ReaD LV.20 S
Apr 23, 2019, 01:27 AM 149 read

3m deal damage succeed

The struggle for reaching the 3m damage is real struggle without the calypso hence below is the picture for proof. The lower the level of the boss, the higher the chance to land this damage.. it was done in 1x speed   For 3rd fever, the most important is Aria need to be uncaps at +3 and the slide rank4 lv1 is minimum requirement. Any less will not leave any room to reach maximum 70 hit during 3rd fever.  

Team composition with Jupiter leader

  Drive Order

1 naias - she give 19 other member skill gauge 20% and skill gauge charge speed 20% for 20s. this is useful for a doing the 3rd fever preparation   2,4,5 - their drive give an extra 10% drive gauge.   3,6 - this was set with freesia and persephone was because of fever time happen after the drive. high agi eq is recommended for this 2 child(or any debuffer child) for the debuff to land. 4* child will left the drive gauge 6% after drive.   7 lisa - 3* child will left the drive gauge 13% after drive.

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