged Up Off A Shadow Stone ]
[ Jumpshot Glows From The Golden Axe Of Prosperity ]
[ Mezmer Ready To Knuckle Up And Throw Down ]
[ Grind In His _YellowJacket.64 Suit Set ]
[ Grind In His _SilverSoldier.64 Set Getting Gas , Ballin’ ]
[LiteShow Putting On A Show, Even With Da Lights Out]
[ Deadfire Staying Calm And Collected Dishing Shells ]
[ Deadfire Channels His Malevolent Energy ]

#64 #B64 #SickPicSubmission

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POPULAR Some of xFury’s Fav Combos ✨

✨✨(Not In Order)✨✨

1) Whistle Warrior + Ice Mantle (White)

2) Synapse + Galactic Disc

3) Velocity + Enduring Cape

4) Sparkle Specialist + Six String

5) RedLine + Black Shield

6) Lynx (Red) + Red Shield

7) FishStick (Pirate) + Dismal Cape

What do y’all like the Most??

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POPULAR You can only bring 1 back. Which one you got?

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POPULAR Teacher: You can't hear images, silly! ME:

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POPULAR Fortnite CHEAT SHEET for week 7 challenges!

This weeks challenges are nothing we haven't seen from previous season... kind of boring and standard. I guess Epic spent all their efforts with the Fortbyte challenges this season.
This week's challenge includes searching chests at Neo Tilted or Junk Junction, ammo boxes in different name locations, eliminating oppoenents with suppressed weapons, visiting two named locations in a single match and so on..

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POPULAR Season 9 Week 7 challenges & cheat sheet

Fortnite Season 9 Week 7 Challenges
Free Challenges
-Search (7) chests at Junk Junction or Neo Tilted - Five Battle Stars
-Search (7) ammo boxes in different named locations - Five Battle Stars
-Perform (3) suppressed weapon eliminations - 10 Battle Stars
Battle Pass Challenges
-Deal (200) damage to opponents while riding in a vehicle - 10 Battle Stars
-Stage 1/3: Visit The Block and Loot Lake in a single match - One Battle Star
-Stage 2/3: Visit Fatal Fields and Neo Tilted in a single match - Two Battle Stars
-Stage 3/3: Visit Snobby Shores and Mega Mall in a single match - Two Battle Stars
-Search a chest, use a vending machine, and a campfire in a single match - 10 Battle Stars
-Perform (3) eliminations from 5m or less - 10 Battle Stars
Completing four of the objectives will net players 7,000 XP.
This week's challenges are't the hardest of the challenges to complete.. like you don't have to search for a hidden items in a hidden locations. Instead, most of these challenges revolve around playing the game for the most part.
The hardest challenge looks like the one where you have to search for a chest, use a vending machine and a campfire in one match.
Here's a map by "The SQUATINGDOG" showing where to complete all the challenges and even throws in the Battle Start location for good measure.

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POPULAR Why do you play Fortnite

Recently I've seen lots of players being burnt out of Fortnite. This can be due to many reasons but I would like to know what keeps you here playing Fortnite.

I keep playing the game for one no other good games are out plus I would like to admit I'm pretty good at the game and it brings my competitive side out.

So what keeps you here spent too much money, successful YouTube / twich channel, or perhaps you just love the game let me know 😁

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POPULAR My last meme of the day lol

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POPULAR Flint-Knock Montage! -1-

I've recently started using the Flint-Knock and I absolutely love it. The first clip is of me using the Deagle, but the rest of the clips are of me using the Flint-Knock. Hope you guys enjoy it!
As Always...Smile and Be Positive :)

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