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PopularFortnite lounge rules, (Please Read).

Hello and welcome to the Fortnite lounge, here you can talk about Fortnite including Battle Royale, Save the World and more!
To maintain a fun experience within Moot community, we ask everybody to follow these rules. They are enforced by the staff team helping to moderator the Fortnite lounge and Discord.
1. No advertisement,
This is a simple rule to stop people coming here to ask for subscribers or followers. This is a community based lounge not a place to farm views. If you wish to share a clip you can add a video from through a file or using a link. This can be placed under 'Highlights'. If you are confused about placement of your posts you can check out my post explaining it here.
2. Place your posts in the correct section.
Failure to do this will get your post moved or deleted once again you can click the link to go to my post explaining this topic just above.
3. Be friendly and always show respect to everyone, no matter their role.
Fortnite is a game for all ages and I know many people from the age of 8 up to 40 who play it regularly so please keep your language to a minimal and there is no need to start fights or arguments either. We are all friends here trying to chat about a common topic. Another side rule is no discrimination this could be I don't want to play with kids or anybody who is black. You never know who is good at the game and who isn't however asking for people with a mic is fine (just keep it friendly).
4. Keep all discussions about Fortnite.
This is self explanatory really, this is the Fortnite lounge where we talk about Fortnite. Comparing the game to another game is 100% fine though, keep that up :).
5. No nudity or explicit content.
Once again Fortnite is a game for all ages that means young people too so please respect that and keep any adult content off of Moot and the Fortnite lounge.
6. In the LFG section state what platform you play on.
I don't have to explain this. Do I?
7. If somebody is breaking any rules report it.
You can either report it via moot or if you want a more direct approach you can contact me through discord or joining the Discord server for the Fortnite Lounge.
- Zmurfus#4063

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PopularGetting real tired of you guys. (Please read)

Every hour I come back onto Moot to find a million posts in the wrong places and end up spending a large amount of my time deleting and moving posts so to help you understand what to do when creating a post i'm creating this post for you.
General - This section is for all Fortnite content for example comparing Fortnite to other games or discussing things concerning the game. This is not for looking for team or a friend to play with , Battle Royale specific content, highlights or promoting your Youtube channel.
Battle Royale - This section is for the Battle Royale aspect of Fortnite. this is where you can discuss ideas such as weapons or skins you'd like to see brought to the game. Once again this is not for looking for team or a friend to play with , Save the World content or anything that is not concerning Battle Royale, highlights or promoting your Youtube channel.
Highlights - This is pretty self explanatory. This section is where you post (your own) highlights from your games this may include a video or image however this is not used to plug your channel or ask for subs or even to promote your twitch etc. Any promotional content will be removed.
LFG - LFG stands for 'Looking for Game' or 'Looking for Group' where you should clearly put what platform you are playing on, what kind of games you are looking for (Duo, Group) and a gamer tag so that you can be added by other members who wish to play with you. You may add any extra information here also.
Many of you are thinking before you post and are posting in the correct sections however many of you aren't thinking and just posting where you want. I also just want to reiterate the point that any promotional content such as asking for people to check our your channel etc, will be removed.
Thank you for your time.
- Zmurfus (Fortnite lounge Moderator)

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Fortnite Season3 Update V.3.0.0 out today, Major Changes&Improvements

Finally, Fortnite BR Season 3 is upon us! Update 3.0 went live today, and servers went down shortly thereafter to prepare all of the changes and additions. Everything is back online now, so the next time you boot up Fortnite, you should be playing the latest version.
So what's new in Season 3? There is so many new things to look forward to! I just wanted to highlight the most important and the most exciting changes for TLDRers. I'll kick things off with the biggest changes coming to BR since that's what most of u guys r playing, and then I'll move on to some of the Save the World changes and additions.
Feel free to check out the brief trailer above, and then keep reading to see the most exciting and significant changes in Season 3!
1. 60 FPS Mode and Performance Improvements on All Consoles
With this new update, EPIC has done some epic work and made Fortnite run at 60 FPS on all platforms. Whatever console you're playing on, when you boot up Fortnite, the game should default to this new 60 FPS mode. If you'd rather have some additional detail and take a hit to frame rate (why on earth would you do that?!), you're welcome to toggle this off in the options. The frame rate isn't the only thing that got a huge boost. EPIC made some sweeping improvements to the way you guys build as well!
2. Building Improvements
-Players can now build structures just about anywhere, even through trees, rocks and cars.
-If you run out of materials while building, you’ll now automatically switch to the next material with available resources.
-You can now continuously place the selected building piece by holding down the Primary Fire button.
-Battle Royale: Switching between building pieces is now much smoother, especially using console controls or under non-ideal network conditions.
3. New Weapons, Items, and Weapon Changes
-Hand Cannon added.
-Pump Shotgun behavior has been addressed. Firing the Pump Shotgun and quickly switching weapons will now require you to pump the Shotgun before the next shot.
-Grenades no longer have the ability to Crit.
-Removed the Valentine’s Day skin from the Crossbow.
-Adjusted Pistol drop chances in floor loot.
4. Is that John Wick?!
Epic also teased some kind of a new, action hero-looking skin that bears some resemblance to James Bond or John Wick. This skin was modeled in a teaser image that shows what appears to be the new Hand Cannon.
5. Save the World Gameplay Changes
-Hoverboard added.
-The Bald Eagle Hand Cannon is now available in the Weekly Store.
-Spring It On! event chapter, “Luck Explosion” unlocks!
-The Cozy Campfire no longer rewards the full Utility score every time it heals a player, instead spreading its total reward out over its lifespan.
-Plankhattan Project quest now only requires a single fully completed Siphon to succeed instead of 3. Players still must complete all three defense stages on the Siphon.
-Adjusted the cost of all BluGlo Pylons.
-Increased Wood/Stone/Metal harvesting rates. The exact amount varies by object, but is approximately 10-20% higher.
-Frontend crafting within Universal Inventory feature will be added.
educed appearance rate of Ranged, Melee and Weapon Llamas by 20%.
You can find the full patch notes right here↓↓↓. Check the details out!

