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Apr 24, 2019, 06:10 AM 405 read

I’ve grown a lot in my first few days

So, I’ve gotten really hooked on this game. Still growing and learning but, my world squad has gotten stronger. My wallet is a a bit smaller too I’ll admit, but I fell in love with the cyan rose eve and didn’t wanna miss out on her. Got the devil pass to get at least one archfiend davi and all the sealed goodies for a big jump start on my destiny child career (next time if I buy It’ll be earlier in the season, I know). Now I’m throwing crystals for world boss tickets, grinding and scraping out whatever damage I can deal on the her to hopefully get the challenge reward archfiend davi and magic mirror to buy the last opportunity for her in the shop, and maybe summon tickets. In some downtime I’m trying to progress story to get xp and maybe grow stronger by a level bit by bit inside a two hour cool down “break”. I’ve got tons of 2* to send exploring to get crystals back after tomorrow, and all the power I got from summons propelled my pvp rank so every week I’ll be counting on that crystal income! By the way, there’s gotta be more than 300 posts here by now right? Anyway, rate my squad! And cheer for me, I’m trying to get this damage done!

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