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CPS Test - Check your Clicks per Second


CPS Test - Check your Clicks per Second Many people think that I use an autoclicker or something similar, now I'll tell you how I achieve this effect, there are three ways to do this, each has its pros and cons: 1. Jitter-click, a very useful skill, you need to hold the mouse comfortably in your hand and strain your hand, from this the hand begins to shake when pressing the mouse button, has a huge potential for improvement and depends on the mouse (its convenience in the hand and model), but the accuracy drops sharply, it is difficult to master.As they say:Hard in training-easy in combat (in our case pvp). Find out how fast you can click on your mouse with our simple and free online CPS tester https://test-cps.com/ 2. Butterfly click, to perform, you need to tap the mouse buttons with relaxed two fingers, the disadvantages include the fact that the click speed is less than that of the jitter click, and it works only on cool mice, but it is easy to learn. 3.A simple click, the simplest click, it all depends on you, it works on any mouse, the speed varies, you can click in any way, for example, I clicked with one finger as it looks like a butterfly click.I hope you enjoyed this short review. Later I will add different mouse grips, etc.

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