If you'd like to get better at the game i recommend you drop to populated areas but not too populated. I recommend dropping greasy grove, salty springs, retail row, and/or pleasant park. These locations will help you get better at aiming since there will be people there. When dropping in these locations try and find a house you feel most comfortable with dropping in.

Theres a house thats called "dog house" because of a little dog house in the back in greasy grove that can hold up to 3 chests if you want loot, its east of the gas station and theres a decent amount of ammo crates including fences and furniture in and around the house that can get you a lot of wood to start off. This house is also located north of the gas station in pleasant park and right next to the basketball courts in retail row.

As for salty springs, theres a blue house that has a lot of chests and ammo crates but a lot of kids tend to drop there which wouldnt be a smart idea to land, so i would recommend landing in the house that has a broken tree in it. This house is called "Tree House" or "Broken". Tree House has a 3 chests but only 1 ammo crate but there is also a lot of furniture inside and tree trunks outside and on the roof that will give u around 250+ wood when leaving the house and that will help u in future battles.

As for getting better at building whether you're on console, or PC, its all about muscle memory. Getting use to what button to press for your walls, floors, stairs, etc. I advise you guys if your on PC to set certain keys on your keyboard or mouse to walls/floors/stairs/traps/pyramids to what you feel comfortable pressing. I recommend dropping in a games of 50v50, teams of 20, or other game modes like these to get better at building and it wont go towards your stats so you can mess around and also have fun. I recommend dropping wailing woods because its far from everything and theres an abundance of trees to get you to max wood. Now with this guide in mind, you will become better at fortnite! Have fun!

Be sure to leave a comment if you guys also have any other tips for new players...

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Thanks, much appreciated!!

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Shotguns In Season 5 - My Thoughts

Before I start this article I'd like to thank you all for the support on my last post. It has 34 likes, it's on the featured page (and listed as popular 😁), and has been read by almost 1400 people! THANK YOU! Your all amazing!

On my last post I did talk about the shotguns somewhat but I'm gonna go slightly more in depth now that I've used them both by them selves and other combos. I'll be focusing more on pumps and tacs but I will mention the heavy shotgun.

Starting off with the tactical shotgun, it has three varients. Common, uncommon, and rare. Tacs started as my main choice in season 5 due to the time restriction when switching to another shotgun as well as the faster fire rate. The tactical shotgun is great most of the time but I've noticed that though fire rate is going to have a lot to do with guns this season, it just doesn't have an adequate damage output. Once, not to long ago, during season five I was using a blue tac and I was trying to shoot someone in 50 v 50. More specifically a noob. I knew he had no idea what was coming for him so I promptly blasted him one in the head. This shot did 16 damage. "Well shoot, lemme try again" another headshot, 7 damage. "Come on dammit!" ANOTHER headshot, 9 damage. This all happened in a matter of seconds and though I did eventually kill him, three head shots equaling up to 32 damage? I'm sorry but, that's not really acceptable for me. I think after that was when I kinda stopped using it. I mean, I still use them but not as often. In terms of what you can use with the tactical shotgun, I suppose you could go with the tactical SMG or suppressed SMG but honestly, it's fire fast enough to where you don't really need to do that.

Now the Pump shotgun. Unlike the tactical shotgun this one only has two varients with them being Uncommon and rare. I (mostly) prefer this one over the tac due to its longer range and better damage. I used to never like the pump back when I was a pleb but I'm really glad I started using it. On season five though, in a world where there is no such thing as pump-tac, it's usefulness goes down a little. It's slow rate of fire can't compete with the tac if your opponent is accurate and you'll most likely die. However, I've always found that sometimes, when I use the tac I tend to fire too fast and end up missing a lot and that's where the pump comes in. The slow rate of fire isn't that good still but if i miss a shot, I won't keep shooting half wildly. The pump kind of lets me gather my bearings for another half a second to identify where the guy is on my screen and allows me to get a decent shot off and if you can get good at this, you'll probably be able to head shot them most of the time. The pump is also more accurate which can be good for headshots as well since there is less bullet spread. As for combinations with the pump, pump-tac (SMG) works pretty well even though I don't do it too often.

