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Apr 19, 2019, 11:20 PM 337 read

Equipment Use

Figured we needed a topic to distract from the Onyx drought. So, this is the gear that I have been using:   Armor Front Row: Attackers: Bikini (DEF) Non Attackers: Wedding Dress (HP) Back Row: Naked (doesn't matter)   Weapons Everyone: Halberds (AGI)* *probably not optimal, but I am being lazy and don't have nearly enough weps.   Accessories: Requires S rank awakening, which requires Onyx...   That being said, only a couple of my wep/armor are 5A*+15 with the majority being 5B or 5C and unlevelled.   General Rules of Thumb: 5 Star A Rank is best in slot, but not all 5 Star Equips are equal. 2 Stat gear is always better value than single stat gear. Terrible gear is better than no gear.   For reference, I am re-posting the equipment data:

What is everyone else using? Does anyone have fully geared childs?

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