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Newbie Question

I came from AL and GFL and ran into this game yesterday. What are some good low tier units to start with?

Yuen LV.1 Mootie 10mo
Newbie Question

A community Wikia and Discord

We are looking for members that are willing to participate.

Community Wikia:

Big ouch Big ouch LV.3 Lurker 1year
A community Wikia and Discord

Please join our Discord

Silvanicous Silvanicous LV.2 Lurker 1year
Please join our Discord

Thoughts On Naruto?


Thoughts On Naruto?
NXT Glxem NXT Glxem LV.4 Lurker 1year
Thoughts On Naruto?

Any form of a Road Map?

Has the dev team posted recently any form of a todo list?

Big ouch Big ouch LV.3 Lurker 1year
Any form of a Road Map?


wtf is going on in the chat

gamer500091254 LV.1 Mootie 1year

(Translate) Grand scale update (~4/27)

Developer Note

About Apr. 27

Grand scale update is scheduled. It's compulsory so when then your Legacy ver. wouldn't work.

* Add Equipment
* bug fix
* etc.


<Newbie care>

1. offer Deck slot free.
Now we'll offer 3 free deck slot. Newb will start with all deck slot.
(with nurf New master bonus's 300 cubes.)
If you didn't get it, we'll give each 150 cubes enough.

2. Control planet price.
We'll cut the price of unlock planet in half.(Down 50%)
(little up production's price.)
And planet's HP also down. Build barrier.

3. Relaxed limit of Enhance difference.
10 > 12



1. Demaker
* attack nerf 20% and buff equal HP

2. Melee type
* calumnious is 30% of HP

3. Methuselah, Alphard
* Skill damage up / Be attacked damage cut down 60%(when using skill)

4. Weight balancing
* Asteroid : lange up (600 > 900) & move speed down (1200 > 1000) & bullet speed down (1200 > 1000)

* Planet : bullet speed up (1000 > 1100)

* Dwarf : lange up (700 > 800)(Able to rise through dwarf equipment)

* Giant : move speed down (500 > 300) & bullet speed down (1800 > 1500)

* Hyper : Change Little be aggressive & bullet speed down (900 > 700)

5. Pierce bullet nerf
* hits 3 > 4
* damage 100% / 50% / 25% / 12.5%

6. Hyper's bullet splash size is larger
200 > 300. 30% splash damage.

7. Few reflecstar's re-balancing

8. Demaker's bullet speed down

9. Super's tank size up
70 > 120

10. Huge enemy(Ex. cruiser) will ignore push&pull skill(Ex. jupiter's gravity)

11. Melee type is lange up

12. Storage volume up



1. Discounted package
(list price minus 50 cubes.)

2. We thinking about new costume



1. New Super "Algenib"

2. Add equipment system

<bug fix>
Beam skills wouldn't be overlapped.
(Ex. Aldebaran & Pluto )
(cf. G64. Because of It's not skill.)


BANANIAN LV.2 Lurker 1year
(Translate) Grand scale update (~4/27)

Global release

This game looks really fun and kinda hooked by the space gacha theme, when is this game being released on global or American Google app store?

*Stella Maiden mobile game*

Child's Play Child's Play LV.24 Pokémon Master 1year
Global release

Wikia Link

Check out the wikia I'm building, if you interested in building let me know.

Also I have a discord if you want to discuss anything there.

Big ouch Big ouch LV.3 Lurker 1year
Wikia Link

unofficial discord server

Laice LV.2 Lurker 1year
unofficial discord server