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POPULAR Enjoy the destruction, All about Bottle Rocket

The recently released 'Bottle Rocket' has shown more damage to buildings than player, and Fortnite continues to show more specialized items for architectural destruction. This is because the in-game architecture is a very important factor, and the various functional items related to it continue to appear! Of course, it's hard to say that all of them are good at launch.
In particular, we often see cases where consumables of various functions are rapidly emerging and disappearing, but efficiency is somewhat less than pleasant concepts. Consumables that are excellent for damaging buildings and checking enemies are always missed, and often remain as entertainment items.
Nevertheless, the various consumables that we deliver without stopping are made to be able to enjoy the colorful play from the victory and the victory, and to create pleasure in the unexpected place.
Botlock Rocket, which launches 45 missiles continuously for 9 seconds toward the target point, is similar to a firecracker and is a very fun item. It strikes a certain range continuously and has a narrow but explosive range per missile, which can cause 3x3 wide area damage. In addition, up to two simultaneous installations are possible per person, so real-time strike range can be wider.
But the power of a missile is not a powerful one. It has only 10 damages, and it can only hit 40 buildings. In addition, since the missile orbit can not be modified on the first set target, the attacked player may be out of range with less damage. Therefore, it is difficult to kill enemies with only 'Bottle Rocket'.
However, there is a part that can destroy buildings and use enemies to hide their bodies even if they do not cause fatal damage to the enemy. Since the missile is fired automatically when installed, the Bottle Rocket can control enemy structures and kill enemies with direct fire. Because of these characteristics, the item can be more powerful in a small area.
Even if it interferes with the construction of the opponent in a certain area, 'Bottle Rocket' is not useful. Especially, a player who is a good player is used to fast building, so it does not take a lot of time to build a building again beyond the attack range of 'Bottle Rocket'. Thanks to this, despite being a new item, it is classified as an entertainment item and is not getting much attention.
Of course, instead of being installed in place, it is possible to utilize a point that is thrown at a short distance, and it may be possible to use more variously depending on the use such as throwing in an enemy fortress or a building. However, it is difficult to accurately hit a desired place because a certain distance is maintained between the installation and the attack area.
What are the special needs of building destruction so far?
A typical example of a consumable that could destroy architecture and dominate the area would be a 'boom box'. The boombox, which has not been able to pass one season after it was added, is an item that only damages buildings for a certain period of time.
The performance of building destruction was much stronger than 'Bottle Rocket'. If the 'Boombox' had a player damage ability, it would have been classified as a better consumable, but the performance that only affected the building made the 'Boombox' an unnecessary item.
'Shockwave grenades' can not be harmed either, but players affected by grenades were able to destroy buildings and destroy them. You could use it to send yourself or your friends into enemy buildings or to drive enemies away, but in reality they were only partially used for movement, and no architectural destruction was used.
On the other hand, the 'Remote Explosives' showed excellent performance in the destruction of architecture and rarely climbed to the rank of OP rarely. There is no power to kill the enemy in one shot, but a few enemy combat items have been selected as a result of adding a small amount of player damage and massive damage to buildings. Above all, it is a great advantage that you can adjust the attack timing by exploding at any moment if you want.
In the end, all three items have been deleted for the sake of new items, and can not be found in general games.
Among the remaining consumables that are not deleted, 'dynamite' is a powerful weapon for explosive weapon damage and destruction of buildings. Especially, the time difference of explosion after a certain time after throwing can be used for various tactical utilization! However, it is hard to say that the thunderbolt explosive weapons 'grenade' and 'dynamite' have a special performance for destruction of architecture.



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