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life hack for minecraft

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Hey guys, this blog will be of Minecraft Lifehacks, which are basically small tricks or things that are helpful. You might have known most of these, but hopefully at least one thing will be new! Hope you guys enjoy! If you have any LifeHacks of your own, please comment them below! One more thing: with the latest updates, a few of these things might have changed. :P   1. Turning particles off makes string invisible. 2. You can cover Glowstone with carpet without losing the light. 3. Putting carpet over fence will let you jump over the fence, but keep mobs out. 4. Putting vines on redstone ore makes the ore look like berries. 5. To make a carpet float without anything under it, put a lilypad under where you want the carpet, place the carpet, and break the lilypad. Also works for sand and gravel! 6. You can walk through Paintings if there is no block behind it. 7. You can find out the time without crafting a clock. Just put the clock recipe in the crafting table, and the item display will show the correct time. 8. Skeletons give more experience than Zombies. 9. Protection I Iron Armor is essentially the same protection as unenchanted Diamond Armor. 10. Spruce leaves do not change color in different biomes. 11. For natural fog, turn your render distance down to around 7-9 chunks. 12. If you have a tall pillar of sand or gravel, break the bottom block and quickly place a torch for them to all fall. (Mostly everyone knows that one) 13. Multiple beacons can be placed on the same pyramid, the tope layer just has to fit all the beacons. 14. Shearing Mooshrooms turns them into regular cows. 15. Fully grown wheat without a water source will stay in the soil, and not break. 16. Renaming an item will make it cheaper to repair in an anvil. 17. Wearing a pumpkin as a helmet will prevent enderman from getting angry at you. 18. Putting a block 2 spaces above cactus will automatically break the 3rd cactus block that grows. Hoppers on the bottom can turn it into an auto harvester! 19. CTRL + H will show you how much durability an item has left on it. 20. Horses can be healed faster with wheat or potions. 21. Sprinting now also works while swimming and flying. 22. Fire Aspect Swords instantly cook the meat. 23. Naming an animal dinnerbone will make it upside down. 24. naming a sheep _jeb will make it rainbow! you can watch in this link  

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