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Game Guide
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1) Equip Gear : You can equip or upequip the gear you want  

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2) Level Up You can increase your gear level in here. ㆍ When the level of the gears increases, the stats will also increase ㆍ Use gear-specific EXP item. ㆍ EXP items gives different amount of EXP depending on its tier. ㆍ Gear levels up when certain amount of EXP has been accumulated. ㆍ Max level of a gear depends on its rank. * Required Items for Gear Level Up - Weapon: Battle Data + Coin - Armor : Gem Powder + Coin  

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3) Rank Up You can rank up a gear in here. ㆍTo rank up, the level of the gear must be maxed ㆍTo rank up the gear, materials for promotion and golds are necessary. ㆍ Required materials for Rank Up differs by the rank of the gear. * Required Items for Gear Rank Up - Weapon: Weapon Core + Internal Part + External Part - Armor: Brooch Core + Brooch Ore + Brooch Decoration   The gear EXP is maintained even after the Rank up ㆍGear EXP varies pending on the rank of the item ex) S rank Lvl 30 Rank up -> SS rank Lvl 15 ㆍOnce ranked up, the gear rank is increased ㆍHigher rank gears gain higher stats per level ㆍRank up is available up to SSS rank

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4) Craft : Only Gears fully ranked up and leveled up can be used to craft ㆍThe max level of the gear is increased once crafted successfully ㆍThe level of the item will be reset after crafting and needs to be leveled up again * Items needed for crafting - Weapon craft: Same weapon + Coin - Armory craft: Same armory + Coin  

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5) Dismantle : You can disassemble unnecessary gears ㆍYou can get items required for rank up through dismantle ㆍItem will not be restored once dismantled, so please proceed with caution        

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