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[Complete] 6/18 Update and Maintenance Notice (10:00 ~ 12:40 UTC + 9)

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  Hello, Captains! Welcome to Blank City.   Let me announce an expected update on 18th June. Through the update, the current “Challenge Mode” would be renewed and additional contents regarding the new system ”Soul Stone” will be added. With the new changes, please develop your watchers! So now let's take a look on the details of this new update!   ================================== ■ 6/18 Update Notice ■   - Maintenance Period : 6/18 10:00 ~ 13:00 (UTC+9 / KST) - Maintenance Purpose: Apply latest update ※ The maintenance time is subject to change due to internal circumstances.   ■ Update Details ■   1. Challenge Mode System Renewal > Mode names in Challenge Mode will be changed in order to make beginners understand easily. - Elimination > EXP Dungeon - Operation > Gear Rank Up Material Dungeon - Seal Mission > E. Stone Dungeon - Raid > Weapon Shard Dungeon - Defense > Armor Shard Dungeon   > Users can challenge daily 4 times to the each mode. (Because the daily different number of times to the modes becomes same as 4 times). ※ Until now, the current Challenge Mode allows attendance differently on each theme dungeon or family dungeon. However, after the renewal update, the attendance will be counted totally so daily basic attendance should be 4 times each. (But, using “crystal” can attend 5 times daily) > In Challenge Mode, accumulated “clear” times can obtain Crude/Lesser/Normal Soul stone and Light of Soul.   2. Addition to “Soul Stone” system > Users can add “Soul Stone” on the Amor item through Soul Stone system [Main > Menu > Soul Stone] > Once Soul stone is set, additional stats can increase. Three ones can be adapted to each Amor. > Users can obtain Soul Stone by totally 3 routes such as accumulated play rewards on Challenge Mode / 28 days attendance rewards / Millage store purchase > But, at Time Attack dungeon, Soul stone would be also adjusted up to the current rule. > Please check the Soul Stone guide notice about how to use the Soul Stone!   3. Addition to new mission type > A new mission type will be added to “Mission series” following the new content. - Time attack clear - Soul Stone refine - Soul Stone Acquisition - Unlock Soul Stone Socket - Soul Stone Exchange Point Acquisition   4. Elemental Stone / Weapon Pick–up Summoning Event > The Summoning event will have high possibility to obtain certain items! > Users can participate in the pick-up event at the Summon store. Increase in summoning possibility will be only applied to the pick-up event. > Please check the Pick–up Summoning Event notice about how to use the event and its list!   5. Addition to New Packages > In the package store, “Starter Package II”, and “Starter Package III” products are newly added and a user can buy only once. > Since the update on 18th June, the Starter Package is composed of Starter Package I, Starter Package II, and Starter Package III, which are totally 3 step levels. Please note that users can buy from Starter Package I in a timely order > Please check the table below regarding products “Starter Package II” and “Starter Package III”

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6. Other Modifications > Thai language CS email address is transferred to English CS email address. > The language problems to the banner on Time Attack Demon Resurrection are fixed. > The remaining time error on Buff item at the Vending Machine in Chinese is fixed.   Kindly show your keen interest to these new additions! Thank you.

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