POPULARWhy Season 6 Will Be "Make Or Break" For Me... And it Should Be For You Too - My Thoughts

I'll put it out blatantly, season 5 was utter garbage. I don't hate the game, but I hate the season and all the changes that came along with it. The changes they did to the map, the shotguns, the NEW guns and items, the skins. Everything was basically a big disappointment (AND IM STILL WAITING FOR MY TWITCH PRIME SKIN EPIC).

Here's my thinking behind this, and to start out, I'm gonna be addressing one of my biggest personal issues with this game. Now, I said this in one of my last posts but here's how I'll explain it: I had this problem where I shot someone LITTERALY through a wall. Like, he was covered by the WHOLE THING and I killed him. How? Even I don't know (check out the last post for the video). What I basically said was, I'm not sure why Epic thinks that adding a dumbass looking skin with a BURGER FOR A FACE instead of fixing issues like that or you know, maybe so people don't jump through my fucking WALLS. I just want Epic to fix their crap. That's the biggest issue I have with this game right now.

Next thing on the agenda I'll talk about, is the God awful battle pass. You know why I bought it? For two skins. Two and MAYBE three. Ragnarok, Drift, and kinda-sorta sledgehammer. The skins this season were mainly absolute disappointments. They made a lady burnout. A LADY BURNOUT. I mean, I feel like a toddler could come up with a more original idea. And yeah, sledgehammer is decently cool but the set is just continued from last season. This one isn't really my biggest problems considering I'm getting like 6 skins for 10 bucks but like, I'm still paying for it and I want to get my money's worth. Next season better do better than this in terms of skins in the battle pass. Oh and did I mention the shop? I'd say 90% of the new skins this season in the shop were crap too. I think there were like two cool ones. We had Ravage, and Whiteout. That's it. After that they were crap. The retard from the 90s carrying a boombox, yeah no. The new Hippy looking weirdos? No way I'm spending money on that.

My next thing is the shotgun delay. This made me really sad to see the first time I played in season 5. They got rid of my pump-tac combo and good Lord was THAT annoying. Then they added in the OP Smgs and Drum Guns. I'm not really gonna get into that due to the fact that everyone's already heard it a billion times but I have proposed plan to make everyone happy. Basically, they bring back the more accurate drum guns and 50 round smgs, basically make them op again, but ALSO bring back double pump and that stuff so people may choose what to use because they're both pretty dead even, especially if your accurate. That's my look on it, make everyone happier.

Now, the map changes. This one doesn't bother me too much but like... Why? They've officially ruined tomato town for me by making tomato temple. As if I already didn't like that place enough now it's just a damn maze. You got rid of moisty Mires for paradise palms? Really? Now, honestly, paradise palms is a billion times better but you could've made a simple map extension and kept them BOTH. You also got rid of Anarchy Acres for Lazy Links which is 50-50 for me but still, another simple map extension would've been just as good.

Now I'm gonna give a little background on why I'm kinda writing this. Basically, I've been wanting to focus on PUBG on the Xbox because that game is really cool and I really want to be good at it, but I've been playing and grinding fortnite to get the tier 100 and doing challenges. But if season 6 isn't worth my time again, I'm not buying it and that's what I'm encouraging you all to do. If you have a problem with this season, and if you think the next season sucks, DONT BUY IT. Don't let Epic suck you into buying it just because you want every season skins. If you wanna make them change you have to refuse to give them money. Some people do like it and that's great, go ahead and spend money on it, but for the people that don't, don't BUY IT. Boycott it, there will be no change if we keep giving them money, because if we keep giving them money they'll think they're doing stuff right and if you think your not, DONT SPEND MONEY ON IT.

Hey guys, thanks for reading! It's been a while since my last post! If you liked this post, leave a like, if you disliked, leave a dislike. Feel free to comment down below your opinions on season 5 as well! And feel free to DM me as well! If you want to see more posts like this one, go ahead and follow me as well! Thanks again for reading guys, and until next post, peace! ✌🏼💪🏼🙌🏼

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EG salty they were called out for their Fortnite android release

