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Сool bicycle helmets for sale


Сool bicycle helmets for sale A bicycle helmet is one of the main attributes of a cyclist who values himself and his health. There is a large selection of different models on the market – from branded to Chinese nounames. And even among branded ones, this choice is great. There are companies for which helmets are a related product. Others are leading exclusively in this segment. For example, the German brand Alpina, which produces helmets and goggles for various sports – cycling, skiing, mountaineering. Or the Dutch brand BBB, specializing in the production of a huge range of bicycle accessories and bicycle parts. The extensive range of helmets includes suitable models for each type of cycling. There are even special helmets for gravel bikes, which have been gaining popularity lately. But a much larger segment is universal models that are suitable for any conditions, whether you ride a mountain bike or a highway bike, prefer cross–country or enduro, or maybe just use a bike for touring, traveling, or commuting, that is, daily commuting from the suburbs to work or study. Сool bicycle helmets for sale - road racing cycling bike helmets

The main task of the helmet is to ensure the integrity and safety of your head. Therefore, all bicycle helmets, including those for mountain bikes, have a mandatory safety certificate according to the European standard EN1078, which defines the requirements and methods of their testing: helmet design, including field of view, shock-absorbing properties, properties of the restraint system. Main characteristics of the EN1078 standard: Control anvils: flat and curbstone Drop device: Controlled free fall Impact velocity, energy or drop height, flat support: 5.42–5.52 m/s Impact energy criteria: < 250g Rollback Test: Yes The parameters of the EN1078 standard were created in laboratory conditions: helmets were tested on an anvil, they were dropped on different pieces of iron, overloads were measured, and these overloads were put into a certain norm. Thus, for certification, all products undergo a series of tests for compliance with the minimum requirements collected in the laboratory. Most certification agencies set the threshold at 300 G – the force at which it is guaranteed that you can lose consciousness. But the standard does not report how much the real indicators exceed the minimum. Finally, the laboratory is not a bicycle trail, but how often in real conditions can one predict a fall from a certain height, at a certain speed, at a certain temperature and on a selected surface shape? Conclusion: the certificate guarantees that when using this helmet you will not get irreversible brain damage, but it cannot completely exclude one or another injury in case of an unsuccessful fall.

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