Kirimaru LV.6 Supersonic
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Game mechanics and others

Ideas & Suggestions

Game seems to be missing some pull mechanics(pull mobs into one place). I understand that it might have an impact with the overall game design but, I think it will be nice to have this feature could help a lot in crowd control since there are quite a lot of stages where mobs spawn a lot and in all directions too. I also don't know if it have some copyright issues or anything since HI3 have it but it's definitely good to have. If we can't have this one maybe try adding a push skill instead? Something like the ex skill that will activate on a certain condition. When used it will push away enemies a bit(this is just to avoid perma stun lock from bunch of mobs) I'd like to comment on the following as well: •Skills sometimes becomes one of the weakness of a watcher. How? Some of them are not cancelable and watchers are also vulnerable while casting them. Might be good to consider adding invulnerability or animation cancelling to do evasive manuevers instead or, add interrupt ability on some of them (not required to be present in all skills). Aside from the skill itself there a few non-relevant animations that must be cancelable like, miyazawa's sheath blade animations(when an ex skill missed and the ones after the ex skill itself). CC abilities(freeze/stun) must take effect even if the mob has black shroud not unless, it's clearly indicated somewhere that mobs are immune to CC when they have that. •Too much fire type watchers with only one wind type? Having another range character with this type would be nice too. It will serve as a counter to the water type(estelle) range watcher specially for pvp where it's hard to reach a range character when you're a melee type. •Events provide a lot of hearts. Its good but, there's quite few event stages to spend them on. Maybe consider adding time limited stages as well?(It would be nice if you can give crystal rewards too it's fine for me if they're just few as long as there are more options for us to farm them as crystal are required for gearing up. Less gears = slow progress) •Camera auto target seems off and makes it harder fight when you have to manually rotate it. Have it rotate automatically when you walk on a specific direction as well like after 1-2 secs going to right the camera must rotate to adapt to the watchers view to see map effectively. •Some melee counter skills needs optimization in my opinion. Take a look at Shizuka's skill. When you counter a range attack from a mob and its too far away from you, you'd take damage if it does another range attack since you become position locked without any means of canceling the animation to evade the second incoming attack. My suggestion will be to make her dash behind the enemy then perform the counter attack. That way it can really be considered a good counter skill. Also, will it have negative impact if hold gesture is used for block? I know block and dodge shares the same cooldown at the moment since they are on the same button but, can we do something to increase the time a watcher does the block move? Like try to block until the button is released. •Lack of indicators for targetting. I notice some stages don't have means of knowing which is the current target of your watcher. Maybe, add a circle below the mob or glowing border to it. Also for the seal missions, can we add color coding to the arrow pointers for mobs? Red for the floating ones and other color for the mobs that only distract you. •Another indicator option. Maybe add a standard sound that will play when a mob is about to attack. Its hard to time the counters and dodge specially when there are tons of mobs or even a single one. Some of them don't even have an indicator on their normal attack too. Also, increase the delay on their attacks a bit. Sometimes it makes me feel like they move/attack smoother than my watchers. •For the gears, maybe consider increasing the bonus stats(percentage) not just the attack,def and hp. It feels less rewarding to upgrade stuffs since it only gives few bonus. •Same type of muffin and other stuffs when doing hard stages? Maybe try to rank them up a bit? It's fine if you make it fewer too. •Maybe add item that we can purchase via coins too? •For ranked matches I also noticed this behavior, when you got disconnected mid battle, the enemy becomes invulnerable and doesn't move. When the connection gets back, you take tons of damage. Was the game actually trying to reconnect mid match? I believe it will be better to try reconnecting on game result screen than mid game since its not a live battle. •Add more description on the pop up menu when a backpack item is clicked. Example: Watcher fragments show where to farm them and make those map descriptions clickable. Jump to map when clicked. •Unequip option for gears so we can swap them between watchers. •Add level bracket on rank matches as it looks unfair for newbies to fight high level players. I do understand that playerbase is still small its why we have the current matching system but, we might need this one in the future. •Bulk purchase in material shop. •"Receive all" function for cubes in mail. •Add equipped items in bag(weapons/armor,e. stones) just add label which ones are being used by a watcher(add an icon of each watcher on top left of the item maybe?) •Rather than having auto, add movespeed and attack speed buff for berserk mode also, it will be nice if we can consume 2 runs worth stamina(heart) in just one run. More like, we do 1 run but we use double stamina and get double rewards too. •Add target locking for skills. At the moment, watchers keep on changing targets even if you don't want it like, shizuka using her normal skill to do the multiple slash on an enemy then, suddenly a mob got closer, when she does the jump, she will target the mob that got close to you instead of your previous target. This is bad when you are fighting boss. Instead of dealing maximum damage to boss using skill, the damage is reduced because the target is changed. •As for normal attacks, ranged watchers such as Estelle can't target moving mobs properly. Whenver you hit the mob, when it moves, the targetting system should follow the direction of where the mob is going not target on the same location where the mob is located before. I'm also quite sure the the mobs are within my firing range, so I shouldn't be missing on that one. •Add detailed stats of watchers in the watcher screen that way we could easily compute total damage output and how much damage we can resist.

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