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What is the use of big data in healthcare and how can it be utilised?

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Medication errors are a serious problem in healthcare organizations. Because humans will always make the occasional error (even something as simple as choosing the wrong medication in a pull-down menu), patients sometimes end up with the wrong medication—which could cause harm or even death. Big data can help reduce these error rates dramatically by analyzing the patient’s records with all medications prescribed and flagging anything that seems out of place. MedAware, an Israeli startup has already developed this type of software, with encouraging results. Records for 747,985 patients were analyzed in a clinical study, and from those, 15,693 were flagged. From a sample of 300, about 75% of these alerts were validated, showing that the software could be an important tool for physicians, potentially saving the industry up to $21 billion per year.

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    The health sector needs to optimize resources to improve operational efficiency and improve the quality of services. Leveraging big data in healthcare delivers better patient outcomes, saves costs, and improves efficiency across departments. Technological advances in health care have contributed to the accumulation of so much data that with modern technology it has become unmanageable. It includes patient and treatment documentation, disease statistics, demographics, and payments, which is an ever-expanding body of data.