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Game Guide
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1) Mailbox To claim rewards sent by mail ㆍEvent reward, Hot time reward can be claimed through the mailbox ㆍAfter you have claimed the item the letter is disposed ㆍCube is summoned immediately after being claimed from the mailbox ㆍYou must claim the item from the mailbox before the expiration date (Item is disposed if it is not obtained before the expiration date)   2) Event : To check the current events in the process ㆍCan check the current events in the process and claim the completed event rewards   3) Mission : Check the incompleted missions and the missions in progress Claim the reward through mission tab after the completion ㆍ[Daily mission] - Mission of the day. Daily reset ㆍ[Continuous Mission] - Consecutive mission you can proceed throughout the game   4) Bag : To Check the items ㆍYou can find your elemental stones, shards, and other consumable for experience or upgrade ㆍYou may sell the items for coins if unnecessary ㆍIf you lack the space for storage, you may expand by spending coins and crystals   5) Guild : To check the guild activity ㆍYou may check, create, join, leave the guild under the guild tab ㆍIf you are already in a guild, you may check guild points under [Research center] and claim the reward   6) Chat : To chat with users currently online ㆍYou may switch your chat tab from channel/guild/friends ㆍPlease be aware any use of inappropriate or offensive language can lead to chat restriction. Let's manner up.   7) Help : To check out everything you need to know about Blank City ㆍ If you guys have any questions about the game, please click the Help tab to learn!   8) Settings : To change the setting for the game ㆍGraphic/console/sound/alarm can be altered through the setting tab ㆍPlease check out terms of service/Game inquiry/Official website through [Info] Tab  

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