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[NOTICE] 「Love Flows in the Comments~♪」 Event Results

DESTINY CHILD: PAST NEWS - [NOTICE] 「Love Flows in the Comments~♪」 Event Results image 1

Dear Candidates,   “Love Flows in the Comments~♪” Event, which was held to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Destiny Child Global, has ended (○` 3′○) Congratulations and thank you all for your valuable comments.   We hope that we will also together celebrate the upcoming the 5th and 6th anniversaries as well, and we will do our best to provide more enjoyable game services in the future.   We now have selected the comments of 5 Candidates for each community, so please check the details below!   ────────────────────────   [English Comm BEST 5] 1) Comm Name: ZSWBM   In summertime, our love is marvellous, like the roses floating in the breeze. In wintertime, our love is warm — where it flashes from our heads to toes.   If the skies are blue, our love is grateful — two people bathing in the moonshine. If the thunder rolls, our love is intoxicated, a refuge from the falling storm.   From Christmas till New year our love will continue to grow. From season to season I love you always! My one, my only, Destiny Child.   Happy 4th Anniversary,   2) Comm Name: notasheep   Wishing all Archdevil candidates for another year of prosperity and quality time.   May the best candidate rule them all.   P.S. I'm looking forward to meet a worthy challenger >:)   3) Comm Name: Kuro chan   I'm not that good with words but here we go.   Day after day, even overwhelmed with the problems of daily life, I try to have time to forget for a while and dedicate it to myself and there is no better way than with my favorite game, which may not be the best or the most popular but it is the one that amuses me and that already makes it special. Thank you so much for these 4 years.   Happy Anniversary   4) Comm Name: 2B It's Holiday Season again, a season to celebrate, be thankful and to appreciate one another along with the Childs like Pepita, Nicole, Scrouge, and the others.   Thank you for being responsive to feedbacks and reaching out to us players, like the bond and friendship that Mona, Lisa, and Davi do with Master.   Thank you so much for your neverending updates and support especially through the hard times, like Aurora's loyalty and determination to look for Mitra during his hardship.   Let us all celebrate this Christmas and New Year together with our Childs! Happy 4th Anniversary!   5) Comm Name: gamer877795419 in the midst of sorrow and agony we learn to cherish our past intimate encounters. we yearn for a hug from our belovers. at those moments we look left & right for someone to carry that burden of our backs but we find none. right then & there a message popup in our phone screens reminding us. *don't worry child. the infernal realm will wipe out every last drop of tear. it's time for you to enjoy & smile with all those waifus demon lord.     [Chinese Comm BEST 5] 1) Comm Name: 青衫谍Chris 大二科学上网时莫名其妙地发现了DC的推广,那时学业繁忙没有在意。大四一切尘埃落定后终于有机会一探究竟,没想到游戏机制、剧情以及民间攻略组竟如此深奥正规,社区里磅礴的生命力让我动容,因此从2021年7月开始入坑到现在也终于入坑一年了,PVP五星场也终于能进入前十了。最重要是认识了许多游戏好友,大家平时互相嘴臭着,一起前进!希望DC越来越好,此生无悔入国际服!   2) Comm Name: yamaha911 (bz4144u3a50n) 首先恭喜命運之子4周年了,自己玩這遊戲也邁入第3年,從一開始抱持玩玩殺時間的想法,到沉迷半夜也要起來打raid王,不得不說命運之子真的是我最愛的遊戲了,豐富的劇情和角色真的令人愛不釋手,雖然角色10連抽常常歪樓到氣死人,但仍然不減對於命運之子遊戲的熱情,希望命運之子可以一直一直營運下去,讓所有玩家可以繼續支持並享受很棒的遊戲世界!!   3) Comm Name: gamer165183288 (bqo5wp5mgeif) 上个月第一次开始玩这游戏,通过wiki上各位前辈的攻略加上自己的琢磨,慢慢提升起来,从只能raid打一半血,到wb上1000万伤害,最终这次能斩车,十分感谢wiki中的各位老师,土星L等等,谢谢你们的不吝指点,愿所有玩家都能多多出货   4) Comm Name: Naomi1127 (bqt8bllz01h8) 首先要恭喜命運之子國際服四週年了!這麼棒的遊戲能長久營運是再好不過了。   我一直都很喜歡DC的畫風和戰鬥系統,每次遊玩都能帶給我無限的樂趣;而當有新的世界王或Raid時,不斷研究新的隊伍、提高傷害也讓我樂此不疲。   謝謝營運公司用心經營,總是不斷地提供新的內容和功能來滿足我們玩家的需求,讓整個遊戲系統越來越方便。另外還有各式各樣的福利活動,真的很感謝!佛心公司無誤!   希望DC能保持這樣的高水準,繼續為玩家們帶來更多的樂趣。祝DC生日快樂,越來越紅❤️   5) Comm Name: MOCHIIIIIII (bwcft8ucrgge) 當初是跟前男友一起玩的,現在都分手了,我也退坑過。無意間看了現男友的手機發現他玩日服,我就跑回來玩國際服了XD 惡魔們還是一樣香R,讓我們繼續走下一個四年!!! 生日快樂!!!(遲到   ────────────────────────   - Event Rewards

DESTINY CHILD: PAST NEWS - [NOTICE] 「Love Flows in the Comments~♪」 Event Results image 3

  ※ We kindly ask the selected Candidates sends us the following information via email to by Dec. 29. 1. Nickname 2. Account ID 3. Screenshot of your common with [Edit] button shown example)

DESTINY CHILD: PAST NEWS - [NOTICE] 「Love Flows in the Comments~♪」 Event Results image 5

4. Name 5. Shipment Address and ZIP Code 6. Phone Number   ────────────────────────   Thank you again to everyone who participated in the event. We sincerely look forward to listening to the voices of the Candidates.✍(◔◡◔)   Thank You  

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