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[Guide] Soul Stone system

Hello, captains! Welcome to Blank City. Soul Stone system is added through the update on 18th June! Let me guide users how to obtain and use the Soul Stone in details!   From Acquisition of the Soul Stone to its appliance! Let’s start to guide how to use Soul Stone! =========================================== ■ The Guide about How to Use Soul Stone   1. Enter a page on Soul Stone: - Uses cam enter the page by clicking [Soul Stone] on the menu bar at the main page.

  2. Soul Gemstone - Soul Gemstone is a material to obtain the Soul Stone and users can get it during in-game play. - Users can obtain them by totally 4 routes such as accumulated play rewards on Challenge Mode / 28 days attendance rewards / Millage store purchase and users can save them up 100 gems. Please note that over 100 gems will automatically disappear! - The Soul Gemstone is composed of 5 levels like low/medium/high/Premium/Rare level, and users can obtain the Soul Stone by refining the Soul Gemstones.   3. All kinds of Soul Stones - Users can check their Soul Stones obtained by clicking [Maintenance] tap on the Soul Stone page. - Soul Stone has 5 ranking levels like Faint/Shining/Radiant/Dazzling/Brilliant Soul Stone, and its higher rank refers to bigger stats - The Soul Stone consists of Normal and Special Soul Stones, and applied effects are varied responding to Soul Stone Types. > Ability Soul Stone: Increase each stat on characters. > Special Soul Stone: apply rebuff infliction effect to weapons. - Please check the Soul Stone Types on the table below and users can find its detailed information on the tap [Soul Stone Codex].

4. Craft Soul Stone - To craft Soul Gemstones is required in order to obtain Soul Stone, and users can check the rank of Soul Stone in advance during the time to refine the Soul Stone. - Users can use Crystal to save crafting time instantly, and the quantity of Crystal will decrease as much as the quantity of the refining time.

- Once the crafting Soul Gemstone is completed, users can obtain 1-5 Soul Stones. The higher ranking Soul Gemstones have more possibility to get higher ranking Soul Stones.   5. Unlock Socket - After obtaining the Soul Stone, users should unlock socket on the weapon that users want to equip with the Soul Stone. - Main materials for” Unlock Socket“ are “Light of Soul” and after the ‘Unlock Socket’ process, users can equip the Soul Stone - Each weapon can unlock sockets totally in three steps (I,II,III) and Light of Soul also consists of steps (I,II,III). The same level step matches each other to unlock the socket and they can be unlocked by step turns.

- Light of Soul can be obtained through accumulated play rewards on Challenge Mode / 28 days attendance rewards / Millage store purchase.   [Accumulated Play rewards List on Challenge Mode]

  6. Soul Stone Exchange - Users can use “Exchange” system to transfer Soul Stone obtained from crafting to the different Soul Stone. - Soul Stones can be used to exchange for Points, and these Points can be used to obtain other Soul Stones! Each point can be obtained corresponding the Soul Stone like the table below;

- Used exchange points can be sorted into Faint/Shining/Radiant/Dazzling/Brilliant rankings, and the obtaining possibility will increase once each ranking is approached.

  7. Retrieve Soul Stone - The Soul Stone can be retrieved at charge.

- Please note that higher Soul Stones costs more Crystals to retrieve the Soul Stones! Please check the details on the table below;

Those are all as the guide about the Soul Stone! Please enjoy the Soul Stones to make your Watchers stronger!   Thank you, captains!  

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