Save the World

PopularNewbies welcome (Part 2)

Welcome to Fortnite any new arrivals, great and frustrating times ahead for all of you, I did a post recently about where to land as a new person starting out in fortnite, today however i think that it is time to talk about your loadout. Naturally that is your main priority after landing because without it you will be bringing a pickaxe to a gun fight.
Firstly, and this may seem obvious:
Take whatever you can find, right after landing all you need to concern yourself with is getting a weapon, don't be picky as you land as even a common pistol can work magic when faced with a pickaxe or even somebody with another gun and some really bad timing..... or aim.
Once you have a gun or 2 and you feel fairly confident in your ability with them you can be a bit more picky, maybe using the extra inventory space for bandages and potions rather than guns that you will only use as last resort.
Secondly, know your colours:
Each weapon comes in one of 6 different classes, white, green, blue, purple, orange and gold.
Each class up gives you more damage and can be the difference between bolt action or pump action and semi auto.
Colours and what they mean are as follows:
White means it is common and does below average damage.
Green is uncommon and generally does a bit more damage
Blue is rare and is where guns start delivering a decent punch
Purple is epic and is where you begin to get scopes on assault rifles and semi auto snipers
Orange is legendary and are the second least common colour you will find, these cause epic damage and you should try stock up on these if possible.
Gold is mythic and these are extremely rarely found, all i can say is if you think that purple and orange guns do damage, they haven't seen anything yet.
Finally, How to decide
You will now have to decide on what is most useful to keep on you at all times and how do you decide, My personal opinion is to mix it up a bit, keep a shotgun for any close up action, an assault rifle for mid to far shots and a sniper for the really long shots, of course this is not always possible but ideally you need to be able to cover all bases.
Last words of wisdom, don't underestimate the pistol, especially if you have a fast trigger finger and are able to find a purple one. Just saying.

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PopularAn argument against Skilled Based Matchmaking

I saw this lengthy argument against the idea of skilled based matchmaking(SBMM) in battle royale genre games. Although the author's point is about Fortnite, this goes beyond just Fortnite and includes the entire genre. I think the author makes some great points and totally resonate with their perspective. What do you guys think? Do you wish the matchmaking in Fortnite paired good players against other good players, or do you like it all mixed together?
"The way I see it, the arguments for not adding Skill Based Matchmaking (SBMM) to FortniteBR are a bit more specific to BR as a genre than they are to how it worked for other games.
Skill based matchmaking is a downright requirement in team-based shooters like Overwatch or CS:GO, because to not have it would completely undermine the core concepts of those games, and leave matchmaking down to, in large part, RNG, where matches are decided before they begin. In battle royale, the only form of this is squad fill, which is completely avoidable by playing other modes or with friends, and besides, the carry potential in BR is massively higher when there is no SBMM.
In my opinion, two of the biggest reasons for the success of the emerging BR genre are closely related to your chances of winning a given game. You are against 96-99 other players, and your chances of winning are minimal. Recognizing these circumstances, as the number of players goes down and your chances go up, your heart rate will go up. For newer players, they are having fun because the odds are against them, not despite it. It gets their heart rate up, and serves to form tension in each engagement, and even when you lose or get destroyed, that tension and adrenaline keeps it fun. Every kill is one step closer to victory, providing just one more thing you have to lose, and upping the tension even farther.
For veteran players, one primary motivator is the results of their efforts to get better: As they get better, they outplay their opponent more and more, and while destroying new players may not serve much to their gameplay experience in itself besides proving their skill to themselves, it serves as downtime for the real intense moments. That's what gets them hyped, to see their results of improvement and to live those intense moments when they do find good players, to overcome previously insurmountable odds.
Flattening the curve undermines these very things that make BR fun. Newer players aren't going to feel nearly as much pressure, adrenaline or tension knowing that their triumph, no matter how big or small, was against someone no better than them, and veteran players won't be able to see their improvement in any meaningful way if their winrate, k/d, etc aren't going up in any significant fashion. Furthermore, fights against players their skill level aren't exciting if they are the norm, essentially removing the downtime they experience, diminishing the impact that actually difficult and intense fights really have.
I'm not opposed to SBMM in most other contexts, but I truly believe it defeats the purpose of what a battle royale game is trying to do. Some of my most fond memories in BR games are of overcoming previously insurmountable odds and clutching victory, and those moments are amplified by the otherwise "dull" other half of the experience, not diminished by it."

