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Jan 28, 2019, 10:58 PM 4,059 read

[Event] Carnival Event (Update ~ 5/14 23:59 UTC+9)


Hey, Captain! Please let me nofiy the upcoming carnival event.   Complete carnival event and get the final reward ' Festival First Shopping Loot Costume Ticket ' for Stella!   ■ Event Details - Event dates : After Update ~ 5/14 23:59 (UTC+9) - How to participate : Tap [Carnival] icon on the right of the mainscreen - Details : Carnival events will be opened for day by day (total 7 days), and available after the opening. : You can go on to the next mission after complete the mission, and it should be complete in the order. : When complete a each mission, you can earn a reward. : You can claim the final reward when you complete the every mission by end of the event. * You can check the rewards for each mission at [Carnival] event. * Every missions are available until the end of the event. Please note that it is unnecessary to complete the mission on the opening day.   Thank you !

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  • Jentai LV.10 Ho Ho Ho! Jan 28, 2019, 11:21 PM

    Thanks for info!

  • gamer886737270 LV.1 Mootie Jan 29, 2019, 05:44 AM


  • Nekomaki LV.2 Lurker Feb 8, 2019, 04:42 AM

    i just need to complete the get wolf shaman quest but can't finish it coz i can't clear 3-7 till i get the hint from someone,dis sux

  • Ricado LV.1 Mootie Feb 12, 2019, 04:45 PM

    Why do I need to download the client again every time I update?