Blank City FAQ

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Blank City FAQ
Blank City FAQ
BlankCity BlankCity
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Vending Machine

Vending Machine
: Obtain buff effect by purchasing drinks from the vending machine
ㆍFBD Drink: Increase ATK dmg by 10% for 1hr
ㆍSky Soda: Increase DEF by 10% for 1hr
ㆍDrinks can be purchased with coins
ㆍBuff effect is increased proportionally on multiple purchases.
ㆍBuff effect and the time remaining can be checked in the main screen by clicking on the soda icon

Vending Machine
Vending Machine
BlankCity BlankCity
LV.15 GameManager 4years


1) Equip Gear
: You can equip or upequip the gear you want
2) Level Up
You can increase your gear level in here.
ㆍ When the level of the gears increases, the stats will also increase
ㆍ Use gear-specific EXP item.
ㆍ EXP items gives different amount of EXP depending on its tier.
ㆍ Gear levels up when certain amount of EXP has been accumulated.
ㆍ Max level of a gear depends on its rank.
* Required Items for Gear Level Up
- Weapon: Battle Data + Coin
- Armor : Gem Powder + Coin
3) Rank Up
You can rank up a gear in here.
ㆍTo rank up, the level of the gear must be maxed
ㆍTo rank up the gear, materials for promotion and golds are necessary.
ㆍ Required materials for Rank Up differs by the rank of the gear.
* Required Items for Gear Rank Up
- Weapon: Weapon Core + Internal Part + External Part
- Armor: Brooch Core + Brooch Ore + Brooch Decoration
The gear EXP is maintained even after the Rank up
ㆍGear EXP varies pending on the rank of the item
ex) S rank Lvl 30 Rank up -> SS rank Lvl 15
ㆍOnce ranked up, the gear rank is increased
ㆍHigher rank gears gain higher stats per level
ㆍRank up is available up to SSS rank
4) Craft
: Only Gears fully ranked up and leveled up can be used to craft
ㆍThe max level of the gear is increased once crafted successfully
ㆍThe level of the item will be reset after crafting and needs to be leveled up again
* Items needed for crafting
- Weapon craft: Same weapon + Coin
- Armory craft: Same armory + Coin
5) Dismantle
: You can disassemble unnecessary gears
ㆍYou can get items required for rank up through dismantle
ㆍItem will not be restored once dismantled, so please proceed with caution

Gear +6
BlankCity BlankCity
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Ranked Mode

1) Ranking
: Participate in [Cooperative Raid] or [PvP]
ㆍRanking will be selected pending on the points earned
ㆍYou may obtain reward once a week pending on the ranking
2) Ranking - Cooperative Raid
: Select 3 characters and eliminate the target to win!
ㆍYou may select 3 characters to participate in the raid
ㆍYou gain control of one character and you may tag in mid-battle
ㆍAI-controlled characters ATK damage is lowered but gains DEF
3) Ranking - PvP
: Open PvP against other players
ㆍSelect two characters for a 2:2 PvP
ㆍOnce you have eliminated both of your opponent's characters you win
ㆍThree match-up is randomly selected. Once you have defeated all three
of your opponents, you may claim the reward and refresh for the new three
opponents for PvP.

Ranked Mode +2
Ranked Mode
BlankCity BlankCity
LV.15 GameManager 4years

Elemental Stone

1) Elemental Stone
: You can increase specific character's stats by equipping the Elemental Stone at Character > Elemental Stone.
ㆍThere are 5 elements for the stones (Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Earth).
ㆍSome stones have set effect. Special synergy effect may be activated if the stone and the character matches.
2) How can I get the Elemental Stone?
: You can obtain daily Elemental Stones from Seal Mission.
3) Elemental Stone Fusion
: Elemental Stones of same rank can be fused.
ㆍ5 Elemental Stones can be fused together to create a stone of higher rank.
ㆍThe Elemental Stones used for fusing will disappear.

Elemental Stone
Elemental Stone
BlankCity BlankCity
LV.15 GameManager 4years


1) Move
: Move by using console shown in the picture
2) Normal Attack
: Click on the Attack button to use normal attack
3) Evasion
: Evade the enemy's attack. You can use the evasion button (SP) in the following ways:
ㆍCounterattack: Click SP on strike without moving
ㆍEvasion: Click SP while moving
ㆍEvasion2: In the event of an attack or fall, use the SP button to breakfall.
4) Tag
: To switch up between characters (main/sub), click on the "P" button to
swap in battle.

BlankCity BlankCity
LV.15 GameManager 4years


: Blank City's core scenario
ㆍEach chapter consists of 10 stages, and you can get EXP, rewards on clearing
ㆍStages are cleared after achieving at least 1 star per stage, and you must finish all 10 stages in order to proceed to the next chapter

BlankCity BlankCity
LV.15 GameManager 4years


1) Rank up
: To Rank up your character, you must get the necessary number of shards to up the rank
ㆍOverall stats are increased greatly once the character is ranked up
ㆍNumber of passive skills are increased depending on the rank of your character
2) Level up
: Item(muffins) can be used to increase the level of your character
ㆍYou can earn more experience points depending on the tier of the muffin
ㆍThe character level cannot be higher than the level of your account
*Not affected up to the first 15 levels.

