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POPULAR Building a New Beginning - Wick Adventures - #3

It was the next day, more recruits had asked wick to help, the whole island was against the evil masterminds behind the robot. People were working at tremendous speed to produce the saviour which would be the spider, using any scraps they could find. After an hour, they had constructed only one leg of the spider, which was equipped with smart GPS to track the robot. The leg was as big as the city, which was located at the centre of the island. After the first leg was build, they had no material to make the spider. They went out to hunt for materials, it took days to go to scrap sites and bring back metal to the area where they were building. They eventually had enough time to make another leg, which was built in no time. People were extremely joyed and knew it was only a matter of time until they fought the robot. Night came, and they felt a rumble, just suttle like the last time, but then it got stronger and stronger. They looked towards the south side of the island, the robot blasted out of the ground, this time it only had two orbs. But it had new mechanics. It was rebuilt and was much larger. Wick looked in fear, wondering if the spider would be any match for the robot. The robot spun, looking for Wick, he was spotted. Wick instructed his team to get their weapons out and hail fire at the robot, they obeyed, and the robot was being blasted with bullets. While Wick's team were fighting, wick ran into the bunker which had a built in homing missile system, you guessed it, Wick was going to shoot destructive missiles. It began, three homing missiles shot out of the missile site and went towards the robot. The robot managed to deflect two of them, but the last rocket hit the right orb, which shattered the robots right arm off, which is what Wick thought. The arm had been dropped off and was heading straight towards wick, with extreme power. It was ripping the ground apart as it punched through the ground. The fist wiped out all of the fighters then soon raised into the air. The fist looked downwards and blasted the bunker open, Wick was right there. Wick ran, hid behind a tree and before he knew it he was picked up by the fist. The fist threw him into a watch tower, shattering it to the ground. The robots arm then magnetically attached back to the robot, the mega force then moled back into the ground back into the charging station.
Wick was astonished, the two legs destroyed, his army killed. It was only a matter of time before he was killed himself. Wick stood up, he managed to get a glimpse of where the charging station for the robot was, and had a great idea. Wick would go into the charging stating and impersonate workers, with a disguise. Wick knew it had to work and went back to his house, which was battered up by the fist. Wick thought he could sneak in with an outfit on and hijack the robot from the inside. It would take months of planning, but if Wick wanted to solve the problem, he had to take BIG risks.
This story keeps having twists and turns. Will Wick ever be able to take back control, or will the robot rule forever? Find out tomorrow for the 4th episode of Wick adventures, which will be called "Hacking wins, sometimes"
Thanks for all the support!

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POPULAR Iconic Skin+Emote Combos #4 ✨

Ahoy, my bois. I'm here with a part 4 to the series. I feel like Fortnite wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't for some of these combinations. Feel free to share any iconic skin and emote combos in the comments. ✨

Rift safely my friends,
-Theuglycarti 🐰✨

We're gonna start off with the crowd favorite Skull Trooper (1500 v-bucks) and the Boneless (500 v-bucks). This is comedy gold right here. A skeleton wiggling so effortlessly as if he DIDN'T HAVE BONES. Pretty funny, right? Right?!?!
Next, we have everyone's favorite troll, Rust Lord (Season 3 Battlepass Tier 23) and Take the L (Season 3 Battlepass Tier 31). If you played at least one match in Season 3, I'm pretty sure you hate this guy with a passion. You see him. You push him. You get knocked by some fluke circumstances, and while your team is taking TOO LONG to help you, this guy is giving you an L served on a silver platter, then one-pumps your crippled body in the head. Some triggering stuff, that is.
Third, we have Jumpshot (1200 v-bucks) and Baller (500 v-bucks). Shoutout to my boi Spitfire 64. I dropped in a solo match in Season 5 to do challenges. One of those challenges was shooting at 4-5 different hoops. I dropped in Snobby Shores and I was accompanied by a Jumpshot. I had no gun, just a ball and a dream. But he didn't kill me, we sat there at the court and played ball until the storm got to us. And during his last seconds of life, he showed me his sick basketball tricks. I slow clapped to a blissful death, lol.
Next, we have Rapscallion (1500 v-bucks) and Mime Time (500 v-bucks). Hear me out on this one. This is her visual interpretation on how she broke out of prison before it got hit with a meteor. She's now here to tell her story, but can't say much due to her still being on-the-run. 😅
Lastly, we have Prodigy (PS Plus bundle 4) and the Calculated emote (Season 5 Free pass Tier 46). This combo was brought to my attention by one of my moot pals FutureLeaf. It's not too much to say about this one, just something to think about (pun intended, lol 😅🤓).

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POPULAR Ninja will take desperate measures to have planes removed from Fortnite

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has revealed just how close he is to quitting Fortnite until Epic Games removes the X-4 Stormwing planes from the game.

The attack plane, which was added with the start of season 7, has received nerfs since its addition but remains a powerful weapon in the Battle Royale game. Its ability to destroy buildings remains an issue for players - both professional and casual.

Not even Ninja is immune to their powers as demonstrated on his December 23 stream. Playing alongside fellow streamer Jack ‘CouRage’ as knocked off his building by a diving plane, knocking him backwards and killing him. 

He wasn't happy about it, to say the least. 

“You want to hop onto another game?” Ninja immediately asked CouRage after being eliminated by the plane. “I’m this close, this close [make gesture with finger and thumb] to getting off dude. I’m so close to never playing until they remove planes dude."

“I’m literally turbo building and I’m getting shot through my build," Ninja added. CouRage tried to bring some humour to the situation, jokingly saying: “We got outplayed bro, that’s the only way to put it. They’re just better."

It’s not the first time Ninja has voiced his concerns about the game and its developer. Earlier in December, the hugely popular streamer called on Epic Games to look at finding a solution for its many stream snipers and cheaters.

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Fortnite Story #4

Hello and welcome back to the fourth story: Fortnite Story #4. In this story, I will talk about a game where those pesky zombies ruined my chances of playing a decent game of Fortnite Battle Royale😤

I really hope that you enjoy this story. It’s kind of different and someone suggested that I tell a story about Fortnite zombies🤘

This is Fortnite Story #4. This is how it happened:

I jumped out the battle bus and decided to land near Frosty Flight. I drop there, get some loot and get two kills🤪

I get into a plane and I start flying and I spot a zombie spawned pillar and I found a really good meta: Get into a plane and shoot the pillar and the pillar will continue to spawn zombies (this world better near a final circle game). I use the meta and things go way to well😅

I jump out the plane like the not thinking type of player I am (at times I’m like this) and I start killing zombies. And they are so many zombies, I end up running away from them with 7 health with no heals, no shields, no ammo, and no courage🤨

I’m panicking, contemplating about jumping off the map like a coward who fears nothing. So, I never quit so I turn around and decide to pickaxe the zombies.

Right when I do that, I see two, fat, gold zombies charging at me, they outran the other zombies. These zombies ran faster than the 9th grade boys at my school when the school serves Egg Rolls or French Fries (this is making me hungry😋)

One swings at me, automatically one clapping me with no remorse and no heart💔

Well if you made it this far, you deserve a very big thank you for reading this story. I am planning on making a YouTube channel and I will be telling all of my Fortnite stories on the channel and I will continue to make stories on this wonderful app called Moot💜

- The Wing King🍗🤴🏾

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