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5/30 Update and Maintenance Notice (10:00 ~ 13:30 UTC + 9)

Hello Captain! Welcome to Blank City.   Here is to inform you about the update on 30th May. New skills and items will be added for each character during the update, A new ranking system "Time Attack" that can stimulate the challenge spirit of our captains will also be added to make the gameplay more diverse. So now let's take a look on the details of this new update!   ================================== ■ 5/30 Update Notice ■   - Maintenance Period : 5/30 10:00 ~ 13:30 (UTC+9 / KST) - Maintenance Purpose: Apply latest update ※ The maintenance time is subject to change due to internal circumstances.   ■ Update Details ■   1. New Active Skill Added > Shizuka/Yina/Stella/Luna character's Active2 skill and combo skill EX2 are added. > Active2 skill & EX2 skill can be activated from Rank A watcher. > New skill-related tutorials are available on stage 1-2. ※ Seiko/Lixia/Estelle/Jenny character's Active2 skill and combo skill EX2 will be applied sequentially during the upcoming updates. Stay tuned.   2. “Time Attack” Mode Added > Ranking system "Time Attack" mode has been newly added. > "Time Attack" mode is a content that requires captains to clear the stage within the time limit. It sets the ranking among players based on the final clear time. > Main Screen [Ranking] > Gameplay available from [Time Attack] . > Same as the existing ranking system, you will receive corresponding rewards once it is cleared, Weekly rewards will be given according to weekly ranking.   3. New Items Added > A new costume is added for the listed four characters: Seiko/Stella/Luna/Jenny > A new weapon is added for each listed family: Miyazawa/Liu/Licht/Ansley > A new armor is added for each listed family: Miyazawa/Liu/Licht/Ansley   4. Changed acquisition paths for certain items > It is possible to acquire the gear shards from the existing specific scenario dungeon. But after the update, the gear shards can be obtained only under the challenge mode. > Some of the rewards that captains can obtain under Challenge mode will be changed. Please check the table below for details.   5/30 Challenge Mode Obtainable Item Change

  5. In-game Certain UI Improvement > Rank - Playing time of the PVP mode has been changed from 90 seconds (1min 30sec) to 180 seconds (3min). > A character information UI is added so that you can check the gear & elemental stone status of each selected character when entering the watcher page. > The UI is improved so that you can check the character's power level in the Growth / Skill / Dressing Room from the watcher page. > "Combo Skill List" button is added to the skill page so that you can check the combos for each skill. Take a look at the Combo Skill List to try out various combat styles! > When a character dies, the guide pop-ups on how to grow a character are improved in a more convenient way.   6. Others and Improvement > Boss monster's Dark Shroud effect has been improved, the gauge effect is added when the Dark Shroud is destroyed. > Attack speed of certain monsters which considered too fast has been adjusted. > As the player moves, the movable button that follows the movement is changed to a fixed one. > In guild member level, sub-guild leader feature is added. : Sub-guild leader can conduct basic guild management on behalf of guild leader. (Guild message edit right, guild membership approval, etc.) : Each guild can chose maximum 15 Sub-guild leaders.   7. New Package Added >A new "Watcher Pack" is available in the package store. Each user account is allowed to purchase for 2 times. > Please refer to the below table for more details regarding the watcher products.   Watcher Pack Products Detail

Kindly show your keen interest to these new additions! Thank you.

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