BroknSwrd BroknSwrd LV.15 Outlaw
Apr 23, 2019, 02:49 AM 135 read

Finally hit 3m damage!

It took many tries, but I was finally able to just get just over 3 million damage on 10 1. Whew. I am satisfied. I hope everyone else is finding more luck and satisfaction with this WB as it winds down! I've played this game a lot since release so I am in a better spot than many, but I enjoyed the WB. I understand that it was our first one so many (all) of us felt overwhelmed and under prepared, but when the next one rolls around we'll have units in this one that can transfer over. It's a process of gradual improvement! Edit: P.S. I had to get that 3mil by running the game on my computer. My phone can't handle WB! 🤣

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