I always see people asking for decent squads to play in... That's great because it's nice to be in a community and help everyone but here's my problem....
Everyone says decent squads please I have got 500 kills or have 1000 kills.... I don't understand why do you always have to play in a decent squad!!! If you have 500 or 1000 kills means you are very good at the game!! So if you play in a squad which has 1 member who has suppose 200 kills and 2 or 1 noobies then you can definitely share you knowledge with them!!! Help everyone!!! And if a noobie is asking for a squad and you don't want to take him, remember the time when yo were a noobie and you struggled to get experience and get good at the game!! Suppose some people may have gotten help when they were a noobie from a friend or a unknown person but those who haven't got that help and had to learn only by watching and playing on your own, remember your difficult days and think that this man/women who is asking for a squad shouldn't go through that pain... Even if you play 1 game with them, it doesn't matter as long as you help them become a good player
Sure some people may say that you get limited time to play everyday and you don't want to play with noobies... That's understandable but atleast you can comment on their post and ask what are they struggling in and give them your advice and opinion.... Helping others isn't a bad thing.... Everyone has to make sacrifices
Many good players who have high kills and experience, they always want to play with someone good.... Why is that Sir's and Ma'am's? Does this mean that you have gotten good at the game and you shouldn't play with less experienced players? Or has success gone in your head? Remember your roots, and try to get others strengthen theirs.
People may say that this man has wrote a article but I don't see him helping others... The matter of fact is I don't play Fortnite unfortunately... I don't have a PC or a PS.... I am just waiting when Epic launches the game on Android
So guys, please think upon what I said and help atleast someone... If you help someone get better they will always remember you and your help
Thank You

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Popular#FortniteIRL Winners & Top Six Grand Prize Finalists!

Hello Moot family! The team has officially finished decided the top six grand prize finalists and the 50 second-tier prize winners. Instead of us deciding who will take home the grand prize, we have decided to leave it up to the community! Below you will see the posts of the top six finalists followed by a poll for you to cast your vote.
Without further adieu, here are the finalists (NOTE: randomly ordered):
- Arman Khan, "Flipping Sexy"
- S7E9H, "Let's Do This!!"
- purplepineapples420, "Electro Shuffle !"
- McSmigglesworth, "Electro Shuffle? More like Cringe Shuffle!"
- HippoMan180, "Haha"
- Sirpotter, "BOOGIE DOWN"
Please cast your vote below:
Secondly, below you will find the 50 winners for the second-tier prize! If you see your name, please click the link at the very bottom of this post to claim your prize. If you did not win, the link will not work (better luck next time 😊).
Here are the 50 second-tier winners (NOTE: the top six grand prize finalists will have a separate link to claim their prize next week!):
Conner Wehunt
Ian Kramp
Jachristian Pennywel
James Herold
Jancarlos Reyes
Kane The Pork
Kevin Moyer Jr.
Landon Vermillion
Matthew A
Ray PataguccR
Supreme Elite Gaming
Terrence Jennings
Ti’Jae Johnson
Tyler Kent
ZaPz Xersion
Link to claim gift card:
Thank you all for participating in the #FortniteIRL event! Keep your eyes peeled for more events coming soon 👍


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Microtransactions are the Future of Gaming. Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing.

Let’s face it: gaming companies are doing everything they can to extract as much money as possible from consumers. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In the current age of online gaming, virtually every modern game is able to be tweaked and tuned by developers well after a game’s launch. This isn’t a feature, it’s an expectation. We expect bugs to be patched, OP characters and items nerfed, and a generally refined gaming experience that is as much the result of in-house testing as it is community feedback. It’s not just online games either, even single player games receive updates and have DLCs.
The beauty of microtransactions (stuff that you buy in-game for real money) is that they bridge the gap between the gaming community’s growing expectations and the increased demand of the developers. By providing a secondary source of income, microtransactions enable gaming studios to continually funnel money into existing games, which in turn provides gamers with an updated and improved gaming experience. Furthermore, this can help promote the longevity of a game by funding new content that can attract new players and keep current players excited.
Of course, microtransactions are not merely seen as a tool for secondary income. As a quick browse down the endless list of pay-to-win mobile games will show you, developers have readily adopted microtransactions as a primary source of revenue. And this is why everyone hates microtransactions - it makes us think of money-hungry mobile games, developers’ greed, and of small children managing to spend thousands of dollars of their parent’s money on gems and turbo boosts. I hate these types of microtransactions too, but here’s the thing: they’re not gonna last. They can’t. Why?
Microtransactions have given birth to some of the most popular games of all time, including League of Legends and Fortnite. Both games use microtransactions as their primary source of income and neither game is pay-to-win. These games are clear examples that the gaming community is more than happy to financially support the development of a game they love. This support enables the games to remain free-to-play, which promotes a larger and faster-growing playerbase and enables the developers to release updates and provide the best gaming experience possible.
Not only do gamers benefit by having access to high-quality free games and constant refinement, but microtransactions will also provide gamers with some unique opportunities. Because most successful games use microtransactions that are cosmetic-based (like Fortnite), there becomes a market for cosmetic items among players. For example, PUBG cosmetics are sold on the Steam Marketplace with some items valued at over $1000 (See my post about PUBG loot crates here: https://moot.us/lounges/2/boards/6/posts/18054 ).
As we already know, developers want to get as much money as they possibly can. In the near future, developers will integrate the trading of cosmetic items for real money within the game. This will enable the studio to receive the small commission on every trade, rather than giving it to a 3rd party like Steam. Ultimately, this means that players will have the opportunity to actually make money playing the games that they love. That’s pretty cool - and it’s all because of microtransactions.
Even though microtransactions seem like a money grab and are only becoming more prominent, they enable the gaming community to receive better games for less money. Believe me, the future of gaming is brighter than it’s ever been.
TL;DR: More funding = Better games, plus gamers will make money playing video games
*Although not strictly about Fortnite, I posted this here because I think the way that Epic Games has used Microtransactions in Fortnite will be the paradigm revenue model for the vast majority of games going forward.

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