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Get a free VIN check with our service


Get a free VIN check with our service The VIN code, or how to call it correctly, the car identification number is not just a set of 17 digits and letters. This is a unique code. It is invested with very important and necessary information about transport. Such as the manufacturer, the brand of the car, the characteristics of the car, the year of manufacture and even the place of assembly of the car. When creating the code, a certain standard ISO 3779-1983 and ISO 3780 are used. The code itself is applied or stamped on non-removable body parts or applied to the chassis. Usually a special nameplate is used for this. Get a free VIN check with our service

Where can I find the VIN code on the car? - driver's or passenger's door frame - windscreen - the front part of the car engine - thermal insulation partition - the arch of the car wheel from the inside. Usually left. - steering column or steering wheel itself - radiator bracket - Vehicle registration certificate, maintenance ticket, insurance policy or car registration certificate The VIN consists only of Latin letters and numbers. Now let's go through the letters and numbers themselves, and what they mean: 1-3 - geographical area, country of manufacture and manufacturer. Designated as WMI 4-9 - the vehicle itself according to the documentation. A set of letters and numbers defined by the manufacturer. Denote VDS. 10-17 - the year of manufacture (may be the model year), the manufacturer of the car and other data that the manufacturer wishes to attach to the VIN code. At the same time, the last 4 characters must be digits. Denoted as VIS.  <p> 

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