Last but not least is the heavy shotgun. I don't have too much to say on this one because it's not often that I get it but it's probably the best one. The heavy shotgun comes in two varients with them being Epic and Legendary. These are more likely to be found in supply drops and chests rather than floor loot like the last two shotguns. This shotgun is probably the best because it has really good range, it's accurate, it's fire rate is decently fast, and it's damage isn't the pumps but is better than the tacs. I don't really do combos with this one because I think it shines just by itself.

Thanks for reading guys! If you liked, leave a like and if you disliked, leave a dislike. If you want to check out more of the "My Thoughts" series that I've started, you can go to my profile (or the featured section 😁) and you'll find them there. What are your opinions on shotguns? Leave a comment down below! I read all of your comments and feel free to discuss among yourselves. Thanks again guys, and until next time, peace! ✌🏼👌🏼

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PopularSeason 5 - My Thoughts (SO FAR)

I'll jump right in and start with the pros because the pros that this season does have is really awesome. So far I'm loving the "Drift" (I think that's what it's called...) Skin and the Ragnorak skin. They both look dope even when their not fully decked out and that's awesome because I couldn't get to level 80 last season unfortunately. The new home base is pretty cool and I haven't been to the new places but they do look pretty cool from what I've seen. Unfortunately that's basically all the good things I see in season five, which brings me to the cons.

The cons are quite extensive and it kinda sucks cause I had high hopes. The first thing is the skins. the two I mentioned are basically the best ones and all the others are kinda trash. To me it looks like their starting to run out of ideas in terms of skins. In my opinion they just all... Suck. My next thing is the fact that they took away Anarchy Acres for Lazy Links. Before I say anything, I'd like to mention I am a fan of new places on the map but if it's getting to the point you have to take away places on the map that's already there, to me, that's a problem. I loved Anarchy Acres and I don't really see why they replaced it. They could've made a little extension to the map or made a whole new one. The next thing I have to say kinda ties in with this one but it's overcrowding. They are smushing too many places onto the map. There's no point in doing this. It's dumb and I don't like it. MAKE ANOTHER MAP. PLEASE. It's can be like Miramar and Enragel in PUBG with a map Selection and all that stuff. I just don't see the reason for their having to be buildings every thousand steps. It's ok to have some space. Now I know what your thinking, "This guy is retarded, and he's just complaining about everything." No, I have a legitimate reason for saying that. I like open space to build and have big build battles. I agree having to fight people in house and around houses knowing they can escape easily into there and hide under the stairs and scare the absolute shit out of me when I go down then when they hit me with a shotgun. I don't think it's fun like that and I don't think it requires skill. See, this is one of the reasons why I like 50 v 50, because I love the Loot Lake battles and the random circles that don't have buildings every where so I can see everything and have building battles. I just think it's more fun that way. I'd rather die to someone who is legitimatelt trying to kill me in a building battle than a related sitting under the stairs with a shotgun waiting for me to walk into my own death.

And the final, and biggest problem I have. The shotguns. Epic, WHY. WHY WHY WHY. Double Pumping is the problem. DOUBLE PUMPING. Not Pump-tac, not heavy-tac, not pump-heavy, IRS DOUBLE PUMP. They took everything I liked about shotguns and crushed it. Pump-tac was my absolute favorite and I had so much fun and got so many kills doing it. Now it has a reatrded delay. and before someone calls me a bitch boy on this too, I will mention, I am perfectly fine using just a pump or just a tac, or tac-pistol, or whatever else there is. It's just that I don't see the point in ruining everything else just because Joe down the street here still double pumps. And honestly, I think double pump DID take SOME skill so I had respect for people that did it anyways, but why did they have to get rid of all the other combos that involve shotguns?

Thanks for reading this article guys, if you liked it, leave a like, if you disliked, leave a dislike. Id love hear what your all's opinion is on season five so leave a comment down below. Peace out guys 👌🏼✌🏼👍🏼

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Week 9 Cheatsheet!


Sony vs the Sony-Fortnite Community (6/29/2018 Update).

