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Are you going to area 51


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Где все?

Всем Привет. Куда все пропали?

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lv 19 rank 1, 10 minutes after server reset. the dude already has 2k points in less than 10 minutes .. what the actual fk? your game is full of cheaters. no updates in 3 fvcking weeks. bugs everywhere, 5 second super armor is still active, flero wasn't this stupid before.... what the hell is happening to your company?

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Power rating

This game is either retarded or just plain stupid...

power ratings don't mean anything in pvp and time attack... low levels cheating and devs aren't doing anything at all....

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Update and Feedback

To start with, you guys really should get feedback regarding your updates from the user base. That's standard protocol if you guys really want to continue this game long term.
Now about the latest update, it's mostly a degrade instead of an upgrade tbh.
1. The weapon/armor shards removal from story stages with increased ap costs regardless of difficulty is just demotivating and pointless. There is now no variety in repeating story stages and nothing rewarding about higher difficulties. The previous update was very good. If you want a good example, please take a look at Honkai Impact 3.
2. The utterly ABSURD ap cost in Challenge missions and almost little to no rewards is just going to mess with players and make them lose interest. Add the over-the-top difficulty for raid quests is just annoying. I honestly like to believe you guys just messed up the difficulty between LV 2 and 3 because even with required/high cp it's not possible to do.
3. Previously we could get 16 weapon/armor boxes for 32-40 ap. Now we get 1 box for 25 ap. Same applies for all other dungeons. If this supposed to motivate players? Or you guys want to keep them away? Please choose one.
4. Please add some variety to the login rewards. They are basically copy-paste of the previous month. As a developer myself, i don't believe it is that hard to just change the shard type and weapons/armor.
5. Defense-type missions have mistaken enemy type shown in Mission Screen.
6. Position of supports almost makes them invisible. They could be put in a better place.
7. Please increase the ap cap if you are planning to degrade the game like this. With a meager 107 AP (in my case) in not really possible to enjoy the game at it's current state. Rather it's a turn-off.
Edits: Don't want to create a separate post for this.
8. All story stages except Shard ones (15 ap) cost 10 ap and gives out only 1 of the lowest exp items compared to the 2-3 we got before. This just feels like a slap in the face at this point.
9. The story stages have their difficulty lowered which is helpful and updated rewards for completing stages. But unfortunately (surprise) those who already finished the stages are cheated out of several hundreds of shards for watchers, weapons and armors.
10. Stella's counter almost never stuns and Estelle's ex1 has a good amount lag which makes sure the skill misses most of the time. These are some of the few problems.
Honestly i like the new secondary skill but everything else is just bad. Almost everything good about the previous update is removed and the game feels like a worse cash grub then FGO.
Honkai Impact 3 made their game user friendly and interesting with each update and FGO has it amazing story to continue. With you recent horrendous changes, most of the users are either already pissed off or will stop playing. If you arrange a feedback on the Facebook page, you will mostly see opinions echoing this.
I sincerely hope that you guys will reverse these changes that takes the joy out of the game. I had fun playing this game but will probably stop playing until the game becomes somewhat playable and i am not the only one.
I take it back.
Any other game would have EXPLAINED about severe nonsensical changes.
Any other game would have BALANCED for changes like this.
Any other game would have offered an APOLOGY alongside COMPENSATION.
Any other game would have thrown in more than 50 in-game currency for a trash update like this.
It's like you guys changed your entire team and added all possible ways to hinder player progression.
This game is going to the trash heap soon at it's current stage which is sad considering the story and characters were nice and gameplay was fun. But since the game treats the player base like crap, there isn't much other choice.

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about update stuffs

It was better... until these happened

- Estelle's Rising Shot became harder to inflict frost debuff (with frost debuff guns) or even hitting enemies
- Attack button feels a bit smaller and does not respond immediately after finishing dodge
- No weapon shard on story missions = No Fun. Unless you increase the amount of rewards for Raid which is not the case
- Raid boss is a lot harder and takes longer time to beat yet the number of rewards are fewer
- "Adjustment on enemies attack speed" yet Combatant Demon's kick attack still insanely fast
- Some missions have increased stamina cost

I'm just gonna uninstall the game and maybe come back in 6 months to see if the game improved and has stable development. Right now it's all over the places.

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Char Detail

We need it more soft texture

LV.1 Mootie 6mo

PvP system

Can you change the system where by the loser has the combined lower hp because It's pretty annoying to always lose because of the time and my opp's hp is always near 1 dot.

