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Apr 20, 2019, 03:48 AM 242 read

Speed Optimization

I have been seeing a few posts talk about device performance and how it impacts damage and thought that I could do some consolidation:   Play at 1x speed (AI lags and gets dumb at high speed) Keep your device cool (heat= internal resistance= decreased performance) Optimize in-game settings (SD images, 30fps cap, no 2d motion, etc.)   Alternative: Play on an emulator (don't know if this is officially supported)   All that being said, I only do the first two since half of this game is enjoying the... assets. The first tip helps substantially in terms of damage and is more effective the lower grade your device is. Let me know if anyone has noticed other ways to improve performance/damage.   (Instead of commenting, feel free to make a separate post with your suggestions)

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