6/29/2018 Update:
So this post was just featured on today's Moot Points with Dylan & Brian (Episode 10). This is awesome. Here's the link to the YouTube video.
6/28/2018 Update:
This is about cross-play, so bare with me and my obsession exposition. As I was doing my daily ritual of catching up on the latest gaming industry news, I came by an article on Eurogamer which focused on Shawn Layden, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America and chairman of SIE Worldwide Studios, and PS4 system architect Mark Cerny delivered a presentation about the legacy of PlayStation at the Gamelab conference in Spain. More specifically, the most relevant part of the Sony presentation was Shawn Layden's comment about listening to the PS4 community and their demand for cross-play.
Here's Shawn Layden's statement:
"We're hearing it. We're looking at a lot of the possibilities. You can imagine that the circumstances around that affect a lot more than just one game. I'm confident we'll get to a solution which will be understood and accepted by our gaming community, while at the same time supporting our business."
Here's Sony's previous statement:
"We're always open to hearing what the PlayStation community is interested in to enhance their gaming experience. Fortnite is already a huge hit with PS4 fans, offering a true free-to-play experience so gamers can jump in and play online," Sony said.
With 79 million PS4s sold around the world and more than 80 million monthly active users on PlayStation Network, we've built a huge community of gamers who can play together on Fortnite and all online titles. We also offer Fortnite cross-play support with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, expanding the opportunity for Fortnite fans on PS4 to play with even more gamers on other platforms."
Not to be negative all of the time when it comes to gaming news, this is a positive step for Sony because this is their first official statement on the issue. I know that they've made comments in the past, but this is a first in the sense of saying it on a stage in a major conference. So at least they are officially talking about this issue. It feels like things are moving at a glacial pace, but lets hope Sony isn't whispering sweet nothings in our ears in order to get us, the gaming community, to quiet down. Change will never happen if we stay quiet and don't put pressure on gaming companies.
Sources Used:
6/22/2018 Update:
Here is an update on the issue, which I posted in the Minecraft lounge. This post is relevant because it's about Microsoft & Nintendo teaming up and allowing cross-play in Minecraft. They also teamed up and created a trailer about it. It's a subtle jab at Sony's anti-consumer stance on cross-play.
Original 6/21/2018 Post:
The short-form version of my thoughts:
Sony claims that they are protecting its community from the uncontrollable forces that come with cross-platform play. To that I say that's got to be a joke because Nintendo, which is a very conservative company when it comes to protecting its audience/users, is even down with cross-platform play. According to John Smedley, a former senior level employee at Sony, Sony's anti-cross play stance is purely based on financial motives. Sony likes to claim to be for the player, but in reality they can be just as anti-consumer as EA or Activision.
The long-form version of my thoughts:
Growing up in the 90s and getting to see the AAA gaming industry grow, I originally never would have thought that this industry would become what it is which is an industry that has become so extremely anti-consumer with all of its micro transactions and strange business decisions (e.g. Sony being against cross-platform play). By the way, I am not against businesses making profits through the creation of goods and services but what I am against is making profits off of people by alienating its consumer base. I am about catering to both shareholders and consumers.
Seeing the AAA video industry become so twisted has made me jaded, in all honesty, and have really moved away from a lot of AAA games. Who wants to buy a game or play a F2P ("free" 2 play) game and not have their time and wallets respected because those games hide progress behind paywalls and DLCs (looking at you Destiny 2 & the Curse of Osiris DLC locking game play behind the DLC). The current anti-consumer trend in the AAA market has led me to discovering the awesome indie market (checkout Devolver Digital's awesome 2018 E3 Conference). Indie games definitely respect consumers and offer refreshing new takes on genres. Now that I've established my thoughts on business practices versus consumers, the next part will actually be about Sony vs the Sony-Fortnite Community (Just bare with me lol).
Now to the actual part of my post, besides my background in following the gaming industry, the Youtuber YongYea summed the situation the best in two of his videos which focused on the situation as a whole (tying your Epic account to the PS4 can't be used on other consoles) and then a later video which reported on the former Sony employee who shed light on the situation.
John Smedley on Twitter“if we keep the pressure up this problem goes away. https://t.co/jUjB2Qv2hj”twitter.com
For those who don't know who YongYea is, he is a Youtuber who reports on the gaming industry and he is someone who is extremely pro-consumer. I highly recommend following him on Youtube.
Other Sources about Sony vs the Sony-Fortnite Community:
Greg Miller on Twitter“Today, I bought a Fortnite Battle Pass on my Nintendo Switch. I linked my Twitch Prime and my Xbox Live to this account. This makes my "throwaway" Epic Games account my "main" account. I don't understand your strategy, PlayStation. KFGD discusses: https://t.co/vGvSQDEQ5W https://t.co/J2jmyul84K”twitter.com

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