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[4th Anniv] Best 4 Couples - girl's love -

DESTINY CHILD: PAST NEWS - [4th Anniv] Best 4 Couples - girl's love - image 1

It’s been 4 years since Destiny Child Global was released. How were your last 4 years of playing Destiny Child? Did you spend a good time with the Childs with different charms?   So many Childs have presented rich and lingering stories by getting involved with each other in the scenario for the last 4 years!   To look for the most beloved couple in Destiny Child’s scenario to celebrate its 4th Anniversary, we will vote for Best 4 Couple of Destiny Child story!   Please read below for details~! ================================= [Best 4 Couple Poll] Participate in the poll below and the voted Child couples will be later provided as a pair through ‘Best Couple Child Summon (*working title)’ and ‘Best Couple Mission Pass (*working title)’!

Poll Closed 175 Voted

Which of the following are in the most GL relationship?

  • Bathory x Theresa 139
  • Tamamo x Mafdet 21
  • Sytry x Serket 12
  • Iphis x Pomona 3

================================= ■ Event Period ■ Nov. 01 ~ Nov. 15 ※ ~ Nov. 08 on Twitter due to platform differences   ■ Event Reward ■ 444,000 Onyx upon reaching 1,444+ votes!  

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