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POPULAR Who Wants To Grind STW With Me Later?

I need to get some vbucks because ya boy is desperate to get this skin...

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POPULAR Season 7 lolz

This is the old me...
"MalikNash12" was the squeaker that thought I was a god
Lmao just check the reaction bro 😂💯

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POPULAR No Scoped Him So Hard My Teammates Felt It


I posted at a bad time to where most people didn’t see it 😂

But here ya go if you missed it

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POPULAR What do you think of this trickshot?

I think I could've done better or added something more with the props I had but overall it was nice.
What do you think?

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POPULAR Bot Work 2.0

Im The Biggest Bot On Ps4

Also Give My Friend A Follow

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POPULAR BotBoiCarti (1v1s with Lucy) 🤭✨❗

So, I was just chilling in my lobby this morning, on the phone and stuff. And out of nowhere, Lucy joins my lobby wanting to 1v1, which surprised me. So I just got a few kills together for a video. (Sorry I'm exposing you, Lucy. I love ya. 😅💕)

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POPULAR A Cheeky Deagle Kill 🤭❗

If you aren't subbed to me, then what are you doing? 😂🤭🤷🏾‍♂️✨

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My friend is honestly not the biggest pea in the pod. Falls for the oldest trick in the book.
Just watch

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POPULAR Thoughts on this setup? (Fav Skin Combo #43) 👩🏽‍💼✨❗

🔹Elite Agent (S3 BP T87)
🔹Burgle Bag (Rapscallion's BB; 1500 v-bucks)
🔹Trusty No. 2 (S3 BP T79)
🔹One Shot (Wick's Bounty Win)
🔹All Star contrail (S3 BP T50)
🔹Boogeyman wrap (Wick's Bounty Challenges Reward)


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POPULAR When You Get Knocked....And The Opponent Be Lookin At U Like.....

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POPULAR A Sexy Deagle Kill...😯✨❗

I got a lucky deagle kill on Kerbo yesterday, it was pretty nice in my opinion, so I clipped it, lol.

(I'm a bot and I live in Creative...)

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Please click this link and read.
It will teach you how to make proper posts.
It will help you, I promise 😉


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POPULAR Is fortnite really dying?

I think that fortnite is dying because all of the tryhards and it’s really getting boring that some people just quit fortnite because it’s boring they don’t have nothing that’s good all they put is map changes,add new weapons tbh I think they have run out of ideas because the scar was the most popular weapon that was hard to find and then when the suppressed scar in update 5.4 was added it’s just the same weapon put it has a suppresser and the full color is black. It just makes me think of fortnite really dying

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POPULAR Singularity Secret Style Locations!

Locations of all the secret helmets where upon picking them up you get a new style for singularity!

(1) Drift
(2) Cuddle
(3) Rex
(4) Pizza
(5) Durr


POPULAR Inki & Carti Vibing in Creative 😌✨❗

Chilling with Inki this morning just joining random people's creative and I decided to get a few spicy shots from it. Hope ya like. ✨

Inki: Singularity
Carti: Honor Guard

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POPULAR The Last Piece of the Robot ✨

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Creative Mode


*creative warriors be like*

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POPULAR Don't finish my teammate..

When a pump does it's job...

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POPULAR Inki & Carti Rockin Out 🎸✨❗

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POPULAR Should They Vault The Normal Pistol??

Fortnite Needs To Vault This Gun Because I Am Tired Of Getting It Off Spawn And The Gun Doing 23 Damage To You Enemies. Like Come On Fortnite

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POPULAR 1v4....I got this (s9)

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POPULAR Ahh ... Sweat combo 🥰✨💜

I’ve fallen in love with elite agent, and I was rocking this earlier.

By the way , shoutout to Da homie KniFez for letting me use his account ✨🙏

Oh and yeah , my PS4 wouldn’t send screenshots, so I had to take the pictures from my phone ✨

But uh yeaahhh .... sweat mode activated

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POPULAR Doublecross Showcase 🥀

here are some photos of Doublecross! if you want to see more, my instagram is @kae.fn and add me on epic: kae fn as well! <33


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POPULAR Makes sense, don't you agree? 😂❗

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POPULAR Did you know...

Wins do not matter they do not determine your skill....

Just wanted to point that out...

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POPULAR All 100 Fortbyte Map Locations

Here is the map for all 100 Fortbytes!!
This has all the fortbytes even the ones that have not come out yet, enjoy!!
*Remember if you want a guide on a specific fortbyte let me know in the comments and I'll be sure to post one*
#ChallengeGuides #_snyper.64 #MM #DoubleM #MysticMafia

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POPULAR Why, people?

Tbh that's a question I always ask to whoever uses pyramids

#xflamegirlx #fortnite #memes

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POPULAR Skin Concept 🤭

Messing around in Blender 🤭 Tell me what you think, critique welcome !! https://twitter.com/StormiiSenpai/status/1149542162452758530?s=19

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POPULAR First GMV ever 💜✨ ⚠️FLASH ⚠️

So ... the last 24 hours basically, I’ve been working on this ... and I’m so happy to see it completed..

I figured hmmm ... Why not make a GMV of clips from replay mode put together and FOR SURE HAVE MY MARI’S 💜✨

I hope you guys enjoy this ✨

and for those of you who are new , i have a Support a Creator Code: F8ALQUEEN19


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POPULAR Soccer Sweat pics (i got no kills, lol)

the second one is me dying from fall damage (sry for FPS)

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