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Why a lot of people are having problems with protect the seal stages

Disclaimer: The video does not contain a perfect run of the stage. Thus, a lot of mistakes are made. It can be used to get ideas on how to clear the stage if needed but, the main purpose of this post is actually to discuss why a lot of people are having problems with the said stages.

The following items are the possible causes:

•Lack of grouping/pulling mechanics.
- As you can see on the video, the mobs can instanly shift their attention back to the crystal even if you already attacked them. One tactic to complete the stage is to actually delay the mobs from spawing waves just like how you do it on tower defense games. The problem here is, we have multiple enemies spawing from multiple directions and we only have a single watcher to stop them. We need some way to make them take the same path going to the crystal so that we can deal with them as a group. Unlike in tower defense games where we can place different towers on specific points to slow them down.

•Rounded maps
- It is common for this stages to use rounded maps. The problem I see here is that only a few watchers have normal skills with rounded direction of attack(most of them have linear or fan shaped) with this, we can't damage enemies on our rear not unless we cast insignia skills which takes some time to charge(not unless we have 3 set Sansubaek or double insignia gain bonus from equipments) or, we can use Stella or Luna who can attack on all directions with the latter being expensive not unless you whale or you're so lucky to get her from a few rolls.

•Freedom to use the crowd control skills
- So far, from what I've observed there are some watchers who have built in CC skills (Estelle's can freeze from her normal skill, Stella's can stun from her counter same goes for Lixia with her normal). The problem with this is, they can't be used immediately some require charge, some require you to wait for enemy attack just to counter which waste a few seconds and can lead to enemies getting close to crystal.

•Wave spawn
- Mobs spawn immediately after a wave has been cleared and you cannot fully delay it since they will spawn regardless of the previous wave being cleared or not.

•Power level
- Defense and hp somewhat also add in total power level so you really can't trust the recommendation. As seen on the video, my power level is way higher than the recommened but still, I barely manage to protect the stone.

For now, as a work around, what players can do are the following:

•Maintain aggro from shrouded mobs while positioning the watchers far away from crystal or killing the shrouded mobs fast enough(which requires good gears).
•Do not kill the waves of mobs too fast more mobs will come in as they increase every wave.
•Get gears/e.stones that provide instant insignia charge or could help charging faster as you need it as early as possible.
•Focus more on building up damage rather than defense since this will help taking out mobs faster.
•Reserve the insignia skills for killing shrouded mobs since it can also remove their shields.
•Try to do hit and run on normal mobs as much as possible to group them then cast normal once they are grouped. If shrouded mobs is inside that group much better.

Feel free to comment if you have better work arounds/strategies on these stages or if you have any additional point to add why this type of stage is harder to complete compared to others.

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Too Difficult even power is higher than recommended

This is so difficult even my power is higher than recommended, please fix it

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Chat ban

Please,can u fix chat ban,i wrrite shards and after that i get chat ban for typing SS,there are others stupid words that get ban

LV.1 Mootie 9mo

Active Guild 'Galaxy' is recruiting!

Hello captain! Wanna join our force and get awesome guild rewards? Search 'Galaxy' in the guild section and join us today! Everyone can join!

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New Player

I was very surprised at this game. I love the concept, there is a lot of potential for this game.
I can not wait to see more (* ^ ▽ ^ *)
For those looking for a guild, do not hesitate to join "Protector", we will be delighted to work with you !

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New Game

nice work
i don't understand about this game. but this very good for an anime game

LV.1 Mootie 9mo

guild recruitment

CUTE guild recruiting

we have our discord server

come join

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feels bad man

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Join Blank City Community! 加入我們吧!

Our group was created on Facebook!
Just search Blank City in Facebook, you can see the result "Blank City交流區".
There is allow using English and Chinese (English better)!

在FB搜索Blank City交流區, 就能夠找到我們。

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this game looks fun

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Protecting mission 3-7

Many people are stucking at 3-7 and yeah we know that the objective is lure the mops til the last second but it dosen't matter with this stage. The mops keep respawning on the other side it's totally different, compare to the other stages and I'll leave the pics as my ref here.
6-5 easy rec power 3.9k but I completed it by 3.4k only
and here 3-7 normal rec power is 2.8k but I found this one is difficult more than 6-5
by the way I believe that I'm not the only one here for sure. Since, someone already started the thread about this

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feel blank man ><

LV.2 Lurker 10mo

Wtf my friend just got it 😫😓

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help, got bug on this quest
alredy clear this quest and when i try to get the reward i didnt get it,alredy check invent too but didnt get the elemental stone
after i try to relog this quest need to get cleared again and my elementap stone is gone

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Kawaki 😊

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blank city

blank city

LV.1 Mootie 10mo