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Sep 2, 2019, 02:38 PM 10,578 read

[Blank City Shutdown Notice]


Dear all captains, Prior to the notice, despite your support, we’d like to apologize deeply on delivering a sad news. We constantly attempted to provide a high-quality service but have came to a resolution this could not last any longer. Unfortunately, we have decided to suspend the game service on October 1st, 2019. It is with a heavy heart to end the service as well for us as for the captains of Blank City. Many captains have shown love for the game and tried to make it better, which made tremendous amount of difference and couldn’t have come this far without you all. It was our honor to have socialize with you captains, and we thank you heartily. Even though the service of Blank City will discontinue, the memory of the game with you all will last forever. We apologize again for the end of the service, and we promise to give you the best until our termination. Please refer down below regarding the game service and forum closure schedule. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Blank City Shutdown Notice - In-app purchases are no longer available from 2019.09.02 - Blank City is unavailable after 2019.10.01 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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