Battle Royale

PopularThe Fortnite vs. PUBG Fiasco

I've been scouring the internet looking for Fortnite updates (private servers incoming btw) and there have been multiple articles written today about the difference between Fortnite and PUBG.
The writers focus objectively on the differences between the two games, but THEY'RE ALWAYS ON THE FENCE. Obviously these journalists have played both games (I would hope so), but I'm sure that they've either not bothered to solidify themselves on one side to make their boss happy or are afraid of criticism to side with one game.
Don't get me wrong. PUBG is a great game; you can clearly see this by the success it has and the continual player-base growth on console and PC. But let's face it... Fortnite is quickly taking over the battle royale genre.
PUBG is dead. Fortnite is here to stay.
So as an inspiration to these articles, I'm going to break the mold and tell you why Fortnite is objectively better than PUBG. Btw, there will be a TL;DR at the bottom.
1. Gameplay
If the obvious hasn't been pointed out already, both games are very similarly placed in the "Battle Royale" genre. Gather in a lobby filled with 100 players, wait to parachute to your impending doom, rush to find items, run from the death circle, and of course survive to be #1.
Rushing for items on Fortnite is very different versus PUBG. For starters, the map on Fortnite is vastly smaller and called for even more tactical landing in order to react to other players immediately. Whereas in PUBG (both on Miramar & Erengel) you can take your time and methodically move your way toward the circle. The intense in your face action of Fortnite forces players to get better or you'll continue dying right away. Thankfully, I can get into a Fortnite game in 15 seconds versus PUBG's 60 seconds.
The death circle in both games are also vastly different. Fortnite's circle closes at a somewhat slower pace and gives you time to loot & move quickly. PUBG's circle moves so damn quickly that I can't figure where a close enough vehicle is in order to drive all the way across the map.
As player count lowers to top 10, I'll admit that both games have very tense moments. What we all know and love that trumps PUBG's final few is Fortnite's building mechanics. Holy moly. That causes you to either attack an enemy tower/stronghold they built up or (on the defensive) create a some type of Fort-ification (get it!?) to outsmart the enemy. I'd rather do that then snake crawl through some farm field in PUBG.
2. Engine
To preface, I've played PUBG on Xbone & PC. And I've also played Fortnite on PC & PS4. Both games run on unreal engine 4, but look very different.
That being said, Fortnite is the much better optimized game, ESPECIALLY for consoles. Fortnite in general runs better on low-end PC's too!
My PC specs:
-i7 6700k
-GTX 970
-16GB 2666mhz
-500gb EVO SSD
Fortnite on PC: 60-120 fps consistently. All settings on epic except 3d resolution and post processing (PUBG forces this!).
PUBG: 60 - 80 fps with consistent dips below 60. All settings are on medium and a few low.
3. Popularity + Price
For PUBG, December 2017 marked 3 million concurrent players and reaching up to 4 million with the increase in Xbone sales.
Fortnite has a huge surged between December 2017 and January 2018 with 10 million more players came onto the game averaging out are 2 million concurrent players.
Biggest thing we're seeing here right now is the trending swing on Twitch. More popular streamers are transferring over to Fortnite and viewership for PUBG is starting to dwindle.
As for price? Fortnite is free (with cosmetic microtransactions) and PUBG is $30.
Hmmm.... free game that's optimized, updated regularly, can build stuff, and can destroy (almost) every building?!?
Or.... the poorly optimized cash grab that is PUBG. I think there's a clear winner there.
+ Free
+ Very well optimized
+ Can build anything almost everywhere
+ Can destroy pretty much every house
+ Rocket launcher & boogie bomb (bush too maybe)
+ At least it's not Destiny 2
- Cost money
- Poorly optimized
- Devs update the game less often
- Loot boxes (around events)
- Forced post processing

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