As the title says Epic Games mad Google called out a big malware exploit in the android release. I was already pissed they made did all that timed exclusive stuff with Samsung. They wanted dodge that 30% cut from Google play and the risk of exploits and things getting stolen. Google found a problem with the android installer, told EG, and released this info as a PSA.
EG thanked Google and then said Google was irresponsible for releasing that info so quickly. Lol wut? They were warned about not putting Fortnite on google play. Security risks are a thing guys and popular games like Fortnite are easy targets. Every body and EG needs to be praising Google for finding the problem then telling people. EG did not do that. Instead of being humble and admitting their mistake they gave Google an undeserved verbal middle finger.
EG said Google was unprofessional and only did that because Fortnite isn't on Google play. To be fair I can see that as retaliation from Google and they were even following protocol. As a player I am glad they called them out. EG needs to slow their roll on that ego. Fortnite installer is fixed for now and this certainly will not be the last time malware exploits are going to be found.
If you installed Fortnite for android recently do a security check on your phone. Last thing you want is to have more than just your account stolen.

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POPULARFortnite Is Cementing Its Legacy As One Of The Greatest Games Of All Time

Fortnite has accomplished something incredible. It’s hard to believe that Fortnite almost never existed. Originally designed to be Save the World and nothing more, Epic’s plans for Fortnite were derailed by the explosion of the battle royale genre. In response, Epic quickly began work to on a side project. With inspiration from PUBG and a lot of ambition, just 2 months after the release of Save the World, the Fortnite Battle Royale came to be. The rest is as they say, history.
With over 125 million active players, Fortnite is the biggest game on the planet and it’s not even close. For comparison, PUBG’s player base is less than 50 million players. You might think that the comparison is unfair because Fortnite is free to play, but Fortnite’s f2p status only makes it that much better. Plus, it’s not like people are only playing Fortnite because it’s free, they’re playing it because it’s fun. This happens to work out quite well for Epic, as players have shown that they're more than willing to financially support the game they love. After all, there’s a reason why Fortnite has already made $1B and is on pace to make over $2B this year alone.
Even though money and player count are important, there’s something more important that’s contributing to Fortnite’s legacy: it's genuinely a great game. Fortnite is the only game I’ve played where I feel like I can constantly improve and never plateau. Fortnite makes it clear what skills are required to win, and leaves it up to you to master those skills. Dynamic and interesting, Fortnite is constantly adding new mechanics which not only keep the game fresh, but add new levels of depth and complexity. This game truly feels like it will never get old.
I was late to jump on the Fortnite hype train because I thought that’s all it was: hype. But it turns out that behind the hype there’s so much more. If you’re not already playing Fortnite, don’t do what I did and keep putting it off. It really is a once-in-a-lifetime game.

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1. If you add someone from here and they happen to be younger than you expected, honestly give em a chance at least, unless the kid is like 10... cause then I get it might make you feel weird or uncomfortable.

2. You add someone from here and after one game of them being knocked quickly you leave.. we’re not all ninja or TSM Daquan bro..

3. If you enter a build fight please, don’t try to disappear just cause the persons better, a lot of times I get into build battles and either people flee on a launch pad or literally leave the game or eliminate their self buy jumping off the tower (Just try to out build them, you’ll be surprised but then again I guess I can’t judge anyone for leaving cause I get it but give it your 100%🤝💪🏼)

4. TEAMMMMMIIIING. (Don’t gotta say much)

5. You get a rocket launcher and decide “He got me low, ima shoot the ground and eliminate us both” LMFAO don’t get me wrong I know it can be tempting to do it just to be petty but think about it, you build up however you can and use those 3 misiles on the enemy 🤷🏽‍♂️

[These are my opinions, let’s discuss this and let me know, what type of person you don’t want on fortnite and express your self AND NO VIOLENT ARGUMENTS🤦🏽‍♂️, LETS KEEP IT CLEAN AND SEE HOW OUR COMMUNITY THINKS, LETS GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER MORE, IF YOU DISAGREE WITH ME OR SOMEONE IN THE COMMENTS LET US KNOW AND WHY, WE DONT ALL THINK ALIKE BUT WE ALL LOVE THE SAME GAME AND IT HAS BROUGHT US TOGETHER.. ✊🏼] 🔰Good luck on your games, I hope we all get a victory tonight🔰

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POPULARFor all the mobile players and players in general that say they suck read this✊🏼

