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Camp Pinewood- Best Game So Far

Guild Recruitment

Camp Pinewood: This is the beginning region of the game and the fundamental non-handling region of the game. This is the spot in light of the fact that the scout just meets es cleanser.   Practices show one more player's information around here. It likewise incorporates a pit fire and unique source material that scouts can gather on the unpleasant waterway prior to chowing and taking. There is likewise a reserve that gives Scout its most memorable organization.   Yearning, thirst, and exhaustion don't die down there.   You show up at Summer Camp Pinewood and you figure out you're the main man here.   A camp is brimming with delightful young ladies. You want to figure out what is happening in the camp and decide.

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    Down there, thirst, fatigue, and need don't go away.

    As soon as you arrive at Summer Camp Pinewood, you realize that you are the only man there.

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