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Jun 29, 2019, 11:35 AM 446 read

Energy Consumption Daily Event or Hot Time Revamped

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Dear Developers Have a nice day!! I play Blank City Every day,but something has bothering me,so i want to suggest some event or buff that maybe will make us enjoy this game more... i realize that every aspect or gameplay in this game are all required Energy.... and i only have max 93 Energy,and it always running out fast... especially when i play gameplay that requires so much energy,like Challenge..... one thing i want to suggest is... Make Energy Consumption Event,or Hot Time Event Revamped So,when this event Started,Players will get : - All Energy Consumption halved,example : When you play 3 Times scenario mode that use 15 energy that will total use 45 Energy.... instead using 45 Energy,when this event start,it will make energy use halved... maybe only use 25 energy etc.... - 30% Coin Increase (This already good,keep it) - 30% Exp Increase (Why not 50% Instead??) and please.. do it everyday,or maybe you can make it active 5 hours per day or create feature or switch in game that give players decision,whether they want to activate Hot Time Effect or not,and if Hot Time Effect already runs out,Player can choose Whether will pay for crystal to activate it again.... or wait until daily reset ^^ I just want to enjoy this game... coz in my opinion,This Game have so much potential to be great game ^^ Thank You

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