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2/26 Update and Maintenance Notice (10:00 ~ 12:10 UTC + 9)


The maintenance for update will be carried out.   Please refer to the schedule below!   ========================================= ■ 2/26 Update Notice ■ - Maintenance Period : 2/26 10:00 ~ 12:10 (UTC+9 / KST) - Maintenance Purpose: Apply latest update ※ The maintenance time is subject to change due to internal circumstances.   ■Update Details■   [System & Content] 1. [Craft] Page Renewal : Gear [Craft] page is renewed. : Users are able to check the details of gears in 3D.   2. Beginner Tutorial Added : Beginner tutorials of “Character/ Gear Level Up” and “Elemental Stones” are added.   [Modifications] 1. Users are able to go directly to location from gear tooltip 2. Stage difficulty is downgraded : Difficulty of Stage [3-7] Easy / Normal / Difficult is downgraded. 3. Boss monster skill damage of certain stages is lowered. : Difficulty of Stage [4-10], [5-6], [6-3], [6-6] Easy / Normal / difficult is downgraded. 4. Recommended Power Level is modified : The Recommended Power Level for each scenario, challenge mode and ranking mode is modified to match the difficulty.   [Event] 1. (End) Seiko's weaponry/armory probability up event is ended. : The summon rate of Seiko and equipment (Frozen Nebula, Night Wolf Brooch) is restored to the original state.   [Fixed Errors] 1. The error message occurred when a guild member remains during guild disband. 2. The error on the displayed number of Challenging mode entry limits.   ========================================= We will strive to do our best to complete maintenance on time. Enjoy your time in Blank City!   Thank you!


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