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Goals For This Season?

What are some of your goals that you want to get before this season ends?

My goals:
•Get 100 wins(currently at 55 wins)
•Reach Tier 100
•Get a second snipe kill
•Get 1 solo win

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POPULAR Pep talk... 😂✨

(via @flower.bomb.v on IG)

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Battle Royale

POPULAR I can almost grantee that this season will involve Kevin at the power plant

On the trailer it showed rippley and in the background you can see Kevin’s waste being poored into a lake
he also drinks it so I believe that’s how they got alter egos

now fusion pickaxe says start a reaction only place I can think of is the power plant

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POPULAR Attention All Soccer Skins!!

I Have A Question For You All To See How Much You Love The Soccer Skin!

Just 1 Question!!!

Easy Right??


Who Is The Creator Of Sweaty Soccer Skins?

Let’s See Who Knows.....

Hint: He’s a Streamer.......obviously lol

Good Luck 😄

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Battle Royale

Battle Ready... 🔫💕✨(Munitions Expert Showcase)

Got bored, so here. I'm not used to taking shots with a single color background, so I hope these came out OK. ✨

#SkinShowcase #SickPicSubmission

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Battle Royale

POPULAR How is everyone liking chapter 2: season 1??

So far a lot of people I know love the new season so far.i think its great myself. I wasnt really expecting fortnite to make a come back but look at where fortnite is now!
How has y'alls experience's been so far ?

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POPULAR One of my best moments

It’s official guys, I am now god tier at video games. ✨😈
But for real tho the satisfaction of hitting this shot after someone told you to is one of the best feelings ever.

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Battle Royale

Who wants to play a game

The game is simple, it a fortnite choice adventure, you make your own choices.

How to play:
1. Dm me, that you want to play
2. Choose a game mode you want
- Solos or Duos
(Duos have you control 2 people)
3. Choose a chapter 2 season 1 location to land
4. Wait for me to respond

1. Don't try to pick up weapon out of no where
2. Be realistic with the simulation your in (no rift or going ninja sweat)
3. Be patient ( your not the only one playing)
4. The game will end for a day, and will be continue tomorrow. (Don't ask to continue when I end the game for the day.)

During the game, you'll get a spot to think or a spot to take action, you can use command to help you.

- !checklist: check your hp, guns and materials
- !drop (name of item): drop a item
- !mine: go mine for materials
- !heal (name of healing item): let's u heal


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POPULAR When you knock an enemy and kidnap him... 😂🤧❗

(honestly the best part of this season... 😂🤧❗)

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POPULAR Actually beautiful


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POPULAR 🎃 Perfect Patch Patroller Setup 🎃

Guardian of the pumpkin patch. Don't you dare challenge him or you'll be squashed!
🎃 Perfect Patch Patroller Setup 🎃
🎃 Patch Patroller Skin (800 Vbucks)
🎃 Mouldering Cloak Backbling (1,500 Vbucks)
🎃 Carver Pickaxe (800 Vbucks)
🎃 Batglider... uh Glider (1,200 Vbucks)
🎃 Jack-O-Lantern Contrail (S6 BP Tier 54)
🎃 Callsign Skull Wrap (Air Royale Challenges)
Leave Any Skin Setup Suggestions In The Comments Below! 👇

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This island has room for only one... 😅🐱✨

(via @doodlertheash on IG)

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Battle Royale

Find the "O" in the Open Water loading screen.

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Battle Royale

Get no scoped my dude

Hit hit those (sometimes maybe)

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Battle Royale

POPULAR One thing I’ll forever miss , Idc what nobody say 😭

I Was Knockin’ Tops Off When This Joint First Dropped , Sad That It Was For Such A Brief Moment. 😓

#64 #GoldenAK

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POPULAR I’m calling it...

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Battle Royale

Meant to post this picture this morning when I finished all meh challenges. the letter O location

Here is this weeks 2 loading screen find the letter O

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Battle Royale

All 3 bunker locations

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Battle Royale

My boyfriend and i’s Tropical Troopers set showcase!!

Enjoy :)

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POPULAR He survived!!!

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Battle Royale

POPULAR Which Fort Collab Do You Think Is Next Up ? 🤔

Fortnite have collaborated with various organizations , brands and even TV Series so I can only imagine what’ll be next ! With it being a whole new Chapter of Fortnite I bet that some BIG collaborations are in the works. Are there any that you’re anticipating and what do you think the collab would consist of ?

Personally I’d like to see a NBA Collab so they’ll either add selectable styles to Jumpshot + Triple Threat or new basketball skins similar the soccer skins or banner skins ( changeable team and jersey number ).
They could also add various basketball courts around the map and even makeshift baskets to use for challenges and even new mechanics to play basketball. The rewards could be a Championship Trophy Backbling , an emote that flexes a Championship Ring , an emote similar to the “ Team _______ “ ones but with NBA teams of course or maybe even a new Hat cosmetic with an NBA Team that you could add to any skin. What ya think about that idea ?➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖Post inspired by :


#64 #FortniteXSixFour #Collabs

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POPULAR Here is a quick combo I put together with the Glow Skin ✨

First attempt at this. Sorry if it’s not very good lol

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Battle Royale

POPULAR Thoughts on This Setup? (Pt53) (FishStick) (World Cup)







Replay Screenshot:

What Do Y’all Think?

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Looking for Group

Look for two people for squads???


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Fortnite 2

LV.2 Lurker

POPULAR It’s true

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POPULAR Peace and harmony 😌


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POPULAR New Chapter 2 Map Looks Dope!

Message me and I'll tell you how to play the game early 😉

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POPULAR Smurf accounts are the way...

20 Kills, First Game of Season1.......stupid...

this goes to show how dumb this game is....they need to take off Skilled Match making!!

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POPULAR If YOU Could Have 5 Things From MY Locker... 🤔 #4

Welcome to the 4th installment of 🥁 If YOU Could Have 5 Things From MY Locker... This is a fairly popular series on my profile and I love reading the comments and seeing what you guys would pick. To break this down for newer followers and viewers, I share my locker with you and you pick 5 items (hypothetically) that YOU would choose to take from MY locker and add to your own. These items can range anywhere from skins to wraps. I will not be showing my emotes because it's just too much to show and I wanna focus more on cosmetics than emotes. Can't wait to read the comments!

Let me know what 5 items YOU would choose in the comments below! 👇

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