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Vacutainer Butterfly Blood Collection Set + Holder 21G 3/4


Vacutainer Butterfly Blood Collection Set + Holder 21G 3/4 The luer adapter is one of the components of the butterfly needle. Visually, it resembles a container for the collection, transportation and storage of biological materials. One part of the device is a "luer" type connector. With its help, the adapter is connected to the catheter holder. On the modern market, you can find two variations of a blood sampling device - with a luer adapter or a holder holder. Luer allows you to perform several manipulations at once – take blood for analysis, perform an intravenous injection, attach a needle to the system for infusion of solutions. Vacutainer Butterfly Blood Collection Set + Holder 21G 3/4 The second part of the device is a needle for piercing a vacuum tube. It is closed with a tight rubber cap, which prevents blood from splashing during extraction, transportation of the sample. All luer adapters are supplied in individual cases with an information label and perforation for visual inspection. The strength of the butterfly needle is versatility. It is suitable for taking biological fluid from patients of any age category. It is used even to diagnose the blood of newborns or older babies, if the amount of blood received by the lancet from the heel is not enough. Strong fixation of the catheter greatly simplifies the task for both the patient and the doctor or nurse. A medical officer will be able to easily and accurately receive blood even from the most active and frightened patients. The advantages of the needle include minimal traumatization of tissues. Compared to conventional double-sided needles or vacuum tubes, the risk of nerve damage by a butterfly needle is significantly lower. What are the disadvantages of a butterfly catheter? The first thing to pay attention to is the size of the needle. It is much smaller than a standard double-sided needle for blood collection. This increases the risk of cell damage. Platelets can simply stick together, and red blood cells collapse. To avoid this, the medical officer must choose the right needle size and strictly follow the rules for taking biological material. The disadvantages can also include the high cost of butterfly needles, a decrease in pressure and the "escape" of the vein during the procedure.

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