Honestly speaking, search up mobile build fight and you’ll see that the only thing you need to get better is practice and consistency, give the game some hours and like ninja once said.. drop at tilted as many times as you can and get comfortable with the mechanics of the game and make it so that it’s an instinct to build and give your self cover at all times, the number one rule in fortnite is to not be lazy, if you camp and sit around you miss out on learning from your mistakes cause every battle can be different and you’ll learn something from each and every battle🤝 don’t get me wrong.. “camping” isn’t really a bad thing and honestly I don’t know if I’m the only one but I’ve always said that it’s just strategy, you know? We are all different and approach situations differently, don’t let anyone tell you how to play cause by all means do it how you please cause it’s your account and your time that you spend on the game but I’m just saying, if you put your self in more risky situations (I mean it’s not the end of the world to die and start another game so don’t sweat it) and try to approach it in different ways.. you’ll figure out whats best for future battles, so good luck and remember, you don’t need a console to be good and if you strongly disagree, again :) search up “mobile build fights” on YouTube 🤷🏽‍♂️ they be going ham lol

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POPULARShould We Ban Keyboard and Mouse Players on Console?

I was reading this interesting post on the Rainbow Six lounge. The topic was asking for opinions on using a keyboard and mouse on consoles. No votes for "fair" and hella votes for "should get banned for using it." Not 1 vote for fair? I think I will be the first one to vote for that and here's why.
I remember hearing this a long time ago and it pops up every now and then. I'll start off by saying that I like to use a controller and use one on PC sometimes. Controller comes more natural to me than a keyboard and mouse. I understand mouse offers superior precision and I don't think anyone can argue that it doesn't. But why should players be banned for wanting to use it on a console? Not only that, using a keyboard and mouse isn't a guarantee that you will automatically win. There's still some degree of skill required even up against some above average controller players. The one issue I have with this topic is why are people only rioting against keyboard and mouse. There are third party sellers that make unofficial and even official controllers like the Xbox Elite controller. The elite controller offers more buttons, customization, and options versus the regular controller. Nobody talks about how players that use this should be banned. The way I see it, if nobody has a problem with these more "competitive" controllers then the same rule should apply for keyboard and mouse.
These "elite" controllers will cost you a pretty penny, and the same goes for the device that allows players to use keyboard and mouse on console. Either way they are available to the public to purchase. Before you go and say "well you can buy cheats and hacks, does that mean that is okay too?" No it isn't, because cheats and hacks go beyond to break the game's parameters to give unfair advantages. Going back to my earlier point, using a keyboard and mouse on console is only the first step. A player still needs to play the game afterwards and within the rules. They're not immune, have god mode enabled, wall hacks, or aim bot. They still need to setup shots and position themselves if they want to win.
I think it's weird how in other types of games like fighting games no one complains about fightsticks. There aren't any controller players saying fightstick users should be banned. The opinion over there is "if you don't like that your opponent is using a fightstick, then get one of your own." I see the keyboard and mouse case as the same thing. Sure, it's annoying to get killed by someone that I know is using keyboard and mouse. If I wanted to level the playing field then I'll get an adapter, but I'm too lazy for that.
I'll ask anyways while knowing the possible outcome: What do you think about using a keyboard and mouse on console?

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Week 5 Cheat Sheet

Credit to Fortrise


POPULARWhy Fortnite Battle Royale will be DEAD by Season 6

1. Fortnite has too many updates. Some of which are necessary, like bug fixes and adding new places on the map, but having one every week and nerfing popular strategies like building and buffing spray weapons is a bit overkill

2. Taking out double pump and adding in the shotgun switch timing mechanism. After making pump shotguns to where you can’t get a one hit kill was enough. Yet they still made them completely irrelevant by nerfing them time and time again.

3. Changing the gaming playstyles to the point that getting a compact submachine gun or a drum gun makes you a walking tank. I think the drum gun was a good addition to add so you could pair it with a pump or tac shotgun but adding the compact with a fire rate of 11 and a clip size of 50 was unneeded. Then they decided to nerf wall health to the point you could hold the trigger and walk through any build on the map which is just annoying in itself.

4. Even Ninja said it himself. A shotgun buff is heavily needed to even out the playing field. The game isn’t fun to play anymore with people getting compacts and drum guns and just spamming you with endless bullets. It takes no skill to hold the trigger and aim. Epic catering to the new players has gone overboard and now people who have taken the time and effort to get better at building have just wasted their time.

In my honest opinion players who take the time to get good should be the people who get the sought after Victory Royale, not the players who hold the trigger and run towards someone.

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