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FUT 22 coins


Central to the FIFA Ultimate Team is the process of creating the team of your dreams. FUT has thousands of players from which you can assemble your team. Depending on the rating and rarity, they belong to different categories: bronze, silver, gold and special. One of the key aspects of creating a team is teamwork - a special mechanics of FIFA Ultimate Team to improve the capabilities of your players FIFA coins To achieve teamwork, create a connection between players from one league club or country by placing them in adjacent positions in the team. The more players have in common, the stronger the bond of teamwork and the stronger the characteristics of the players will be increased. In addition, the players you receive in sets or team selection tests have a loyalty bonus that adds +1 to the team, while players acquired in the transfer market receive such a loyalty bonus after participating in 10 competitive matches for your club. Be creative in combining players - change the tactical schemes of the head coaches of the players' position to achieve the ideal value of teamwork.

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