Growth +1
BlankCity BlankCity
LV.15 GameManager 4years


1) Normal Skill
: Normal attack in battle. Normal skill is charged overtime
2) Extra Skill
Extra Skill button will be activated only if the conditions are met in battle for a short time.
Extra skill will be activated once pressed
3) Platoon Skill
: Platoon skill button will only be activated once you evade enemy's attack completely.
ㆍPlatoon skill will switch up with your sub/main character while using powerful skill
4) Insignia Skill
: Insignia skill is the character's unique ultimate skill
ㆍInsignia skill gauge will stack when the character deals damage or when attacked
ㆍWhen the gauge is full, the character can use Insignia skill by pressing the button

BlankCity BlankCity
LV.15 GameManager 4years

Challenge Mode

1) Challenge Mode
: Provides Various challenge mode to enjoy
ㆍThe dungeon you can enter changes daily
ㆍRewards you earn from each dungeon varies
ㆍIn order to enter higher tier dungeon you must clear the previous tier dungeon
2) Challenge Mode - Elimination
: Eliminate all demons to clear the stage!
ㆍBy clearing Elimination mode you will be rewarded with EXP items
ㆍYou are rewarded with character/weapon/armory EXP items pending on the
day of the week
3) Challenge Mode - Defense
: Protect the Seal stone for the set amount of time to clear!
ㆍBy clearing Defense mode you are rewarded with upgrade ingredient for weaponry
ㆍYou are rewarded with Weapon Core/Internal weapon parts/ External weapon parts pending on the
the day of the week
4) Challenge Mode - Operation
: Destroy the Demon stone to clear!
ㆍBy clearing Operation mode you are rewarded with upgrade ingredient for armory
ㆍYou are rewarded with Brooch Core/Brooch Ore/Brooch Decoration pending on the day of the week
5) Challenge Mode - Seal Mission
: Stop the demons from advancing for a set amount of time to clear!
ㆍBy clearing Seal Mission you are rewarded with Elemental stones
ㆍDungeons available for entry changes daily
ㆍThe types of the Elemental Stones varies pending on the day of the week
6) Challenge Mode - Raid
: Defeat the Arch demon to clear!
ㆍBy clearing Raid mode you are rewarded with weapon/armory shards
ㆍThe points are added up at the end of the week and given the reward pending on
the points earned

Challenge Mode +5
Challenge Mode
BlankCity BlankCity
LV.15 GameManager 4years


: Craft Weaponry/Armory here
ㆍTo craft, you must meet the numbers of gear shards required for crafting
ㆍHigher tier gears require more gear shards
ㆍThe crafted gear is set to level 1
ㆍGear shards can be acquired through events or [Raid] in the [Challenge] mode

Craft +1
BlankCity BlankCity
LV.15 GameManager 4years

Dressing Room

Dressing Room
: You can purchase/equip unique costume for your character here
ㆍPreview of the costume is available
ㆍYou can check te stat boost of the each costume
ㆍPending on the numbers of costumes possessed, bonus effect is applied to the Watchers

Dressing Room
Dressing Room
BlankCity BlankCity
LV.15 GameManager 4years


1) Skill level
: You can level up your passive and active skills here
ㆍCoins are used to level up
ㆍThe max level of the skills are parallel to the character's level
2) Active skills
: Active skill level up and the description
ㆍActive skills are used intentionally by the user in battle
ㆍActive skills consist of normal attack, normal skills, extra skills, counterattack, and Insignia skills
3) Passive skills
: Passive skill level up and the description
ㆍPassive skills work all the time and do not have to be activated
ㆍPassive skills consist of the increase of max health, ATK, and DEF
ㆍAdditional passive skills can be attained depending on the rank of the character

Skill +1
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Character Elements

1) Character Elements
: There are 3 elements: Water, Fire, Wind
ㆍWater is strong against Fire, Fire is strong against Wind, and Wind is strong against Water.
ㆍAdvantageous element deals additional damage to the weaker element.
ㆍTo see the element advantage, check the mark on the left of the enemy's HP bar.
[∧] Elemental advantage / [∨] Elemental disadvantage / [—] Elemental equality

Character Elements
Character Elements
BlankCity BlankCity
LV.15 GameManager 4years

Main Menu-cellphone

1) Mailbox
To claim rewards sent by mail
ㆍEvent reward, Hot time reward can be claimed through the mailbox
ㆍAfter you have claimed the item the letter is disposed
ㆍCube is summoned immediately after being claimed from the mailbox
ㆍYou must claim the item from the mailbox before the expiration date
(Item is disposed if it is not obtained before the expiration date)
2) Event
: To check the current events in the process
ㆍCan check the current events in the process and claim the completed event rewards
3) Mission
: Check the incompleted missions and the missions in progress
Claim the reward through mission tab after the completion
ㆍ[Daily mission] - Mission of the day. Daily reset
ㆍ[Continuous Mission] - Consecutive mission you can proceed throughout the game
4) Bag
: To Check the items
ㆍYou can find your elemental stones, shards, and other consumable for experience or upgrade
ㆍYou may sell the items for coins if unnecessary
ㆍIf you lack the space for storage, you may expand by spending coins and crystals
5) Guild
: To check the guild activity
ㆍYou may check, create, join, leave the guild under the guild tab
ㆍIf you are already in a guild, you may check guild points under [Research center]
and claim the reward
6) Chat
: To chat with users currently online
ㆍYou may switch your chat tab from channel/guild/friends
ㆍPlease be aware any use of inappropriate or offensive language can lead to
chat restriction. Let's manner up.
7) Help
: To check out everything you need to know about Blank City
ㆍ If you guys have any questions about the game, please click the Help tab to learn!
8) Settings
: To change the setting for the game
ㆍGraphic/console/sound/alarm can be altered through the setting tab
ㆍPlease check out terms of service/Game inquiry/Official website through [Info] Tab

Main Menu-cellphone
Main Menu-cellphone
BlankCity BlankCity
LV.15 GameManager 4years