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[Update] '3-P Raid' Additional Notice

We have received a direct order from the Headquarter and must be executed immediately
"Mission : Cease all the demons in the harbor causing a disturbance!"
For this mission, 3 elite Watchers can be assigned for battle
Refer below for more information on the 3-P Raid Mission:
[3-P Raid Guide]
■ How to participate in 3-P Raid
Step1. Admission : Tap [Rank] on main screen > [3-P Raid]
Step2. Select watchers : Select three members to participate in the 3-P Raid.
Step3. Select difficulty : Select the appropriate level of difficulty which is matched the strength of captain.
■ 3-P Raid Battle Guide
1. Captains can select three of your elite watchers to participate in the battle.
2. In the 3-P Raid standby screen, captains can control the Watcher directly on the left side
3. Watchers that do not have direct control, have lower attack power, higher defense and will join the battle by AI.
4. During the battle, you can change the direct-controlling Watcher units by using tag.
■ Ranking
1. 3-P units subjugation is awarded according to the points acquired.
2. Points are acquired according to the following criteria.
- Damage to enemy Demons
- Clear time
- Number of watchers survivors
3. Reward:Ranking rewards are given out once a week according to the ranking.
Thank you.

LV.9 GameManager 12 days ago

2/12 Update and Maintenance Notice (10:00 ~ 13:00 UTC+9)

The maintenance for update will be carried out.
Please refer to the the schedule below!
■2/12 Update Notice ■
- Maintenance Period : 2/12 10:00 ~ 13:00 (UTC+9 / KST)
- Maintenance Purpose: Apply latest update
※ The maintenance time is subject to change due to internal circumstances.
■Update Details■
[System & Content]
1. 3-P Raid Mode is launched.
: Tap [Ranking] on mainscreen > [3-P Raid Mode] to play under the game mode.
2. Brooch for each family is added.
: [Miyazawa family] Supernova brooch (SS Grade)
: [Liu family] Sun brooch (SS Grade)
: [Lichts Family] Life Seed Brooch (SS Grade)
: [Ansley Family] Fullmoon Brooch (SS Grade)
3. Two sets of Elemental Stone are added.
: Jane Set (B~SSS Grade)
: Shirley Set (B~SSS Grade)
1. (Ended) Luna's weaponry/armory probability up event
: Luna's weaponry/armory probability is restored.
2. (Started) Character "Seiko" and Seiko's weaponry/armory probability up event will be in process.
: Seiko's weaponry/armory probability up!
: Event Period : After Update ~ 2/20 23:59 (UTC+9)
3. (Started) Mission Event, Summon Event will be in progress.
: Details of the event will be announced on another notice.
1. Difficulty of Stage [3-7] is downgraded.
2. [SP] button and [P] button are enlarged to improve the control feature.
3. Worldview video is now skip-able.
4. User Interface of Elemental Stones, Guide Mission is improved.
We will strive to do our best to complete maintenace on time.
Enjoy your time in Blank City!
Thank you!

LV.9 GameManager 12 days ago

[Notice] Carnival Event

Hello. This is Blank City Team.
The following technical problems are identified in the ongoing carnival event.
In order to avoid the problems,
Please kindly refer to the information below:
[Event Notes]
1.The current 'Festival Fashionista' costume can be purchased by the event tickets which served as the final reward of carnival event. Such costume is marked purchasable for users who own the tickets after completing the whole event.
2. Certain captains may face the bug of the completed missions being reset, and hence unable to move on to next stage.
(ex 7-11 Acquire Seiko the Wolf Shaman)
Captains may fail to claim the rewards from a completed mission. Such bug may occur after re-access of game. In this case we suggest our captains to claim the mission rewards right after the completion of mission.
Captains who are fail to complete the mission due to the above mentioned issues, please kindly request a 1: 1 inquiry.
※ During the Carnival event, captains may fail to claim the rewards from a completed mission after re-accessing the game. In this case we suggest our captains to claim the mission rewards right after the completion of mission.
※ To contact customer service: Click on the cellphone icon in the main screen
> [Settings] > [Information] > [Customer Center]
3. Due to the above mentioned issues, the event period will be extended.
- Existing Event Period: 1/29 to 2/8
- Extended Event Period: 1/29 to 2/11
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Thank you.

LV.9 GameManager 15 days ago