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Lets hit the 300 posts!

LV.22 Dragon 6mo

Hardrubbing at 69

LV.13 Clearly Hacking 6mo

Might break 2 mil before event ends.

255/300 posts.

LV.20 Dragon 6mo

My first time to deal 3m

I despair of Calypso after spent 40k and got nothing. Today I finally manage to deal 3m damage :)

LV.13 Try Hard 6mo

About the new Davi

Is she any good? To get the 2 copies is some hard work, and I'm not even sure if it's possible to get more copies without paying for devil pass. After reading her skills she seems... Lackluster to say the least, though dunno if her skill scale well with higher uncapping.

LV.6 Nomad 6mo

Hit 2mill in WB

How many hours do I have to hit 3mill? EZ ... I just need 3mill onyx.

LV.21 Dream Chaser 6mo

All hail Lord Mammon.

Got him from the WB flip card.

LV.19 Outlaw 6mo

WB Team

I had to change my team around a bit now im doing slightly more damage out but in the mid 800k range.

LV.8 Nomad 6mo

Just cant hit 2mil

LV.20 Bamboozled 6mo

trying but I don't think I can get to 250k power

LV.6 Nomad 6mo

Squad for 300

Let's goooo!

LV.24 Gym Leader 6mo

Please help. Any advice on how to break 2 mil?

Might not even be possible at this point. Any advice?
BTW 246/300 posts for a 3-5* 10x Summon Tix for all of us!

LV.20 Dragon 6mo

My squad, let's go 300!

LV.8 Shotcaller 6mo

Squad goals

LV.6 Nomad 6mo

Finally reach 3Mil.

Damage output ranges from 2.5mil to 3mil. Just reached 3Mil twice today. Got all the prize <3 hooray!!

LV.9 Nomad 6mo

Posting To Help the Count

I got to draw my oc donut steel getting closer to darkness.

LV.16 I'm a Bot 6mo

So close yet so far

LV.6 Nomad 6mo

First WB

Im kinda new to this game, this is my first WB, I've been keeping all my coins, any advice on what to buy? I think I'll go for an Eve or even Archfiend Davi... but I do not know

LV.4 Lurker 6mo

Team after upgrade and live2d disabled

LV.10 Shadow 6mo

Finally hit 3m damage!

It took many tries, but I was finally able to just get just over 3 million damage on 10 1.

Whew. I am satisfied. I hope everyone else is finding more luck and satisfaction with this WB as it winds down!

I've played this game a lot since release so I am in a better spot than many, but I enjoyed the WB. I understand that it was our first one so many (all) of us felt overwhelmed and under prepared, but when the next one rolls around we'll have units in this one that can transfer over. It's a process of gradual improvement!

P.S. I had to get that 3mil by running the game on my computer. My phone can't handle WB! 🤣

LV.15 Outlaw 6mo

Is there a way to run the game at 0.5 speed?

Because my cellphone isn't that good, I've lost a lot of damage against the world boss

LV.6 Nomad 6mo

Can't wait for Diablo's Skin.

Don't want to see this headless chimera anymore. Hope it's not Devil pass though. 😜 Hope it's not censured either.

LV.20 Dragon 6mo

Buying daily reset items at the shop

Am I the only one who is kind of annoyed when a new day begins and I just want to buy the daily stuff like onyx, gold and fire pearls out of the shop and it feels like the trilogy of lord of the rings before I bought all 30 items INDIVIDUALLY. Please DC, add a "Buy all" or "Buy 10" button sometime down the line! :D

LV.19 Good Leader 6mo

My Squad

After some tweaks I was finally able to get 2.2-2.5 mil damage, RNG crit dependent of course. I spent 18900 crystals pull trying to get Calypso, not even one 5 star from the pulls. Not going to spend any more real $$ until rates go up or something changes

LV.7 Nomad 6mo

Prediction: WB will be done in 6-7 hours

At our current rate (with the 200% damage), it looks like we will be finishing WB relatively soon. When does everyone think we will finally beat 10-10?
(Feel free to post your predictions as their own posts)

LV.20 Epic 6mo

Big success after management

After the early team setup, I was able to power up some child. This is what I have now:
Thanks to the great community who gave great advice 😊😉

Dana and Mars are the main protection, Miku and Leda keep the raids health.
Thank you Dana, you are a lifesaver. My dps now is at 2,7-3mil.

LV.22 Dream Chaser 6mo

3m deal damage succeed

The struggle for reaching the 3m damage is real struggle without the calypso hence below is the picture for proof. The lower the level of the boss, the higher the chance to land this damage.. it was done in 1x speed
For 3rd fever, the most important is Aria need to be uncaps at +3 and the slide rank4 lv1 is minimum requirement. Any less will not leave any room to reach maximum 70 hit during 3rd fever.
Team composition with Jupiter leader
Drive Order
1 naias - she give 19 other member skill gauge 20% and skill gauge charge speed 20% for 20s. this is useful for a doing the 3rd fever preparation
2,4,5 - their drive give an extra 10% drive gauge.
3,6 - this was set with freesia and persephone was because of fever time happen after the drive. high agi eq is recommended for this 2 child(or any debuffer child) for the debuff to land. 4* child will left the drive gauge 6% after drive.
7 lisa - 3* child will left the drive gauge 13% after drive.

LV.17 Sage 6mo

Hitting the home stretch on WB

Wow, this morning I opened up WB and thought " We will NEVER make it to Phase 10 Level 10, bye bye 5* ticket, but now, we are flying through the levels. Love to see it, lets finish her!
PS: Thats all the topics I can think of for hitting 300 posts without spamming too hard

LV.19 Good Leader 6mo

Getting the WB/Ragna Child +6

Well, I normally wouldnt ask this, but damn, we need more posts!
I guess most of you have Maou Davi +1 like I do. She isnt Meta and will be a part of my Wood WB Team, but other than that, there are far better and higher uncapped options available. In Ragna, its quite possible to technically +6 your child with A LOT of grinding and farming, but in WB is that even possible? Cause then WB childs would be +1 unless you cann summon them later down the line or through the Scarlet Shop (later down the line aswell)?

LV.19 Good Leader 6mo

What comes after the WB?

Since the WB will be over in a little over a day, I was wondering what will come next. Obivously it has to be the next Ragna, but I pray to Lord Mammon that we dont have to wait that long, cause the Kemono Event doesnt trigger my interest as Street Fighter Or Dead Or Alive wouldve.
Please Devs, give us Cleo or Bari in May!

LV.19 Good Leader 6mo