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Elien Spa - Thai Foot Massage


Elien Spa - Thai Foot Massage Massage is necessary not only during the rehabilitation period, but also for the prevention of stagnant phenomena in the body, relieving fatigue. There are several types of relaxing effects, one of which is the Thai type of massage. In Elien Spa I recommend to try Thai Foot Massage What is useful for Thai foot massage? There are several tens of thousands of nerve endings located on the feet, which are connected to all systems of the human body. The type of procedures under consideration has a positive effect on these active zones. When they are stimulated with the help of Thai foot massage, the following processes occur: improvement of trophic tissue; elimination of limb edema; increase of muscle tissue tone; reduction of pain syndrome in the spine; normalization of pressure in people suffering from hypertension; restoration of the digestive tract; getting rid of insomnia, depression, fatigue. Active points for foot massage. When performing the procedure, it is necessary to carefully massage different areas of the foot in order to influence the entire body. Main areas of impact: Stimulation of the tips of the toes activates the brain and can reduce the frequency of migraines. The area next to the thumb reduces pain in cervical osteochondrosis. Massage of the pad in the same area restores the heart rate and normalizes blood pressure. The inner part of the foot – improves the functional abilities of the liver. Impact on the heels – reduces back pain.

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