CM Alt LV.25 GameManager
Sep 21, 2022, 08:41 PM 679 read

[FIXED] In-game issues for Sep. 21

DESTINY CHILD: PAST NEWS - [FIXED] In-game issues for Sep. 21 image 1

We are informing you about currently found issues in Destiny Child and related responses. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------   ■ Issue ■ - An issue where the Candidate Exp earned after sweeping does not get reflected immediately. ※ It has been identified that this issue only affects the displayed text and the earned Candidate Exp was accordingly reflected after reconnection.   - An issue where the Child Exp earned after sweeping [Event Dungeon - Enhanced Child Dungeon] did not get added according to the number of sweeps when the dungeons were swept for more than twice.   ■ Correspondence ■ - The fix for the above issue was applied approximately around 11:35 on Sep. 21. Furthermore, the following compensation has been prepared as a gesture of our sincerest apology for causing inconvenience to our Candidates.   ■ Compensation ■ - 6★ Giga Cosmim (x 2) ※ The compensation can be claimed in the mailbox until Oct. 13 maint.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please check the notice and use the game after reconnecting. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with the game. We will strive harder to provide our Candidates with the best game experience.   Thanks and Regards,  

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  • Smooth LV.8 Nomad Sep 23, 2022, 12:17 PM

    Will compensation be handed out at different times? Fiancé I haven't received anything in the mail. When I search or try to lvl they are not in my list of childs either.