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Getaway, the Over-Hyped Gamemode That Was -My Thoughts

Alright so this ain't gonna be one of my longer posts but since it's new and the skin is out and stuff, I figured it's worth being talked about.

My first thing with this is, the skin. Epic what the actual f*ck. A lot of people thought you'd be able to obtain this by doing some challenges for the event. Go figures, it wasn't. Why would Epic reward us for spending hundreds of dollars on there game? Who would EVER actually be nice and reward their community for making them millionaires? Beats me. Sarcasm aside, I was really hyped for this skin and when I got on to see you get a damn pickaxe for the challenges I was pretty disappointed. I mean, yeah, it's a cool pickaxe but that ALL you get for playing this sad excuse of a gamemode. And the skin is way over priced. It is at MAX 1500. It's simple and plain. Yes, it's a very COOL simple and plain but it's still simple and plain. As of right now it is 2000 V-Bucks in the store and it's matching glider is 800 if any of you would like to finesse that.

My next point, the actual game mode. Epic, what in the hell were you thinking? You literally could have called it capture the flag and called it a day. I was expecting something really cool, I'm not sure what but not some bullshit version of capture the flag that sounded like it would be WAAY better than it actually was. The game play is really slow and quite honestly, really dumb. Thanks to the stupid challenges, nobody wants to actually try, everyone just wants their pickaxe. Therefore, it made it very hard to do the challenges for my self (though I can't really complain on that one because it's the same with weekly challenges), and hard to win. Nobody cared. They just wanted their pickaxe. It made it damn near impossible with these little noob no skins running around stealing the jewel. Now honestly, I haven't experienced that but I garuntee that's a problem for at least some people.

I also really hate the fact the jewel slows you down. I know, your exchanging speed for a really fast slurp juice (basically) and it helps a lot but I mean, we're all big boys here. We can get our own health. They should have kept it so you wouldn't lose speed and just take out the healing factor. It's impossible to build cause your so used to being "fast" that when you have that dumb llama jewel on it really messes with you.

Now I'm gonna talk about the skin again but in a different way. The way their marketing it is so dumb. What I'm getting at, is that they're trying the minds of the younger kids that don't get that their sucking them in for money. Basically, they advertise your skin by making it seem like "aye, this game mode is dope but it'll be way more fun if you have this skin cause then you'll look cool like everyone else!" This is really showing the money grabbing side of Epic and I think it's wrong of taking advantage of kids like that. Having that skin shouldn't make you "cool" in that game mode. That kinda sounds all like, conspiracy and shit but I think you guys get my point. They're marketing it as "if you don't have this, you won't be cool." That's the simplest way I can put it. Really, it's a pretty dope skin (ahem, not 2000 V-Bucks dope) but it's just bullshit the way their doing this. They release a bad gamemode, with a bad skin, with challenges that MAKE the gamemode bad.

Hey guys, thanks for reading! If you liked, leave a like, and if you disliked, leave a dislike! Feel free to comment your thoughts on the new mode and skin below! You can also discuss amongst yourselves if you'd like and, you may DM me for any reason! Thanks again for reading guys, and until next post, peace! ✌🏼🙌🏼

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